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  1. Who do we have more explosive than Hardeman???? Remember the NFL drafts players on potential...not production. If Hardeman was in a offense like Ohio State or Clemson he would have better numbers. Why not draft a KR/PR isn't that what KC did with Hill??? We have JJ,Sanu,and Ridley was pure WR....Mecole is a pure playmaker receiving,running,returner.
  2. Im thinking 3rd round. Hope we can trade up or trade back into the round to get him.
  3. What was his 40? I watched him alot during the senior bowl practices
  4. What if Mr. Blank paid to put this out so he slides to us at 14??
  5. Do we take him over a DE or DT?? I like him better than Ford, let alone any T in this draft.Based on the type of OL it looks like we are trying to build for this season.
  6. 6'5 250lb and has quick hands,counter moves,and that bend all good pass rushers have. Miss State has been pumping out good defenders in the front 7, so I know he coached up. We need DT, but we can find a run stuffer in the 3rd or 4th. Drafting Sweat gives us the option to trade Vic Beasley and get a pick. 12M is alot to pay him, we need to sign Grady Jarrett, and Sweat has that alpha dog mentality this D needs.
  7. True. I never looked at it that way. His combine pushed him into top 10 territory.
  8. Now that I revisited this thread after the combine I hope he does fall that far to us.
  9. He is a good player. Good bloodlines too. TD may release Sanu and take him at 14
  10. Summers is nice. We need more DBs who like to ballhawk.
  11. Elgin Jenkins can play RG or LG this season, and C when Mack retires.
  12. Cody Ford is the 1st to play RG
  13. My short list is Preston Smith,Zadarius Smith,and maybe Frank Clark(doubt it). Curry was just released from Tampa and im all but sure that Brandon Graham will be available. I know we aren't gonna make alot of splash signings in FA but i do think we have enough for some 2nd tier type guys because Clowney,Lawrence, and Dee Ford won't happen. Thoughts?
  14. we need that 12.9m back from Beasley.
  15. Trey Flowers may hit the market just because NE typically don't overpay to resign player's. His play and NE success is gonna raise his price range. But he would be nice in this D.
  16. I would be very happy if we signed a DE,T, and made a trade for a LG/RG. I heard Donovan Smith will be tagged. I thought he would be the cheaper of the RT FAs like Jawaun James,Daryl Williams and Trenton Brown.
  17. Sounds like a plan. It wouldn't shock me if we went 4th rd LB, knowing we may not resign Campbell next offseason
  18. Bailey and Logan would help the run D. Logan is 320 and Bailey would play LDE ans DT here.
  19. Well that pipe dream was flushed abruptly. I guess Trenton Brown,Daryl Williams,or Jawaun James will be available. Im sure the market is gonna price them out of our range. After signing Jarrett back we need to sign a OL with some of the cap space left over.
  20. Donovan Smith(RT) and Zadarius Smith(DE) as the high dollar FA Draft Cody Ford at 14(move to RG) Sign a space eater DT after June 1 cuz im sure 1 will be released
  21. No love for Darren Henderson(Memphis) he would be the ultimate replacement for Coleman
  22. Ozigbo or Darrel Henderson out of Memphis. He is a absolute weapon in every aspect of the game. Run,receiving,returning. He is not the biggest back at 5'9 205 but he would help expand the offense.
  23. I like the RB Henderson out of Memphis, we is a weapon in all 3 offensive phases(Run,receiving,returns) and has that home run threat ability. Same as Teco and i know he is gonna get a deal we wont match in FA. Brian Hill showed promise and has the size to finish runs. Ito is a nimble version on Free and is a playmaker. Do we add a back early like Jacobs(ALA) if we address needs like G,T,and DT in FA. Off all the backs we have, I wish we would add a Turner clone to the equation. Thoughts?
  24. Sign a G and draft a T? Sign a G and T? Its alot of decisions. Me personally it would be to sign a RT(Trenton Brown,Donovan Smith,or Jawaun James) and if Cody Ford is there at 14 take him and move him the G. I think Fusco can be serviceable for 1 yr if we dont cut him.What are your solutions to the OL fix?
  25. Draft Ford and kick him inside to guard. Sign a RT in FA if possible..