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  1. 17 minutes ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

    I mean imagine the roster if they had never been given the contracts.  We could add 6-7 very good starters for the 41 million they count on the CAP next year.  

    We are gonna have to get cheaper, and younger at CB1 and RB1. If we could walk away with Okudah and a RB I would be happy. That's why I want Bieniemy as HC. He would bring a run game and a good OL coach with him(hopefully).

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  2. 18 minutes ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

    I’ll stand by my assertion.  We have handed out too many elite level contracts.  Four appears to be the right number.  We have 7.  Just makes your roster much less balanced when it’s all said and done.  

    Remove Trufant, Matthews & Freeman’s contracts and we would have a far more balanced roster the next two years.  Of course you’d have to draft Matthews replacement which isn’t easy.  

    I can definitely see Tru and Free money coming off the books(cut) this off-season... hopefully or trade Tru on draft draft

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  3. No it's time for something fresh. A seven game losing streak is never good. He has had those type of streaks in previous seasons. 5-0 in 2015 then we went on a losing streak. 28-3 in 2016 SB. Our home record has been a joke under him since 2017, especially against AFC opponents

    Far as TD, I think he is a good cap guy, but he can't identity trench players. He has drafted great skill position players. He can stay as a consultant,only if the new GM has full control. Otherwise goodbye.

    Atleast Lindstrom looked great today :slick:

  4. 5 hours ago, Gold4425 said:

    I think he would be better if we had an OL Coach who could Coach guys up. He has a future I still think at OG but TD and FO spent a lot of capital on him so they will probably

     ride it out. TD likes players from the Pacific west (Washington-Oregon St.) so he may draft Washington's Tre Adams and that would allow McGary to move inside.

    That's the reason we have had a up and down OL since TD has been here. That Pacific west drafting is the reason he should be fired. Sam Baker, Schweitzer,Harlow all were/are mediocre. A new GM would put a end to all of that..... hopefully. Draft more SEC,BIG 10,and ACC lineman Falcons front office.

  5. 14 minutes ago, rogueleadersf said:

    He and the league have definitely lost the most important thing there is to lose from me and I'm sure everyone else when you get down to it,my FINANCIAL SUPPORT. I have not spent a dime on anything NFL related in 2 years now. Not that a single person will make a difference but multiply that by the thousands of people that feel the same way and then it can,will sting. Start putting a competitive team out there and I may show you I care again in the only way that truly matters, with my wallet.

    Absolutely correct. They know Matt is limited as a QB. He needs a run game and a TE to be effective. Not knocking him but that's his and several other QBs game. Resigning Free was a mistake,letting go of Coleman was too.

    The biggest thing is why haven't we had consistency with our coaching staff offensively. The Saints have lost only a hand full of coordinators and NE keeps coaches too. They lost some too throughout the years. Maybe we should have kept Sark and let his offense grow.

  6. 10 minutes ago, caponine said:

    Ryan is not really that good tbh , this team tried to make him into something he is not. A brees / Brady type of QB where he airs it out alot. He is not that kind of QB AT ALL. He plays best when the run is working and they play action off of it. After the 2010 playoffs , they wanted to become a passing team and ironically the two years that they got the farthest 2012 and 2016 they had a great running game 

    Thank you. Somebody gets what I been saying to myself for a while. Matt is trash minus a run game. Hopefully we trade back to accumulate picks to get Swift from UGA...or trade back into the 1st to do so. We need talent in the backfield to make this work.

  7. TD and Smitty got us as a fanbase out of the Vick debacle and back to winning,playoff football. Mostly due to Turner,the emergence of RW,TG,and drafting JJ. Matt had it easy. Turner,RW,and TG got old,we changed coaches(Quinn),lost the most embarrassing way in a SB and we are in our current state now.

    We built a new stadium,PSL drove out the real fans,and the produce on the field is awful due to a bad GM and bad picks. He paid players that were distractions(Freeman SB contract demands) washed up(Jackson, Carpenter,) drafted several busts,and overlooked positions of needs for players rated better.

    Mr.Blank please get a GM that understands that this is football country. We respect and love good trench play. We are in SEC country, a conference that produces great OL and DL play,yet he only drafts OL from the mountain west and PAC 10. He would rather find a diamond in the rough, than draft the obvious better player.

    Other than Julio and Ridley we have no players that will fill up the seats, and Matty isn't exciting to watch. Freeman is done and the OL is a joke since Boudreau left as the coach. TD thinks low level FA like Carp and Brown were the answer, but he overpaid them, yet passed on Quinton Spain who is killing it in Buffalo. Chose to let Coleman walk(your best back) and now look at the backfield. 

    We need a GM with a plan and identity in the worst way. Mr. Blank better get someone in here who understands today's NFL and players. That the reason Oakland is looking better...they have a GM who knows the players in the league now and more importantly who's coming. The league is changing Mr. Blank, and it's time to catch up.

  8. 56 minutes ago, A-TowN.- said:

    Reading some of these comments, we deserve a loser franchise. Ryan’s arm strength and accuracy has dipped, but my God he has zero time to throw. No defense, no running game, no Julio, no Hooper, no competent OC. Koetter too stupid to adjust to save his QB.

    Y’all really some madden fans out here thinking Lamar would be looking much better. His string bean frame would’ve been broken by now with this OL. 

    Ryan pissed me off tonight with some decisions, but he was getting killed after taking a three step drop. Our fans are beyond stupid. Is this what happens when you drink the tap water in Atlanta? 

    Lamar is special. Matt is a dinosaur and those QBs are dying out. The NFL pass rush and current defensive schemes have caught up to the Ryan's and Goffs of the world. If you are mobile enough in the pocket(Marino and Brees)to side step or step up in the pocket you are done. Granted Matt will run or TRY to buy time, but his improv skills suck and when a play breaks down it's usually a sack,incompletion,or he fumbles. Matt is clumsy.

  9. This team is shot and the 2 game streak didn't detour me from the fact that we are still soft and this team needs a new mindset. It starts with TD, drafting team captains and boy scouts. Quinn is never gonna be consistent, and his erratic decisions cost us a SB and him his job.

    The OL falls on a combo of TD and Quinn. Quinn fired EVERYBODY but his buddy Chris Morgan who has YET to develop a quality OL. He was saved by vet OL like Levitre, Chester,and Schrader.

    Mr. Blank please get us a GM that understands football, and won't put his personal agenda in the way.