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  1. Exactly. You speak Cajun-Germanic like me. Freiden drauBen, homes.
  2. You had better hope the Falcons aren't as arrogant as their fans. If they are, they'll lose against Carolina.
  3. Well written, well reasoned, and well said. Saints-Falcons is now an elite rivalry and should stay that way for the foreseeable future. Both franchises are now relevant, at the same time, for the first time in their histories.
  4. Bill Cowher coaching Andrew Luck? NFC South just got tougher.
  5. You get a 10 point bonus for winning the tough NFC South and the same bonus for winning the very weak NFC West. That inequity distorts the results. The formula is close, but needs tweaking.
  6. You want to sit next to a guy that paid you $800 for a ticket? It better be a great game.
  7. A packed house, outdoors, during a crisp fall day at Fulton County was as good as it gets as a kid. Winter, last game of a lost season, rainy, at Fulton County with 30,000 no-shows ... I'd still do it again.
  8. 1 Atlanta 2 N.E. 3 NYJ 4 N.O. I'm completely impartial and all knowing.
  9. Uncanny. Especially Roddy White's TD with Tony Corrente in the background.
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