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  1. Sign a G and draft a T? Sign a G and T? Its alot of decisions. Me personally it would be to sign a RT(Trenton Brown,Donovan Smith,or Jawaun James) and if Cody Ford is there at 14 take him and move him the G. I think Fusco can be serviceable for 1 yr if we dont cut him.What are your solutions to the OL fix?
  2. Draft Ford and kick him inside to guard. Sign a RT in FA if possible..
  3. Though he isn't Deion...Trayvon Mullen fits that bill for tall CB with speed. He should be available in the 2nd rd.
  4. I said this during the SB. We should've franchised Free in 2017 and let him walk in 2018, paid Teco and got a power back. The organization drafted Hill and Ito as insurance for injury or FA. This draft only had 3 or 4 RBs I like. Henderson,Jacobs,Holyfield,Justice Hill,the kid out of Iowa State, and the Turner clone from Nebraska
  5. NONE of them were or are NFL starters. If so they would still be cogs on our OL or still in the league. Johnson was healthy his rookie year as a backup bit after that it was???
  6. Hmmm Mike Johnson,Schweitzer,Harlow and Konz would say otherwise TD.
  7. Gurley should've been a Falcon for PR purposes. Local college star drafted by team going into new stadium. He wouldve helped put butts in the seats.
  8. Just imagine if Reeves would have stayed at pick #3 in 1997 and took Shawn Springs, and Moss in 98.....A man can dream right. We would've beaten Denver in the SB.
  9. Cut him and use the cap space toward a OL.
  10. I like the CB out of Clemson. McCullen is the big playmaking CB we need on D. 2nd round pick I'm pulling for.
  11. Sweat reminds me alot of Abraham. Maybe he can come in and be consistent like Abe.
  12. You thinking like Im thinking. Address the space eater in later rounds 3-5 or FA. I like Mack, 6'2 330 is stout.
  13. The DT class is deeper than pass rusher. The DT in FA are deep too. But I agree with you, both DT and G need to be addressed in FA and the draft if I had it my way lol
  14. If we sign Jawaun James at RT and kick Ford inside to G im cool with it.
  15. You dont think we could garner any interest out of a 3-4 team?
  16. would you be mad with Sweat at 14? They say we spent alot of time with him at the SR bowl practice.
  17. Sweat,Simmons,Wilkins, and Oliver all could be available at 14.
  18. Im not sold on any of the OL in the 1st round of the draft( Greg Little would be a nice RT) I think the DL outweight the OL in talent and numbers this draft and FA. Im not opposed to a 3rd or 4th round pick at OL, but we need to keep building the D thru the draft. James is from here and hopefully a return home would be an added bonus to sign here. He is 26 and RT can play at least til 32 barring injury. Spain is nasty and blocks to the whistle ala Dahl, but is athletic enough to pull and trap. Make this happen TD.
  19. I don't see elite AJ Green/ Julio Jones type ability out of Haselwood. He may be more of a Keenan Allen type. I dont think he is that "oh you better double cover him type" of WR. Just my opinion
  20. Didnt Mularkey sign him as a undrafted FA???
  21. I think both, but with better and bigger OL...hopefully
  22. I like Greedy and Trayvon Mullen/Mullin from Clemson
  23. Spain and Smith
  24. A good coach works wonders. Look at the Colts OL in 1 yr