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  1. I think both, but with better and bigger OL...hopefully
  2. I like Greedy and Trayvon Mullen/Mullin from Clemson
  3. Spain and Smith
  4. A good coach works wonders. Look at the Colts OL in 1 yr
  5. Is balling. INT and his tackling and energy is what we need out of our DBs. Im not saying we should take him at 14. But he has DQ DB written all over him.
  6. im liking Trayvon Mullins
  7. Can he lure Donovan Smith to play RT for us???
  8. Sign OL and DL in FA. Draft BPA at 14. CB is nice in this draft too. Greedy Williams,Trayvon Mullin,DeAndre Baker,and Byron Murphy all have 1st rd grades. If we could get Christian Wilkins in the 2nd and a pass rusher in the 3rd I wouldn't be mad.
  9. Bounce back....into the FA pool.
  10. please and thank you. They get smoked by every SEC team they play. When i was growing up ND under Lou Holtz was the spot...now not so much
  11. Let's draft a RB,WR,or DB with some kr ability.
  12. If we shore up the OL and pass rush in FA. I wouldn't be upset with Greedy or DeAndre Baker. Then DT in the 2nd round. This draft is deep at DL.
  13. I like the DT outta Miss State too.
  14. We need him bad. I want proven OL, so we should look to sign 2. But the DL can be built thru draft.
  15. This is who i want us to draft.
  16. Duke looked lost in coverage yesterday at practice
  17. Maybe he replaces Levitre next season
  18. Need to strengthen the O. Need another playmaker at WR. If we can average 26pts a game we can go 12-4 /11-5 easily with Quinn's D going into year 4.
  19. Adam(I fumble at crucial moments) Jennings