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  1. We went to a SB with Debo,Grady,Neal,Rico and Neisman. Experience at LB and S is vital to a D. Yes i am
  2. The offense is stacked, except RB. The defense has pass rushers, and young LB and a young secondary as well. Unless they trade for Fournette, I like our LB vs their RBs. Gronk,Evans,Godfey and Howard will be the core of that offense, if we can get to Brady, TB can be had.
  3. I hate that auto correct. Making threads from your phone can be brutal
  4. He is better than Takk. I would use him like we used Freeney in 2016. Would bolster the DL, and the defense as a whole.
  5. TD...stop taking tweeners in the 1st round. Get a pure DE from here on out. Cali dudes are like that in football. Talk a good game when everything going their way. Then fold the tent when its not. 2017 draft night proved he was all talk. He came out like a wrestler. Sad part is he dedicated his career to his decreased grandmother.....stop tweeting and start sacking
  6. We are gonna have to outscore teams like we did in 2016. If they are playing with a big lead in the 4th im fine. Don't trust this secondary up 3, in a 2 minute drill vs Brady or Brees
  7. Okudah. Cant coach technique and smarts. That goes further than athletic ability. 4.48 forty isn't slow either
  8. Proof is in the pudding guys. We have seen them go number 1 over all (Courtney Brown and Clowney), we have seem some over the past 20yrs or so come in and make a day 1 impact(Kearse 14.5, Freeney 13,Simeon Rice 12) but realistically i don't think any rookie not named Chase Young will help this team......THIS SEASON. Now a CB,LB,or Safety impact shows up on the stat sheet. A 4th and 1 tackle for loss bu your rook LB impact the game like a sack would. I think we will sign another pass rusher (Markus Golden) after June 1. We all know no NFL roster is complete yet. I think Okudah/Simmons is the target. If we cant manuever up to get him, then Kenneth Murray is a great consolation prize. Thoughts fellas?
  9. Dont know what film you watched. Please see his work against Clemson
  10. Look at the region of the schools of 80% of the players you listed. Southeastern region of the country. Not in the Mountain time zone
  11. Robinson is my favorite CB not named Okudah or Henderson
  12. I think Okudah is the best CB is the draft. Henderson has been rising up draft boards allegedly since the combine and further film breakdown. During this quarantine i have watched and listened alot of draft postcast/shows. A few have mentioned that Okudah combine performance was underwhelming. His tape says otherwise to me. Detroit has been mocked to him, but they may entertain Tua offers, and they may not think Okudah is the 3rd best player in this draft. Carolina needs a CB, and Henderson is said to be their guy. If he makes it past them(pick #7) do we pull the trigger to move up for Okudah?
  13. They signed Tru and still have Coleman at CB. CB isn't their worst position. They released their starting MLB so Simmons could be in play here. Heard on NFL SiriusXM that alot of teams weren't impressed with Okudah at the combine . They view him as a top 10 pick....not top 5.
  14. That's what im thinking. I think Detroit will trade out of the top 10. The Giants will take Simmons or a OL. Then the QB,OL, and maybe a WR will push Okudah to 9. I think Jacksonville is the team we may need trade with. Carolina wants a CB too. But if Simmons or Brown are on the board at 7, they may pass on Henderson and Okudah. I think Okudah is the number 1 player on our board.
  15. Im hoping we can some how get Kinlaw, and trade back into the low 1st and get Chaisson. I think he may fall past 22, and that may be striking distance for a trade. I hear we like K.Murray from Oklahoma,and he will be there at 16. If we stand pat and draft him, and trade back in the round for DT, this defense could be stellar.
  16. Right he loves that region on the country. TD FYI the best football is played in the South. Im not saying we have to draft SEC and ACC, but that Mountain West has burned us on draft day
  17. Example. 1991 Deion was exciting to me. His 1994 season in SF was his best, but 91 was his coming out party.My era of Falcons Football is a 40 yr stretch. And my to chooses my surprise the AFMB. Offense LG-Bill Fralic- we need a LG is the worst way and a balanced 1 and he was probably the best interior OL we ever had. Defense- Rod Coleman- interior pass rush and good push against the run. Who ya got as yours?
  18. Love this move if and when it happens. Now we can draft a CB like Reggie Robinson in the 3rd rd. L'Darius Sneed is a late round sleeper too. Could Delpit be in play at 16?
  19. That means we are trading and we are baiting a team that wants a WR to trade up or back if they dont wanna take them higher than they have to.
  20. He is just a better football player than Freeman. Bigger,stronger,faster,and the knee issue i think is a cop out the Rams used to release him. They have to pay Ramsey and Goff next and couldn't do it with Gurley on the books
  21. He used Freeman...Freeman is just trash. The holes were there. Its a reason Brian Hill average 4.5 a carry and Ollison scored 4 red zone TD. Gurley can get 1000 behind this current OL.
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