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  1. 34 minutes ago, ya_boi_j said:

    Karoly tweeted this out the other day. After signing the draft class, I agree with him that they are not going to spend the entire 8 million remaining. Considering past history with injuries, it would be really dumb to do so. They could probably sweet talk 2 vets into a cheap 1 year deal but that's about as far as it goes IMO. If I had to guess, vet LB and CB would be top priority but who knows

    Right. If we could add Curry at DE and a vet LB like Brandon Marshall to back up Debo I think we are set.

  2. 1 hour ago, etherdome said:

    I think he will have a much better rookie season than Oliver.  I also think he is as good a CB prospect as Trufant was years ago.  

    He will likely struggle in the first half of the season, but I think he will finish strong and eventually become a foundational player for us.  

    Thats about what i was thinking on draft night. I think he is what Jalen Collins was SUPPOSED to be. Big CB, who can run. Play zone and man effectively, and matchup with the bigger WRs if necessary.

  3. 8 minutes ago, LightningDawg58 said:

    With AJ I have only 2 concerns.

    1. The lack of traditional offseason. I dont know how this will affect the rookies across the NFL, but I cant imagine it will help them any. AJ may very well be our best CB talent wise, but without the practice reps we may have to limit him initially. Im paying close attention to how we go about playing the rookies to start the year.


    2. His tackling. He is a physical player but does not like to wrap up. We really take pride on our rugby tackling and gang tackling on defense. I hope he can catch on quickly and not hold on to old habits. 

    Other than those 2 things, Im super excited to see him play. Kid is a big, athletic CB that competes hard. He will turn some heads for sure.

    I think the beauty of the off-season was most of our high draft picks and FA were players were were familiar to the area so getting here to train or already being here should've help that problem some.

    Im glad we didn't fire DQ and TD looking back at it. The covid pandemic made the off-season weird and difficult, but teams with alot of their core players returning and coaches should benefit from that this season.

  4. 1 hour ago, falcons007 said:

    AJ is more pro ready than most people here on TATF are willing to agree. He will have his bumps as rookie but he will be a fine player. As usual there would be few just like how they hated Tru will continue the trend with AJ.

    That's what i think. He can play man or zone. That's what made him more attractive to NFL teams.

  5. We play some good QBs this season. We all know AJ will not come in being our best CB. The most important stretch of the season for him, in my opinion is that late division run. Playing Brady and Brees late in the season is gonna be huge. I hope his play and confidence are up by then.

    I would LOVE if he had a Lattimore type of rookie impact, but realistically if he could give us a Trufant type of rookie season, meaning a slow and steady progression throughout the season.

    What are your expectations?

  6. We are young at CB, but we have vets at S. We have a nice DE rotation with Fowler,Takk,Harris,Bailey,and Comisky as that DE/DT type on paper. Grady and hopefully Davidson collapse the pocket from inside. We are unproven yet athletic and the POTENTIAL is endless. The DL and secondary work together, but this year we are gonna need 45+ sacks to help ease our young CB along.

    Im not worried about Terrill,Oliver,or Sheffield from a athletic standpoint, its the mental. Facing Brady and Brees 2x, A.Rod,Mahomes, and Dak will probably be the toughest games for them. Winning all 7 of those matchups would be nice, but the DL/pass rush is gonna have to do it. Thoughts?

  7. Before that Natty game, Terrill had only given up 60yds as a high on the season. Terrill will be fine, and look at the defenses they shredded. UGA, Auburn,and Clemson had a better overall D than Ohio State. Burrow would've carved up OSU too had they played.

    More importantly Terrill is a better in zone than Henderson and Okudah. He is more of a scheme fit to any team. Hen and Jefe have to play man/press or off man. Terrill can play all coverages.

  8. Just now, Atl Falcon said:

    Dang man we just need to fire all the coaches.. Jalen Collins 1st rd Beasley 1st rd Duke Riley 3rd rd D Senat 3rd rd Hageman 2nd rd  Shembo 4th rd  Peter Knoz lol 2rd Larmar Holmes 3rd rd  Chevis Jackson 3rd P Jerry 1st rd  L Sidbury 4th rd Mike Johnson 3rd rd Sam Baker lol 1st rd Sean Harlow 4th rd...let’s not even get into the great Ray Edwards and FAs. Seriously, we need find us a Bill Belichick or Pete Carroll those guys grow on trees. Our coach must not being his job working with the FO. Man we got to make lemonade lol:airquote:

    Collins was a 2nd rounder bro

  9. Just now, kiwifalcon said:

    For me they were put into a position to fail if the other side do the job I think we hang on and win.

    Problem is that’s all that will be remembered a defense that had to face 100 odd possessions and was basically ran into the ground.

    That loss was shield inflicted wounding from decisions made off the field.

    If we win that game flip a coin but Grady Jarrett would have been right there for MVP.

    I agree bro. We win that flip and we have a Lombardi. Jake Matthews holding call **** sure should've offset that obvious PI on Sanu that the refs missed.

  10. I think the point some are missing is that with this strange off-season, the teams with new coaches and QBs are gonna struggle. Teams like Philly,N.O ,KC,Bal,ATL, Buf,Tenn,SEA, may have an advantage to start fast. Most the teams i named have had the same QB for 3yrs or more and the same offense the last 2yrs too. Shouldn't be a learning curve or a chemistry issue like TB may have.

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