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  1. Heard we bringing the silver back instead of white
  2. Simmons would be a nice piece. If we have to trade picks to get him, i hope we sign Poe to help beef up the DT position after the draft. His price tag should be lower the closer we get to camp.
  3. I agree. Does the front office feel that way? I think the extra fourth round picks is the reason they may dangle the that 3rd as bait. DT is deep and so is CB. Pass rush is iffy after Young, but its surprise players in every draft. I just think TD is gonna try to make 2 defensive draft splash moves.
  4. Could Murray play MLB and Debo move to weakside. Or Murray play SOLB?
  5. I hope so we have to get ahead of Carolina to have a shot at Simmons. It may take out 2nd,4th,and a pick next season. If we trade up for Simmons i hope we take a CB in the 3rd
  6. He and Debo are 1A and 1B. In today's NFL having to LBs that can cover down the middle and the flats is just as good as having a shut down CB. TE,RB,and underneath routes are forever evolving.
  7. Henderson or Reggie Robinson. If we can get Robinson in the 3rd i would wait. He has the same measureables. Same size, speed,and dominated at SR Bowl practice.
  8. Why do pundits always say Murray cant cover?? I find that hard to believe in that pass happy conference. And the QBs he has practiced and played against should help. I like Murray
  9. Thats a dope combo bro. Same as Queen and Jordan Elliott. Kinlaw/Braun. Its some nice front seven players if we play our card's right.
  10. The fear/respect the OL showed Chaisson allowed Queen to roam and snuff out the play.
  11. I love Brown and Kinlaw, but they wont be there unless we trade up. We could fortify the front if he can pull this off ala McGary last season. Blacklock can rush and stop the run. Heard he has/can play as big as 320 and was at 305-298 at the combine. Quick and explosive, pairing him with GJ would be nice. Chaisson would add pass rush,set the edge at OLB, and help neutralize the TE. The lack of production can be confusing. The opposing offense double teamed him alot. The NFL doesn't always draft players based off production. POTENTIAL has gotten alot of guys drafted. Some were bust and some were diamonds in the rough.
  12. Hoping the same thing man. We all know it's gonna be a surprise vet cut after the draft and during training camp.
  13. We need Kinlaw and Chaisson in this draft. I would trade back into the round of Chaisson slides
  14. Is still a FA. 6'6 270. Adds size and pass rush. Still young at 28 and shouldn't break the bank. Thoughts?
  15. Coleman was the X factor that whole season. Him getting hurt in the SB lost us that game more than we will ever know.
  16. Chinn is my dark house. He can be Cam Chancellor like, if used right.
  17. Who do you think will fall. I think Kinlaw may slide past 16, into the 20s. Not because of lack of talent. I think a run on LT/RT, and WR may push him down a little.
  18. I think we have 6 players on our board. Simmons,Okudah,Brown, Chaisson, Kinlaw,and Henderson. The first 3 I named are trade up options, were we will have to get into the top 7 to have a chance. The latter 3 are in that 11-16 range in my opinion. My gut feeling is telling me that Brown and Kinlaw may both slide. Not because of red flags, but they play a position can be productive with a rotation. Big, athletic DT don't grow on trees, but QB,T,and pass rushers are a hotter commodities. I propose we stay at 16 and trade back into the 1st and help solidify the D. Thoughts?
  19. You think like me. Chinn could be our nickle backer next to Debo on 3rd down. KeKe could also play that role too. We are another pass rusher and playmaker in the secondary away from being a great D.
  20. I'm hoping Dugger will slide into the 3rd. Heir apparent to Neal, then next season draft FS and CB.
  21. I think we can move up from 16 to 12 without trading our 2nd. We have 2 4th Rd picks. Our current 3rd and one of those 4th may get it done. I'm hoping we stay at 16 and trade back into the 1st
  22. Let's be honest we need a big impact rookie if we are gonna make the playoffs. We need a Young,Simmons,Brown,Okudah,Kinlaw type of player. Wouldn't shock me to see TD push all this cards in early. What are y'all thoughts. I personally would like a trade back to get more, but I wouldn't be mad if we did for 1 of the players I named.
  23. We have a hole at CB, but IMO a player like Murray would take us to the next level. We face CMC,Kamara,OJ Howard,Brate,and Jared Cook 2x. Brady and Brees are statues and hopefully that helps our pass rush a time or 2. They both love throwing to TE,RB,and underneath. Adding another eraser like K9 helps both the run D and pass. Murray and Debo in nickle sets is a nice combo. Henderson is big and athletic. Breaks up passes, and played against the best competition. Has 2 or 3 pick six in his career. I would also love the pick, but I doubt his impact would be felt in yr 1. Unless he miraculously came away with Clowney too in FA, I dont like rookie CB coming into the league with a so-so pass rush. It exposes the rookie, and may shake their confidence. Who do you think would be a better fit of the 2? We all know Kinlaw,Brown,Simmons, and maybe Okudah would make(presumably)a bigger impact, but the will be gone by 16. Hopefully Henderson and Murray aren't. Who ya got?
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