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  1. I think we can move up from 16 to 12 without trading our 2nd. We have 2 4th Rd picks. Our current 3rd and one of those 4th may get it done. I'm hoping we stay at 16 and trade back into the 1st
  2. Let's be honest we need a big impact rookie if we are gonna make the playoffs. We need a Young,Simmons,Brown,Okudah,Kinlaw type of player. Wouldn't shock me to see TD push all this cards in early. What are y'all thoughts. I personally would like a trade back to get more, but I wouldn't be mad if we did for 1 of the players I named.
  3. We have a hole at CB, but IMO a player like Murray would take us to the next level. We face CMC,Kamara,OJ Howard,Brate,and Jared Cook 2x. Brady and Brees are statues and hopefully that helps our pass rush a time or 2. They both love throwing to TE,RB,and underneath. Adding another eraser like K9 helps both the run D and pass. Murray and Debo in nickle sets is a nice combo. Henderson is big and athletic. Breaks up passes, and played against the best competition. Has 2 or 3 pick six in his career. I would also love the pick, but I doubt his impact would be felt in yr 1. Unless he miraculously came away with Clowney too in FA, I dont like rookie CB coming into the league with a so-so pass rush. It exposes the rookie, and may shake their confidence. Who do you think would be a better fit of the 2? We all know Kinlaw,Brown,Simmons, and maybe Okudah would make(presumably)a bigger impact, but the will be gone by 16. Hopefully Henderson and Murray aren't. Who ya got?
  4. Reggie Robinson and L'Darius Sneed
  5. #21 or #32.
  6. I watched his press conference. He said he likes his units to "pull the ball away from people". I know that's via int or strip the ball out. So it made me wonder, if certain DB in this draft class, were targeted by our brass. Henderson, McKinney,Dugger, Winfield,Hall,and Amir Robertson all strike me as those type. Fulton reminds me of Tru. Technically savvy, but lacks that play making gene. From the sounds of it we are looking play makers at CB and S.
  7. Reggie Robinson,Chin,Sneed are the only DBs I want after round 2
  8. They say hating on the Falcons. That is the media's narrative toward this town and fanbase. Every successful thing or steal we come up on it's rejected or downplayed. Yet every failure is blown out of proportion. Had Gurley signed with TB it would've been "Oh what a steal by Tampa" and "Brady's influence made Gurley sign". They would have focused on Gurley's redemption story instead of the knee.
  9. They compare in size and other measureables. Brian Urlacher was the same player coming out. No true defensive position. It was a no brainer to out him at LB...same as Simmons.
  10. Would be nice. But Simmons isn't making it past Carolina at #7. Wouldn't shock me if NYG take him at 4. He is gonna be the new Urlacher
  11. Reminds me of Lattimore
  12. Can he backup Debo in the middle??
  13. I like Henderson athletic traits, but I like like Fulton from a technical standpoint. My sleepers are L'Darius Sneed and Reggie Robinson in later rounds.
  14. TB-Brady, Evans,Godwin,Brate,Howard Car- Bridgewater,Moore,Robbie Anderson, McCaffrey,Samuel N.O-Brees,Kamara, Thomas,Sanders Pass rush is the MOST vital thing this D needs, but at 16 I don't think a rusher will be there. CB's Henderson(FLA) and Fulton (LSU)project as day 1 picks. Both should be available at 16 or later(trade back) . I like Reggie Robinson too,he is rising up other teams draft board so we may have to take him at 47. LB Kenneth Murray(OKLA) would help against the backs and TE in the division and may be the BPA at 16. Far as the safeties, I like Dugger/Winfield better than any the entire draft including Delpit. If either is on the board at 47 I would be happy if we picked them. A pass rush DT is enticing too, but again I going by the players I think will be on the board at 16 and 47. Thoughts?
  15. Do we trade up for Okudah? Stay at 16 and take Chaisson or Henderson? Trade back for Diggs,Fulton,or K9 Murray? We have 2 4th round picks and LB is a deep group this year. I like Shaun Bradley,Gay Jr in that round. Do we have our eye on Kinlaw/Brown trade up? The front office is definitely building to win now. Any move to get better is not out of question in my opinion. Thoughts?