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  1. Thought he was a depth signing/with potential to start once healthy. Has he practiced? Is he fully healthy and most importantly, better than Schweitzer. I mean #71 WS isn't the worst RG in the league..,but I honestly was hoping Paztor would be a better 1.
  2. Where does Eason go??? Miami or Wash St?? I think the SEC game experience and practice will have him ready. This is Fromm's team now, and Fields will more than likely be the backup/redshirt.
  3. Alford has been our best CB this season, stemming from last season. Watch Trufant though, lately it seems he's getting his confidence/health all the way back. He and Alf playing at the same level will scary going down the stretch.
  4. I'm putting it on the run D. Carolina and N.O can run the ball and stopping them will be vital. I laughed at the Saints last 2 drafts, but I now see Payton's vision. He rebuilt the OL and made them physical. Kamara was a steal and I felt he and Cook were the best backs in the draft after Fournette. If we spy Cam with Beasley or Debo I think we will minimize the Cam factor. CAR run game starts with him, to set up the read option and shovel passes. Sark seems to have checked his ego at the door by letting Matt dictate the flow of the offense and more freedom to audible and change plays. I hope we can clinch the division but in all likeliness we will be a wildcard and it looks like the road to the SB is going thru a cold and snowy Philly. If the run D holds up or improves more, I think the sky is the limit.Thoughts?
  5. We should've drafted a DT with that pick, and signed a vet powerback
  6. I think we played like that because he know about the suspension
  7. Reed is better than Kroy
  8. Exactly man and that's the sad part. This organization lied to us this whole off season. It had Dimitroff written all over it. 1 big FA splash, questionable personnel decisions, and a mediore draft. Quinn go back to making the decisions and leave the bromance with TD alone. Let him handle the cap and you do the draft/FA.
  9. Yeah and we all know we notoriously are the spring board for a no name guy to have a career game.
  10. Wouldn't be mad if he came and played in 1 game If Alford is hurt. Don't wanna see Goodwin on the field a lot
  11. Yeah me too. The line will be terrible if he haven't groomed a replacement
  12. All im saying is respect my thoughts and opinion. Yall let too many lil young punks come on here and mouth off. Respect goes a long way. Check out any of my threads or post i never disrespect a fellow fan. Im here to talk bout the issues of the team i love, nothing more or less. People act like teams never move players around. I get all this bs bout eating plant chips and stop playing madden?? Last time i checked we moved Weiner from RT to LT when Baker got hurt in 08..so why couldn't Schrader do the same next season if we move on from Matthews. Several guys were drafted to play 1 position and were moved?? Anything is possible
  13. Don't own a game console sir. It's called intel from playing the game...coaching the game...and also having several former hs teammates who played and coached pro ball. Yeah check Mario Edwards DE for Oakland. I know game, too bad you don't lame.
  14. I think certain RT like Lane Johnson and Schrader can make the transition to LT. I think a rookie would do better at RT than on the left.
  15. Dude...the OL is the biggest area of concern on this team. Zone scheme or not physicality is a apart of football and Jake isn't physical. You can't tell me that you can't name 10 better T than Jake.