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  1. What if they are downplaying it until the SECCG or playoffs. What if Kirby/Coley are saving the innovation for later lol. I can dream a lil right
  2. Nice mock. But his organization will probably do a Jeff Okudah in the 1st and Curtis Weaver in the 2nd rd type combo
  3. Yes. His multiple draft busts at DE and the OL cannot be ignored. Look at his 09,10,12,and 17 draft classes. Yet he let gems like Peters and Vance Walker leave???
  4. Everyone has ignored the obvious reason the OL has been in shambles. It's the coach, Chris Morgan is Quinn's buddy, and that's the only reason he is still here. He is garbage.
  5. Tell me about it bro. I like the FS and SS they produce. My question is can he play FS in our scheme. He is 5'10 195-200lbs.
  6. I'm saying that if Young is not on the board. Wouldn't shock me if we did the Falcon thing and won some meaningless game to finish 7-9 and end up picking at 14-16
  7. If we draft Thomas, Jake could move to LG and resurrect his already solid career. It would help Mack, if we decided to keep him
  8. Good game overall and a good confidence boost for them. Micheal Thomas is a beast, and gets targeted alot. To hold Brees to 0 tds is huge. More importantly, it proves it's time to get rid of Tru. Then use that money to help the pass rush.
  9. He can be a nickle LB
  10. I saw Delpit make a few "business decisions" this game lol. He is good but Harris has trucked him atleast twice this game
  11. Mack is older, expensive,and regressing before our eyes. Lindstrom is athletic and has the size you want in a C(6'3 307). Smart and was well coached in college. This would allow us to take a RG/LG in the 2nd round (we have 2 picks). I like Kindsley (sp)UGA personally because I feel like we need a mauler. Hopefully we hire a GM/coach that's values the OL and will hire a real OL coach to develop the players.
  12. Correct. You can get away with iffy Tackles in this league. The new trend far as the OL is the LG,C,RG triangle
  13. He did. If I'm not mistaking, a few teams worked him out at C
  14. That's why I hope we sign a pass rusher in F just in case Young is gone, and if Delpit is the BPA then so be it
  15. Right. I'm not expecting him to come in and be the saviour. 6-8 sacks is a nice rookie year. I expect the Falcons to sign a mid level pass rusher this off-season too.
  16. True. But I think he has the potential to be better than Debo and Grady. If he gets the right coaching.
  17. Lindstrom is better than Mike Person..... hopefully lol
  18. 1-DE-Chase Young- we need a cornerstone to build the D around. 2-DT-Marvin Wilson- big and distrupive...Kris Jenkins 2.0 2b-G-Solomon Kindley- mauler in run game, technician in pass pro 3-CB/S Shaun Wade- a chess piece on D. A FS, or a press corner. I think CB,RB,and LB depth can be solved on FA
  19. I hope so TDWII. Do you think a hire like Bieniemy would help that process begin? KC drafts and produce quality OL. They lose a few in FA and simply draft a replacement and keep ticking.
  20. I could live with that bro
  21. He knows talent and I know he will build the OL/DL. I also know we will out of the PAC 10 and Mountain West time zone drafting players. And he won't draft anymore of his buddies son's (Harlow, Oliver) and we can stack our roster with young talent again.
  22. You thinking like I'm thinking. I was watching the UGA/FLA game and the LG for UGA is nice!! #66 Kindsley(2nd Rd pick) I think is his name. If we add him at LG, Mack would be effective again, and I would like Lindstrom to play 1 full year with Mack, then convert to C.
  23. TD-For me I think it was the draft failures on the DL/OL. Reaching on players like Konz,Holmes,Southward,Senat, Riley,Harlow, in rounds where talent can still be found. Also not replacing key veteran departures (TG,Turner,Abe,Chester,MudDuck,)with good replacements. They tried to convince us that Jonathan Massaquoi was Abe replacement (HA!!!) And more importantly he failed to give us a face on D, like he did with the offense (Matt, Julio) Quinn- to friendly and trusting and wouldn't adjust. The 2015 and 2016 draft had his fingerprint on it and most of those players are still in the league even if not here(King,Collins) but after the SB, we gave in to TD and let him pick a larger portion of the groceries and it backfired. The Takk and Ridley draft classes respectfully are the typical TD draft. Reaching on players in rounds 2-3 in those two drafts is hurting us now,due to no talent/depth.Decent in round 1, but followed by questionable trades, or passing on a better player at a need position just because a higher rates player fell in our lap. Once again these are just my opinions but I would love to hear yours too. Thoughts?
  24. Man if we would land Adams for a 2nd this year and something next draft. Pick Young in the 1st,then this fix starts looking a little easier....but 1 can dream tho right
  25. Would be a nice replacement for Neal. 2nd Rd pick is the most I would give though.