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  1. Adam(I fumble at crucial moments) Jennings
  2. Let's draft a RB,WR,or DB with some kr ability.
  3. 36 blunts need to be lit... simultaneously
  4. We need to trade back and accumulate more picks. We won't be able to resign everybody. Especially the 2016 draft class.
  5. Wims had a interview. He ran 4.47 and 4.54 on both 40s. That's nice for 6'4 210lbs.
  6. Vet DE. Hope he signs and understands our cap situation. We need to extend Jake and Matt asap for cap relief.
  7. Lol. Exactly sir.
  8. Wynn,Carter, Thompson, Bellamy is who I'm hoping they are watching. Maybe Quinn is showing him how to identify good DL.
  9. Trade a 6 and 7 to move into the 5th for him.
  10. Do any of us really know how a front office is ran. Dude this whole board is built of opinions. We all know they work together but to me it seemed like Quinn let TD have more input on the draft. Quinn's 1st and 2nd draft classes we're hits. Good players from good schools that made since. This last draft we reached and passed on better players that were on the board. We traded out of the 2nd? Passed on Dion Dawkins(G in our scheme). Riley probably would've been there in the 4th. Harlow in 5th, etc. It just felt like a TD type draft to me. Pioli and Quinn IMO have a better eye for trench players than TD, and this draft is deep in the trenches.
  11. Quinn is not gonna come out and say things like "TD this guy you drafted was trash". He gonna say TD was the reason he came to be politically correct. All these GMs who made the HOF get credit for building these teams. Does anyone speak about Marv Levy building the Bills of the 90s....no all Bill Polian
  12. Glad that regime fizzled out. Thanks for Ryan,Jones,Matthews,Free,Tru,Alf,and Schrader. But the talent evaluation and development was iffy at best.