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  1. Tell me bout it bro. Let's see here...Mack,Ed Reed,Revis,Pat Willis,Randy Moss, etc all could have been Falcons
  2. Nice
  3. Dunta wasn't a bad signing...just overpaid. He didn't get beat deep, and could tackle like a SS.
  4. OLB/DE, and RB are solved. I really think Fowler or Quinn will be the focal point in FA. If we can trade a 2nd and a pick next year like a 4th to move to into the lower end of round 1(picks 21-28). If we can Swift should be the target. His freshman and soph highlights are more of what he will/can be in the NFL. He can touch it 250 times(200 rush 50rec)and be a all purpose nightmare. Can Koetter use him effectively is the question. What are y'all thoughts on a move like this?
  5. Several players have better stats in previous years. He is a junior and had the coordinator not left his production would've been better. He was hurt last year, and more importantly once the season was canned I would've preserved my body too. Swift was never a injury concern, but if we wanna win and put fans in the seats, we need to build the DL, and give Matt a dynamic run game again. We won't win without it.
  6. Swift is the most complete back in the draft. I think he, Dobbins,and Akers are the same multi purpose type backs. But Swift had big moments, in big games, in the SEC. Dobbins has too, don't get me wrong, but if you put on Swift Freshman and sophomore tape. ....he is clearly the best back in this draft. When UGA lost Chaney, it effected the offense this season.
  7. Good he is washed up. By playoffs his arm is worse than Matt's
  8. I'm hearing the TE in Cleveland may be on the market, or we can sign a mid level FA TE. I like the TE from Vandy if we go that direction.
  9. I would draft Chaisson. That way SLB and LEO(Fowler) is solidified.
  10. Any insider on the incoming freshman jersey# ?
  11. I'd take a trio of Swift/Ito/Ollison
  12. I like Dugger better than Delpit in this defense. He is 6'2 212, can play in the box, over top,and cover RB/TE. Delpit shys away from contact, and seems more of a FS. Dugger is a SAFETY lol, he plays both spots
  13. I was pondering it earlier. Wouldn't it be dope to draft Chaisson at 16, then trade back up for Swift or a S at pick 21.
  14. Both are 5'9 215+, and played against elite competition and had great games against it. Dobbins has more mileage on him as far as carries,and both are good receiving backs. Swift may be slightly more athletic, but either would look great in black and red. Who ya got?
  15. Swift can have an Kamara type impact on offense. He is a good receiving back. The UGA coordinator used him wrong this season.
  16. He will draft Chaisson at 16. Then trade both 2nd round picks to get back in round 1 and draft Swift.
  17. The guy is a special talent. Playmaker and offensive game wrecker(Dimitroff words). WR,KR,PR, Wildcat QB. Think a slighter built, more athletic Sanu. I'm sure he will be a 2nd/3rd Rd pick, but we have seen what the Hardeman,Deebo Samuel type talents have done for a offense/ST. Matt is getting older and he needs weapons(RB,TE) especially if we let Hooper leave. What are y'all thoughts on Bowden JR?
  18. I just don't want him to be on the board on the 3/4th round and we pass on him like we did Hardeman. Dimitroff ignores the SEC alot. I'm not saying you have to draft every player out the SEC, but familiar names at position of need will help put butts in the seats and wins on the board.
  19. That's true. I think we will address G again in the draft, high like 2nd round with a player like Cushenberry,or Hennessy.
  20. If it isn't Okudah, I don't want a first Rd CB. I rather let Tru,Oliver,and Sheff gel. Then cut/trade Tru next off-season. Next draft has better CB coming out. Wade,Surtain Jr,Stokes,etc.
  21. I doubt Ngakoue make it to FA, I'm sure JAX will tag him. The likes of Armstead,Lynch,Quinn,and resigning Clayborn don't seem to far fetched. The LG position needs a true starter and not a stopgap like Carpenter,Brown,or Fusco. Thuney will solidify it, but Glasgow is versatile and can also play C. We won't get Chase Young, and Clowney/Chris Jones will be overpaid. Thoughts?
  22. I want Jamie Newman. The former Wake Forest QB. He had 26 TD pass, 6 rushing adding 500+ on the ground. 6'4 228lbs would look nice here. He could be a 1 yr stop gap until Beck,Mathis,or whoever we sign is ready in 2021. Costello(STAN) and Hunter (Clem) are options too, but I think or atleast hope, Newman is the guy.