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  1. I dont they yall. The collection we have on offense should produce. Year 2 in the scheme for certain players like Lindstrom,McGary and Ridley. A healthy Ito is another dual threat as is Gurley. If we can sack the QB and keep this young secondary off the field and our offense the ball back we will be fine.
  2. We are young at CB, but we have vets at S. We have a nice DE rotation with Fowler,Takk,Harris,Bailey,and Comisky as that DE/DT type on paper. Grady and hopefully Davidson collapse the pocket from inside. We are unproven yet athletic and the POTENTIAL is endless. The DL and secondary work together, but this year we are gonna need 45+ sacks to help ease our young CB along. Im not worried about Terrill,Oliver,or Sheffield from a athletic standpoint, its the mental. Facing Brady and Brees 2x, A.Rod,Mahomes, and Dak will probably be the toughest games for them. Winning all 7 of those matchups would be nice, but the DL/pass rush is gonna have to do it. Thoughts?
  3. Any link to find out. I wanted to order a Newman jersey?
  4. I think the Hawkins brothers, Jaylin and Josh will help the special teams and secondary
  5. If you watched college football, especially SEC games, Davidson stood out and flashed every Auburn game. Big plays in big moments.
  6. I see some nice combos fellas...how about 2005 Kevin Mathis on D and 2008 Todd Weiner
  7. Offense- 2014 Antoine Smith- fast and explosive and could score from anywhere. I would swap Ito for him. Defense-2001 Juran Bolden- big,fast,and reliable that season and we could use a vet CB on this team Who are yours?
  8. Before that Natty game, Terrill had only given up 60yds as a high on the season. Terrill will be fine, and look at the defenses they shredded. UGA, Auburn,and Clemson had a better overall D than Ohio State. Burrow would've carved up OSU too had they played. More importantly Terrill is a better in zone than Henderson and Okudah. He is more of a scheme fit to any team. Hen and Jefe have to play man/press or off man. Terrill can play all coverages.
  9. Shaun Wade should be the target next draft
  10. We are Bradham,Kendricks,Lee or any decent vet signing away from a complete D.
  11. If we can trade a 4th im all for it. Hooker would allow us to move Rico around from S to CB in certain downs and distance. It would make the secondary stronger
  12. I agree bro. We win that flip and we have a Lombardi. Jake Matthews holding call **** sure should've offset that obvious PI on Sanu that the refs missed.
  13. I think the point some are missing is that with this strange off-season, the teams with new coaches and QBs are gonna struggle. Teams like Philly,N.O ,KC,Bal,ATL, Buf,Tenn,SEA, may have an advantage to start fast. Most the teams i named have had the same QB for 3yrs or more and the same offense the last 2yrs too. Shouldn't be a learning curve or a chemistry issue like TB may have.
  14. We went to a SB with Debo,Grady,Neal,Rico and Neisman. Experience at LB and S is vital to a D. Yes i am
  15. The offense is stacked, except RB. The defense has pass rushers, and young LB and a young secondary as well. Unless they trade for Fournette, I like our LB vs their RBs. Gronk,Evans,Godfey and Howard will be the core of that offense, if we can get to Brady, TB can be had.
  16. I hate that auto correct. Making threads from your phone can be brutal
  17. He is better than Takk. I would use him like we used Freeney in 2016. Would bolster the DL, and the defense as a whole.
  18. TD...stop taking tweeners in the 1st round. Get a pure DE from here on out. Cali dudes are like that in football. Talk a good game when everything going their way. Then fold the tent when its not. 2017 draft night proved he was all talk. He came out like a wrestler. Sad part is he dedicated his career to his decreased grandmother.....stop tweeting and start sacking
  19. We are gonna have to outscore teams like we did in 2016. If they are playing with a big lead in the 4th im fine. Don't trust this secondary up 3, in a 2 minute drill vs Brady or Brees
  20. Okudah. Cant coach technique and smarts. That goes further than athletic ability. 4.48 forty isn't slow either
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