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  1. Hopefully they can be filled via FA and the draft. I think Pees will want a player like Neal to be retained. Luckily for us those positions outside of CB, aren't high dollar positions per se. Its a few mid round picks I think could help at all those positions. Fontenot please don't TROFF us in FA or the draft.

  2. 3 hours ago, atljbo said:

    I always wondered why teams dont grab the better OLine and DLine coaches from the college rank..... Not only do the better college position coaches is used to truly teaching but they also have a feel for the college players they tried to recruit.


    You may be able to find that 4th or 5th round guard or tackle that coach knows something about

    Right JBO. Remember when Missouri was producing DL left and right. I wanted their DL coach for years 

  3. 6 minutes ago, falconfanEST1989 said:

    I watched his videos,  I've never seen an OLinemen with his swag,   he does pregame hype ups,  HE GETS HIS TEAM FIRED UP.!!! he celebrates like if he were a CB...   and the kid is  the real deal...!!   Could you imagine. Matthews LT, Sewell LG, Hennessey C, Lindstrom RG, McNary RT..... would be scary tbh

    I would kick Jake inside to LG

  4. 11 minutes ago, SavedByGrace1221 said:

    Wilson no doubt ... He's at a different level then Fields .. unfortunately the Bulldawg fans want Fields ... 

    I don't think anything is wrong with that. If Lawrence  could become a Falcon I would be all for it. Same as Fields they are local kids. It would mean something to them and the city. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  5. 13 hours ago, A-TowN.- said:

    I like lengthy corners too, but I’ve watched every UGA game and he really let me down this year. I think Stokes is even better than him. He has a lot of potential, won’t lie, but feel like UGA fans been saying that for years. 

    I love Stokes. I think after the combine he will sneak into low round 1/ 2nd round area. Tyson Campbell is a FS to me🤷🏿‍♂️

  6. 13 hours ago, JDaveG said:

    The annoying thing is the whole "gotta get a QB" thing.  It isn't that you can't or shouldn't take one.  It's more that if they don't see their guy at 4, why take someone who isn't?  That's Dimi-ball.  He always reached for perceived need. 

    If the QB isn't there at 4, pass and get a better player or trade down.  Get your QB another year when he is there.  Because there is always a QB taken somewhere in the middle of the first who ends up being better than some of the guys at the top of the draft.  Mahomes being the pre-eminent example, but there are others too.

    I want a coach and GM who are confident enough to build a complete team with the best players, not guys who think we have to get this or that position to build around.

    We may not have another year where our QB is there. You gotta get it while the getting is good. It may not be s QB rich draft like this for a while. Its EASIER to find the other skill position...not QB. He gets the ball every offensive play at the beginning of the play so that cant just be anybody

  7. Coaches bring other coordinators with them from their former team. They also have ties to other organizations as well. I want the next coach to PLEASE take the LOS seriously. We need a guru OL coach that will develop the OL.

    Bieniemy coming from KC would bring a run game and they plug and play on the OL so we can tell the coaching is good there. I dont want anyone from KC defensive staff though 🤮

    Arthur Smith would bring a power run game and the Titans built the OL thru the draft, same as us but better coaching/scheming. If he could pry a few defensive coaches I would love that, mainly the LB coach.

    Brian Daboll same as the 2 above. Power run scheme with a good OL. I heard he would bring Steve Wilks with him and keep our current DL coach (who I like) because they have BAMA ties(09-13 i think).

    Im not to sure on Hackett and Brady far as there ties. Hackett would bring Shanny offense back, but honestly I want something fresh. Who do you want or think would assemble the best staff?🤔


  8. Jevon Holland,Paris Ford,Andre Cisco,Trevon Moerhrig,Ric LeCounte,Richie Grant just to name a few. Me personally I want a ball hawking, eraser type back there. To me Holland and Cisco fit that bill. They can cover TE and backs, Holland also returned kicks and I think Cisco lead the ACC in picks last season.

    A free agent like Justin Simmons would be nice and costly, and we may lose our entire safety unit. We will cut Rico for cap reasons and another team may outbid us for Keanu. So safety will be a priority in this draft. Who do you like and why??🤔

  9. I would love if we signed Gus Edwards from Baltimore and paired him with Sermon or Etienne. My favorite back in this draft is Najee Harris. I dont think he will make ot past teams like Pittsburgh,Buffalo,or TB late in the 1st round. A back that is 6'2 230 and with pass catching ability is hard to pass on. 

    Edwards is a downhill, between the tackle type of back that wears a D down. I was hoping Ollison was that back for us, and maybe the new regime will favor a mixed run blocking scheme(power and zone) to help our backs out(Arthur Smith). Who would you like to see the front office sign and draft to help resurrect this dead run game?🤔🤷🏿‍♂️

  10. The future starts now. Draft the BEST AVAILABLE PLAYER. If is Fields or Wilson so be it. The depth of this draft is the 2 and 3rd rounds. Gono makes Matthews expendable at T, or he could be our next LG if he ever hire a competent OL coach. Carpenter,Allen,Bailey,and maybe Davison #96 can be cut for cap relief. Hopefully we can ask Ryan and Julio to restructure if they want to remain here. If we can get an additional 2nd pick i would be happy. Fields/Wilson in the 1st, followed by a Najee Harris and Jevon Holland 2nd round would be dope. Make it happen new GM...make it happen.

  11. 5 hours ago, thanat0s said:

    Yes, he is. And better is as wild an understatement as one can make. 

    The sum total of NFL defenses college QBs have seen is zero. College QBs rarely face one nfl caliber defensive player on a weekly basis, much less an entire unit of them. 

    Matt has seen them all. Nothing an opponent throws at him is a surprise.

    I have nothing to say about all that other nonsense manure you spouted...

    His longevity in the league doesn't make him better. More experience yes but his SKILLSET is eroding in front of our eyes dude. We would protect the young QB with a run game like we did Matt in 08. And thats bs bout nothing the opponent throws at him surprises him. Look at Matt in clutch situations, its either picked or a incomplete pass

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