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  1. I wouldn't cut Tru this season. Let's hypothetically say we trade up for Okudah and we signed Fowler/Quinn in FA. Now the defense is better, and replacing Campbell should not be as hard. I saw alot of capable looking LB at the combine.
  2. If Okudah,Henderson or Fulton blow up the combine we all know TD will want a CB. Dimitroff also is fixated on the idea of fixing the back end before the front. The only DB I want a early flier on is Kyle Dugger and I'm hoping he falls to us #64. With the way it's looking now a few OL and a QB or 2 may push the top DBs down the board. Hopefully TD stays the course of what we need.
  3. That would be a stacked class. Add in a FA pass rusher like Fowler or Quinn and the D is better. I personally would love Chaisson, Dugger,Neville,Akers,Trautman with our 1st 5 picks
  4. So much potential in this group. If a team can't find their man in this group, they aren't hard enough. Scheme fits all throughout this group. Zone and power, and some big T that can really move.
  5. Swift doesn't have the wear and tear on him like Taylor and Dobbins. He will come to league fresh like Kamara did. If Swift slides to the end of round 1, wouldn't shock me if we trade back into the round and get him. I still want a defensive player 1st.
  6. Sure. I said the same thing until I saw his fumbles over his career. Swift is a Kamara clone if used right. He had the quickest feet in this draft class.
  7. Neither back is gonna fall to the 2nd Rd. Dolphins have 2 pick in round 1, and alot of the playoff teams picking in the low end of round 1 need backs.
  8. Not just the 40 but the on field work and film. My sleeper back is AJ Dillon from BC. Swift may be a steal at 16 after the combine.
  9. I'm hearing low 1st if he balls at combine
  10. Tell me bout it bro. Let's see here...Mack,Ed Reed,Revis,Pat Willis,Randy Moss, etc all could have been Falcons
  11. Dunta wasn't a bad signing...just overpaid. He didn't get beat deep, and could tackle like a SS.
  12. Several players have better stats in previous years. He is a junior and had the coordinator not left his production would've been better. He was hurt last year, and more importantly once the season was canned I would've preserved my body too. Swift was never a injury concern, but if we wanna win and put fans in the seats, we need to build the DL, and give Matt a dynamic run game again. We won't win without it.
  13. Swift is the most complete back in the draft. I think he, Dobbins,and Akers are the same multi purpose type backs. But Swift had big moments, in big games, in the SEC. Dobbins has too, don't get me wrong, but if you put on Swift Freshman and sophomore tape. ....he is clearly the best back in this draft. When UGA lost Chaney, it effected the offense this season.
  14. Good he is washed up. By playoffs his arm is worse than Matt's
  15. I'm hearing the TE in Cleveland may be on the market, or we can sign a mid level FA TE. I like the TE from Vandy if we go that direction.
  16. OLB/DE, and RB are solved. I really think Fowler or Quinn will be the focal point in FA. If we can trade a 2nd and a pick next year like a 4th to move to into the lower end of round 1(picks 21-28). If we can Swift should be the target. His freshman and soph highlights are more of what he will/can be in the NFL. He can touch it 250 times(200 rush 50rec)and be a all purpose nightmare. Can Koetter use him effectively is the question. What are y'all thoughts on a move like this?
  17. I would draft Chaisson. That way SLB and LEO(Fowler) is solidified.
  18. Any insider on the incoming freshman jersey# ?
  19. I like Dugger better than Delpit in this defense. He is 6'2 212, can play in the box, over top,and cover RB/TE. Delpit shys away from contact, and seems more of a FS. Dugger is a SAFETY lol, he plays both spots
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