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  1. Good. Too much hype on a player I didn't see anything in. I didn't see the same player everybody else did. Outside of Takk and Kazee that 17 draft is trash
  2. Thats very true. If we let Sanu go next season(very likely) I wouldn't be mad with Ruggs III or Reagor in the 2nd round. I hope we have a eye on Justyn Ross from Clemson in the 2021 draft was a potential JJ replacement....he is a JJ clone
  3. If Hardy was 6'2 210 he would be perfect. But 5'10 192 and slow, but great hands isn't the combo we need him to be
  4. Right. If we don't draft or sign his replacement...meaning a big possession type WR
  5. Trust me I know Hardy is a vet and was drafted by us. TD is loyal to his picks, but Russell Gage looks ready for business. We knew he was a athlete, but now he is becoming a better WR. He showed glimpse last season, and it has transitioned to the preseason . He is a gunner on ST, and is bigger,faster,and has more big play potential than Hardy. Thoughts?
  6. Wasn't all that impressed with Cox. Not a pass rush threat. More of a run stopper, and this teams needs a pass rush
  7. DQ has always ran a multiple front. The 4-3 under is a 3-4, depending on what the LEO and SLB are lined up. That's the reason Reed,Schofield,VB,Tak and Irvin we all signed or drafted(VB,Takk)
  8. The Falcons. Because we beat ourselves more than we lose the game.
  9. Quadre Ollison leads the team in rushing TDs. Mostly short yardage TDs.
  10. True... But u know what i mean. I'm sure some "sponsors" and "chaperone" were assigned to be with him on those trips to UGA,BAMA,and OSU lol
  11. Its that the early signing period. The way he has tested at these camps, I'm sure every team has pitched its best offer lately.
  12. Guess Ringo will commit in December. Dawgs and Bama/Ohio State gotta be his top 3
  13. He was a bad D coordinator. He was there for a long time I think, but I would think he is here for deeper reasons than a time clock watcher lol. Mularky is here as a TE coach, but im sure he is gonna assist in the run game. Maybe Sutton is here as a undercover pass rush coach
  14. Did we hire Bob Sutton to further help with the pass rush. We did help coach Dee Ford,and Houston for a couple seasons in KC
  15. Its gonna make us better as a team. Now our defense is going against quality depth in practice.
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