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  1. Yeah and no bro. You how it is when you lose...EVERYBODY to blame lol
  2. Barner isn't dynamic and to his defense there isn't any more Hester's and Dante Hall types anymore, and I guess that's the most explosion we are gonna see from a 30yr old kr
  3. We played a playoffs caliber D today and got punched. We need a head coach and a GM who can identify players with dog in them. Minny has that on D.
  4. Until that happens its gonna be a long year. We looked uninterested in this game. We looked slow on offense and defense, plus the 80m we spent on the OL needs a refund. We kept Victoria and his 12.9m just to see the same gutless performance. Quinn over thinks himself and gets out coached consistently. We kept running that 46/34 look and Minny gasped us and we never adjusted. All the players got their money who wanted and only 1 who showed up was Grady.
  5. We suck. We need a real coach and that has haunted this franchise from the beginning. Quinn is a coordinator and his stubborn ways are gonna get him canned. Why keep trying this bs 46/3-4 D when our 4-3 worked fine. I'm done
  6. Good. Too much hype on a player I didn't see anything in. I didn't see the same player everybody else did. Outside of Takk and Kazee that 17 draft is trash
  7. Thats very true. If we let Sanu go next season(very likely) I wouldn't be mad with Ruggs III or Reagor in the 2nd round. I hope we have a eye on Justyn Ross from Clemson in the 2021 draft was a potential JJ replacement....he is a JJ clone
  8. If Hardy was 6'2 210 he would be perfect. But 5'10 192 and slow, but great hands isn't the combo we need him to be
  9. Right. If we don't draft or sign his replacement...meaning a big possession type WR
  10. Trust me I know Hardy is a vet and was drafted by us. TD is loyal to his picks, but Russell Gage looks ready for business. We knew he was a athlete, but now he is becoming a better WR. He showed glimpse last season, and it has transitioned to the preseason . He is a gunner on ST, and is bigger,faster,and has more big play potential than Hardy. Thoughts?
  11. Wasn't all that impressed with Cox. Not a pass rush threat. More of a run stopper, and this teams needs a pass rush
  12. DQ has always ran a multiple front. The 4-3 under is a 3-4, depending on what the LEO and SLB are lined up. That's the reason Reed,Schofield,VB,Tak and Irvin we all signed or drafted(VB,Takk)
  13. The Falcons. Because we beat ourselves more than we lose the game.