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  1. With this D, if we can average 27 a game we will win the SB.
  2. I like him and he is cerebral. He is a leader, and has a great work ethic. He also can be replaced.... athletically. With Matthews,Beasley, Jarrett,Debo,Neal,Teco,and Campbell contract expiring in the coming year,plus Julio wanting more, it's gonna come down who we value most. Rico isn't as valuable to this team as any that I named. Thoughts?
  3. Do we trade a pick to acquire a DT, knowing we have comp picks?
  4. A veteran DT and a surprise vet LB(June 1 cut) would be the icing on the cake for me. The defense was top 10 and I'm confident in Quinn,Manuel,Young,and Jones as coaches. We essentially have 3 DL coaches, so those DL we already have,and will obtain will be ready to play. Oliver allows Tru or Rocky to move around the D, and Beasley can focus on the QB again. So the D is solid. My Super Bowl aspirations fall solely on the offense, mainly the execution. Drops killed us last season, robbed us of atleast 2 games(CAR,MIA).Sark has to implement the backs better in the pass game. Ridley is a better overall talent than Gabriel, especially running routes. That alone will allow his natural ability to be displayed(hopefully).JJ and Sanu are proven, and Ito Smith can be a wildcard like Coleman if used right. 26 points a game offensively and a DT can help us get a Lombardi.
  5. Maybe he replaces Levitre next season
  6. FB Flowers, DT Thompson
  7. Ran a 4.48 at 229lbs at his pro day. We got a steal.
  8. Pac 10 100m champion as well
  9. DB. Oliver or Jackson.
  10. Heard rumors that Ridley ran better in private workouts. Looks faster on film to me.
  11. A 3rd or 4th year player that is a afterthought during his contract year. He led the NCAA in catches in his career I think. He does have strong hands and runs good routes....but what else has he offered us. Emergency KR/PR???, Sorry guys but I view 4th Rd picks as a player who should contribute/develop into a starter.
  12. Hardy is a bust. It is what it is. If he wasn't we wouldn't take a WR in the 1st.