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  1. No, the Saints lost their last three and finished 13-3. They had home field wrapped up and sat their starters week 17.
  2. What you see with Turner is what you get. He is not going to turn into a receiving threat at this point in his career.
  3. Ooooh, the crosstown Atlanta Lakers. Sounds viable. Put me down as an investor.
  4. Other than the dominating performances against Arizona and Carolina, every game turned on one or two plays. It's a testament to the coaching staff that the team was so disciplined and committed so few mistakes but great teams get easy scores. Every possession forced Atlanta to be close to perfect. Major upgrades aren't warranted. The Falcons need an Alvin Harper or a Michael Haynes to complement White. In the backfield they need lightning to complement thunder. The defense lacks a superstar, a face. They need that one guy that makes everybody better. Obviously, that's easier said than done
  5. Exactly. You speak Cajun-Germanic like me. Freiden drauBen, homes.
  6. You had better hope the Falcons aren't as arrogant as their fans. If they are, they'll lose against Carolina.
  7. Well written, well reasoned, and well said. Saints-Falcons is now an elite rivalry and should stay that way for the foreseeable future. Both franchises are now relevant, at the same time, for the first time in their histories.
  8. Bill Cowher coaching Andrew Luck? NFC South just got tougher.
  9. You get a 10 point bonus for winning the tough NFC South and the same bonus for winning the very weak NFC West. That inequity distorts the results. The formula is close, but needs tweaking.
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