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  1. He will play it all. RB,KR,WR. He is listed at RB so we can carry a extra OL,WR,or TE on game day
  2. This should be a good training camp battle. Both were rated equally coming out. Both had 2nd-4th rd grades coming out. Both have NFL pedigree. Dalman has that underdog factor to him like McClure had. Who do you think wins this battle???
  3. Great topic. On Offense I say or hope its McGary,Ollison, and Gono. On D lets hope Fowler, Walker, and Sheff. I have a feeling Mariner is gonna blossom into a McPhee type player in this D. Also i hope the punter develops and take a year 2 jump like Bosher did his sophomore yr here.
  4. Walker will be a ILB when we use the 3-4. And a SOLB when we go 4-3. Coverage LB that can run and tackle. Im sure he can rush the QB on delayed blitzes.
  5. I thought the same thing. I like Bryce Hall,Isaiah Spiller better than most backs in this draft
  6. For me it was a big NT. Space eaters can be found, due to them only playing 2 downs or so. We passed on Tedarius Slaton,Tong,Marvin Wilson(udfa),Tyler Shelvin, or Agim. I like the DL we drafted in the 4th rd. He seems like he will rotate with Cominsky at DE in our 3-4 looks. I dont think Davison #96 or Senat are stout enough to man that position. Im sure RB is gonna be #1 on everybody list, and I wanted Kenny Gainwell , but the Javian Hawkins signing soften that blow a lil. So what position needs more attention in your book???
  7. Alot of short yardage conversations and goal line tds
  8. When Vick admitted he didn't take the game serious...he lost me as a fan. Good memories and moments, but he took us to just 1 Champ game and 2 playoff wins as a Falcon🙄
  9. Thank you. What football are some folks watch. And folks stop making the physical comparison to JJ. Julio is 6'3 220 and Rid is 6'1 190. So yes he is not gonna be physical or beat triple coverage by catching the ball i traffic. Rid is our #1. Although next draft if im ATL in scouting Ross,Metchie, and Pickens real hard.
  10. We have to remember NFL scouting departments start evaluation on some prospects the moment they enter college. They are aware when some prospects are draft eligible. They have an idea what future classes will look like. Now they cant predict how they test at the combine, but from a talent standpoint they know. Talent wise it wont be a QB class this strong for awhile, atleast this deep. Dj U from Clemson and Sam Howell from North Carolina are the 2 in the next 2 drafts(22 and 23) that i feel like would be 1st round picks in this class
  11. I like his teammate Jaelin Phillips better. I also think Ojulari is a better pass rusher than Rousseau 🤷🏿‍♂️
  12. Depends on the rating. Im my book its Lawrence,Fields,Lance,Wilson,and Jones
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