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  1. He looks lost. Mora Alex Gibbs to lean on early in his career. The lost of Robiske,Bobby Turner, and Richard Smith has hurt this team over the year's. They made the players accountable. This staff is soft, and inept to adjust to our opponents. Im hoping that Kubiak and a vet D coordinator are hired to help stop the bleeding. We have to build this coaching staff and team(OL,DL) from the inside out.
  2. I like the DT outta Miss State too.
  3. I struggle to wrap up
  4. He has lost a step. I love him as a player and he is still a top 3 Center in the league,but his skills are eroding.
  5. The DL is deep this year man. I almost want to go DL,DL, DB with the our 1st,2nd,and 3rd.
  6. We need him bad. I want proven OL, so we should look to sign 2. But the DL can be built thru draft.
  7. Do not draft any OL. Sign them. TD is a horrible OL evaluator
  8. Apparently not you posted it as a quote
  9. His career is not over and we gotta stop counting this guys out. If Big Ben can rape and still play with no suspension if feel the same can be had for Mr. Hunt. All these woman weren't raised right and thats part of the problem. Newflash ladies NFL players don't invite you into a room to watch film sweetheart, use better decision making.
  10. He replaces Poole. We need to find Alford replacement
  11. He have the athletes to spy him. For some reason i think we matchup good with Baltimore defensively......but that doesn't mean we will execute, and with that being said, I can see LJ making a few LB(Duke) and DBs(#29) look stupid on Sunday.
  12. This is who i want us to draft.
  13. Lol i was thinking the same thing that has to drop the stock to #7 pick for us. He would be nice to replace Alford
  14. Defense or skill position...preferably the DL. I want to sign some OL to help Matt.