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  1. Thank you. I been saying this since we lost to Minny. Play calling doesn't have to be his forte, that's what his coordinator is for. He can manage a game, come up with a game plan, and execute it. Bieniemy would bring a system and stability to the offense. More importantly he believes in the run game and OL development
  2. He is just better. All around the world, and he has a Julio Jones type work ethic too
  3. Players I think can help us turn around DE Chase Young- has technique to match his physical gifts. Reminds me of a more athletic version of Can Jordan DT Derrick Brown- big and physical. Great athlete for a man that big. He and Grady together would be a great tandem RB- DeAndre Swift- I not saying draft him top 10. But if he slips past #20 we need to trade back into the 1st round and get him. He has that Kamara effect on an offense. He can run it, catch it, and line up in the slot as a WR. We all know we are stuck with Matt at least 3 more years, and he needs a run game to be successful. LT- Andrew Thomas- spent 80m on the OL last off-season. I doubt we go OL in the 1st. But if he is the BPA at the time we pick.....I'm all for it S- Grant Delpit- he fits the new mold for a safety. Tall,fast,physical and can play both FS,and SS. Looks more like a FS to me, but in most NFL defenses the S spots are interchangeable.
  4. I LOVE the Young pick. We need to trade back into the 1st and get Swift or Taylor(WISC) to give our run game a boost. REMEMBER Matt Ryan is a play action passer and having a run game is when Matt is at his finest.
  5. His 2nd round history is suspect too. Collins and Oliver look like lost, although Collins played good for us in 16. He is out of the league too as of today I think(cut by Colts). Hageman is not here either. We need a new talent evaluator. TD needs a "promotion" from within like we did with McKay and we need to hire a new GM.
  6. The Eagles,Chiefs,Ravens,and Pats have all drafted good over the last decade. Mainly in the trenches, and that's where TD has failed as a GM
  7. Bieniemy. Best offense for the talent he would inherit. The KC organization believe in the trenches, and they run the ball.....something you have to be able to do if Matt Ryan is the QB
  8. You attacked those press conference questions like no other Quinn. 28-3 Will forever be burned in the hearts of ATL Falcon fans forever. Hire a winner Blank
  9. Right. But I would have him on the radar. NFL scheme, RB and TE friendly. Comes from a coaching staff and organization that values the OL and DL.
  10. Lol.. Facts. But hey if we fire Coach/TD and hire Bieniemy from the Chiefs....maybe that changes that narrative.
  11. Especially under Koetter. More important Matt needs the run because he is a play action QB
  12. I feel like we wouldn't break much of the offense up. He would mold what we have and added pieces (draft and FA) and have a **** of a offense
  13. Agreed. But maybe he comes in and decided Matt isn't his guy and gets him out of here by 2021. A new coach and GM will be here soon the way things are looking now. Too inconsistent
  14. We need an offensive guru, who has a feel for the game,and will utilize the talents of his player's. He comes from the Andy Reid tree, and more importantly believes in the trenches, coaching and development of OL. We need a fresh start here in ATL. Quinn message has went stale. This team is undisciplined and out coached on a weekly. The city and fan base deserve better.
  15. Yeah and no bro. You how it is when you lose...EVERYBODY to blame lol
  16. Barner isn't dynamic and to his defense there isn't any more Hester's and Dante Hall types anymore, and I guess that's the most explosion we are gonna see from a 30yr old kr
  17. We played a playoffs caliber D today and got punched. We need a head coach and a GM who can identify players with dog in them. Minny has that on D.
  18. Until that happens its gonna be a long year. We looked uninterested in this game. We looked slow on offense and defense, plus the 80m we spent on the OL needs a refund. We kept Victoria and his 12.9m just to see the same gutless performance. Quinn over thinks himself and gets out coached consistently. We kept running that 46/34 look and Minny gasped us and we never adjusted. All the players got their money who wanted and only 1 who showed up was Grady.
  19. We suck. We need a real coach and that has haunted this franchise from the beginning. Quinn is a coordinator and his stubborn ways are gonna get him canned. Why keep trying this bs 46/3-4 D when our 4-3 worked fine. I'm done
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