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  1. Kareem Hunt is gonna be a FA, and probably still a top 10 RB in this league. We will need a RB next to replace Free whether it be a draft pick or a FA. The days of TD selling us on guys who are team captains, or he's a SR team leader are OVER hopefully. We need more players with dog in them. Especially on the OL,DL, and defense as a whole. Neal had it but he is injury prone,GJ has it,and Debo does too but maybe he needs to move to OLB or get bigger DT in front of him help him flow to the ball. Vic, and Campbell are soft come as passive and you see it in their play and opponents don't fear or respect or D. A team with a couple of Vontaze Burfict's on it(minus the bonehead penalties) will beat a team full of team captains(Troffed) ANYDAY of the week. Mentality. That's where the game is won. We have no mentality,therefore we have no Identity. Mr. Blank please got get a GM that can identify players with a mentality that matches their athletic ability,and a coach that will utilize them to the best of their ability. Clean house AB...Clean house
  2. And that falls on TD. And you are correct man the run game is what makes MR. If Matt can't use play action plays to hold the LB or S, it's gonna be a long day. The OL coach we have is a joke, and the picks at OL have been a bigger joke.
  3. I totally agree. Every player you named that needs to be replaced can be done with a rookie, especially Free and Tru. A rookie RB(Swift) would be cheaper and more productive than Free at this point. And a improved pass rush via draft(Chase Young) or FA(??) would help the secondary. This isn't a hard fix for a new coach and GM
  4. It baffles me that we don't pick more SEC DL. Yet we will draft CB from Colorado,and S from Wyoming. Not saying every draft class has to be SEC,ACC,and Big TEN driven, but TD LOVES schools in that mountain Time zone and they don't produce on a consistent basis. Look at the Raiders draft under Mayock. Productive players, from productive programs.
  5. I told my coworker this exact same thing 10 min ago lol. I'm banking on it and will love it when they do.
  6. Campbell is soft. Debo needs a dog with him in the LB core. Wish this group had that old D Block mentality, to go with the speed and athletic ability they have now.
  7. Read sir....read. Why would I want Burfict??? He was never good anyway? Big Ben is a criminal who raped a drink chick in the restroom???? Oh wait....white privilege I get it.
  8. Can any of you READ and comprehend? I NEVER said sign any of those mf I named. MENTALITY. It's nothing wrong with being chippy and extra on the field. Dahl, Incognito,Romanowski, all were praised for it, but I name Burfict,and Hunt,and other players and y'all wanna use the ethic code???? Some of you are the EXACT same guys this team has now....Soft and set in your ways. Hunt is a better RB than Freeman period, and don't give me no bs about what he did in the past. I didn't like it but that's his life and decision,and if Big Ben can rape and still play then so can Hunt. Now back to the narrative, ANY new or tougher mentality is better than what we have. I played football is HS and college and EVERY choir team we encountered we had them beat psychologically by half. The Falcons have a soft and passive mindset, and a teams player's set that tone. So we need a GM who can draft and sign tone setters. So once again before you come on crying...IM NOT SAYING SIGN DIRTY PLAYERS OR CRIMINALS...JUST IDENTIFY PLAYERS WITH A COMPETITIVE EDGE. Burfict,Suh,Romanowski,etc may be or were dirty players, but they will defend a teammate on the field. Dahl, Incognito were chippy, but it's the things they said and did in between the lines that got in DL head and made them undisciplined. Later in the game here comes illegal hands to the face, and extra yardage for the offense. MENTALITY
  9. I hope she is, because our fanbase is and should be.
  10. Once again. Not the player, the MENTALITY.
  11. Takk is a pro wrestler. All gimmick...smoke and mirrors. He told us post draft he was a Booker T fan, and he plays like it. Cussing on TV and grandma pic not gonna get us no sacks
  12. My point exactly. I'm not saying draft dirty players, but players who get in the opponents head before the game is even played. Every TE and WR knew before playing Philly and Dawkins that it was gonna be a physical day. That's what I meant by mentality matching athletic ability
  13. I been beating the EB drum for a while. You flamed me for it earlier but now you see why I said him, because of what you said, he would bring in Hunt(hopefully) to replace Free and we would rebuild the OL and run game to better protect Matt.
  14. I have and did. And Quinn is gone too
  15. Thank you. I been saying this since we lost to Minny. Play calling doesn't have to be his forte, that's what his coordinator is for. He can manage a game, come up with a game plan, and execute it. Bieniemy would bring a system and stability to the offense. More importantly he believes in the run game and OL development
  16. He is just better. All around the world, and he has a Julio Jones type work ethic too
  17. Players I think can help us turn around DE Chase Young- has technique to match his physical gifts. Reminds me of a more athletic version of Can Jordan DT Derrick Brown- big and physical. Great athlete for a man that big. He and Grady together would be a great tandem RB- DeAndre Swift- I not saying draft him top 10. But if he slips past #20 we need to trade back into the 1st round and get him. He has that Kamara effect on an offense. He can run it, catch it, and line up in the slot as a WR. We all know we are stuck with Matt at least 3 more years, and he needs a run game to be successful. LT- Andrew Thomas- spent 80m on the OL last off-season. I doubt we go OL in the 1st. But if he is the BPA at the time we pick.....I'm all for it S- Grant Delpit- he fits the new mold for a safety. Tall,fast,physical and can play both FS,and SS. Looks more like a FS to me, but in most NFL defenses the S spots are interchangeable.
  18. I LOVE the Young pick. We need to trade back into the 1st and get Swift or Taylor(WISC) to give our run game a boost. REMEMBER Matt Ryan is a play action passer and having a run game is when Matt is at his finest.
  19. Hopefully we pick top 10 to infuse some talent to this roster. We have slot of holes that need to be filled. BPA is the best way to go in the draft, and we have players at positions(Vic,Tru,Free)that are stacked in the draft,and hopefully we can part ways with said players to get cap space back. We are 1-4 and it's not much else to get excited about with this team. So who ya got/ want for the draft?
  20. His 2nd round history is suspect too. Collins and Oliver look like lost, although Collins played good for us in 16. He is out of the league too as of today I think(cut by Colts). Hageman is not here either. We need a new talent evaluator. TD needs a "promotion" from within like we did with McKay and we need to hire a new GM.
  21. The Eagles,Chiefs,Ravens,and Pats have all drafted good over the last decade. Mainly in the trenches, and that's where TD has failed as a GM
  22. Bieniemy. Best offense for the talent he would inherit. The KC organization believe in the trenches, and they run the ball.....something you have to be able to do if Matt Ryan is the QB
  23. You attacked those press conference questions like no other Quinn. 28-3 Will forever be burned in the hearts of ATL Falcon fans forever. Hire a winner Blank
  24. Right. But I would have him on the radar. NFL scheme, RB and TE friendly. Comes from a coaching staff and organization that values the OL and DL.