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  1. Saw him on GMFB on nfl network this AM. We are good with Debo,Duke,Dre,and Reynolds but other vet and solid backup in the middle would be nice. I wonder if what his price range would be and if he would be interested in a 1yr prove it deal. Thoughts??
  2. My hope is a undrafted guy like Odom can make a push for a roster spot and we can PUP list Clayborn until he is healthy
  3. We just drafted a DE in the 1st, and i would love for DF to mentor him and Vic again. We have depth with Shelby and Crawford(Dt). Campbell will blitz more, and Clayborn's cap number could be used on Freeney. I like Clay, but that bicep injury is not a easy 1 to recover from. DE's need their arms. Thoughts?
  4. Im sorry but if Dak Prescott made the top 20, then how in the **** Alex Mack or Debo not make it on the list at all???
  5. Saubert has that wildcard factor to him. Wouldn't shock me if he had 4 sneaky tds this year. Especially that TE slip play that Tamme killed everybody with until he got hurt...
  6. Odom will make the PS. He is my darkhouse at DE that hopefully can push Clay. That bicep injury was serious.
  7. The media darling(TB this year)never wins the division. I think it be Atl(11-5) N.O(9-7) TB(9-7) Car(7-9)
  8. We all remember back in TC 2015 its was Ricardo Allen. And last year was the rookies. This year im leaning on the D line. I think Jack Crawford is gonna surprise us all, starting with a strong TC. 6'5 and 290lbs we know we can set the edge, but his inside push on pass downs is gonna help us big time on pass downs. Who ya got?
  9. I like him. DQ drafts players with few physical flaws. Most have a technical issues and the things you can't coach(speed,athleticism,size)are already there. He will be that sneaky red zone threat.
  10. Ken Mf Oxendine... Dan Reeves was a horrible GM
  11. Thats kinda low IMO. Free is definitely a top 3 back in the NFC alone. 30-32 is where i rank him. Look at his total yards and td's over a 2 yr span!
  12. Rookie Julio was a complete blur. He ate up yards soooo quick.
  13. Baker and Jerry are the "1 time i hooked up with this guy" picks of TD's career. Bad mistakes he wished never happened
  14. Seattle sir. He took that job in in 99 if im not mistaking
  15. Fellas i hate to bring up old feelings and open old wounds but i gotta do it. During the 90s the NFL went thru a horrible trend of coach/GM(Reeves,Holmgren,Ditka). Dan Reeves screwed us out of a SB and being a perennial playoff team with bad picks and trading picks, but the Micheal Booker pick was the 1 i cant get over. He should've stayed at #3 and took Shawn Springs to team with Buchanan and built a good D. Who ya got as yours??