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  1. I would make a trade. **** even Shelby is hurt. Also don't we get a few compensatory picks this season for losing Gabriel,Poe, and Clayborn.
  2. Takk and Jarrett are the truth. #44(he has to earn his name) has had 1 good season. He is timid and his moves are predictable. He has no counter move, and he is meh as a LB. Teams typically don't trade pass rushers, but if Chandler Jones or somebody of that level of play is disgruntled and is on the block, we need to make a move.
  3. Quinn and Shanny drafted him to be their main back, and we actually beat Free out. He was injured against NYG and the rest has been history. I love Free heart and playing style,but he isn't big enough for that style of play. Coleman has all the physical traits you want in a back and has gotten better every year IMO. I questioned his vision and durability his rookie year, and to a degree they have improved. Sark is holding back the run game and TeCo because he doesn't utilize him like Shan did. Sark has no real feel for when his backs are hot(Divisional game last season) and he doesn't use the backs as pure WR, only screens and dump offs. If they can feature Coleman like they should..... watch out NFL
  4. I hope Coleman balls out and we resign only to trade Free for a 4th....the end
  5. Something about us playing Philly. All kind of fluked plays and injuries. I remember Dawkins knocking Crump into next week during the NFCCG in Philly. They have our number similar to how we have Green Bay's the last 3x we played.
  6. Resign Teco. Draft a RB, work a trade to get rid of Free
  7. Justin Fields is better....or will be
  8. Thank you. Matt has got to see that. And the zone blocking scheme gets killed in the red zone.
  9. Well we passed on Dion Hawkins in the 2nd Rd of the 2017 draft. Traded the pick actually. Our OL would be solid with him. He is a LT in Buffalo, so I'm sure he could've been a G here. I think Quinn doesn't value the G position.
  10. I thought TJ Green would've been better than what he's shown. 6'3 205 ran a 4.3 at FS should be a beast but???
  11. Fusco just needs to Chris Chester and I think he can in this offense.
  12. I was thinking the same thing and I'm thinking Ray would make the most sense.