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  1. Since Travis Hall left that #98 has been cursed
  2. Same as the Dallas, Detroit,and Chicago games.
  3. Chandler had a bad game. We should have fed Jam that game. Instead of a trying to go blow for blow with Elway.
  4. Small FS, undersized DE, small DT,and project player's that aren't ready to play. That was the theme under TD. Regardless of the coach. He inherited Abraham,and that was his saving grace early on. Every pass rusher he drafted(Takk,Sidbury,VB,Massaquio,Bierman,were bust or flash in the pan types. He ignored countless pure DE prospects and that crippled our defense. I understand the coach is the "cook" and the GM picks the groceries,but if the better player at the same position is there, dont gamble on the prospect. Takk over Watt as a obvious misfire. Danielle Hunter would've been nice is
  5. Exactly. That kid has a nice throwing and motion. This placement on fades is nice too. We need a QB that can make all the throws. Matt can't do that. This year QB class is a special 1. Atl better pounce on the chance to get a QB. If im a new GM im not hitching my wagon to Matt Ryan long term.
  6. Mayock,Lynch,and TD didn't have experience and got the job. What makes Riddick any less qualified than them?? Same as the bs I hear about Bieniemy and his lack of play calling. It time for some fresh eyes and more importantly somebody who is innovative and will build the best team. Im happy with Dobbs or Reddick. We need to make the move early on to so that the new GM has time to evaluate who he wants as the next head coach.
  7. Thats is EXACTLY how to do it. It is easier to find talent in a 34. We need a true NT, a ball hawk at FS, and another CB🤷🏿‍♂️
  8. We need to improve the defense in a major way. I think a rookie QB could move the ball with this same offense, with a few more additions.
  9. Thank you!! I was yelling at the TV for TD to take Watt. Since he loves bloodlines so **** much. Why not take a better overall football player in Watt. When Takk came out there with that picture and cursed on national TV, I knew then he would bust. He put alot of pressure on himself.
  10. He is our best nickle, and he played great last season 🤷🏿‍♂️
  11. I will be happy when we get DJ Daniels back on D.
  12. Hey Justin Fields..Hey new GM...Hey new HC
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