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  1. No, the Cardinals are a TURRIBLE team without Warner. I'm just a little nervous and worried that it took so many darn penalties for the Falcons to look good against them! A lot more fans should be.
  2. It's good to talk about hitting hard, but it's a "receiver friendly" league, and hitting hard won't help when the Saints-loving refs tack on +15 and a first down every time. Everybody knows the refs and the league LOVE the Saints, it's how they win all these games. Unfortunately, I expect this game to end up lopsided in the penalties, the same way the Falcons/Cardinals game was lopsided with penalties in favor of the Falcons -- the refs helped them put the home opener away, since they desperately needed a win in the Georgia Dome that day. It's a fine line and the refs are gonna call for the S
  3. Refs will just call personal foul on the Falcons and give them an easy 1st down + 15...it ain't that easy folks. The refs love the Saints and aren't gonna let anything happen to their golden feelgood media story. It's gonna be a long day for the Falcons and a lot of penalties. Look for lots of holding calls on Baker to thwart drives. Late hits or unnecessary roughness calls at critical times to move the Saints down the field. If the Saints can't move the ball on the Falcons early, you KNOW the refs will step in and help out Brees....just like the refs helped out the Falcons to pull away again
  4. You are so right man, you are on the money. They are gonna kill the Falcons with that stuff, I can just feel it coming. They'll probably even give the Saints extra downs if they need it. The Falcons are so screwed. Anything for the Katrina victims...what can we do, the league loves the storyline. Falcons are walking in to an officiating buzzsaw on Sunday, no doubt about it. They are gonna call all kinds of holding on running plays and tons of offensive pass interference, false starts, offsides, neutral zone, anything to move the ball for the Saints...
  5. I have to agree with you completely...It doesn't matter how well the Falcons play, the refs will absolutely make sure the Saints take this one, or are at least in it with a chance to pull it out at the very end. Giving them good ball spots, ticky tacky calls on the Falcons, offensive pass interference, mystery holding, booth reviews that don't overturn things that should obviously be overturned... It will be a long day, and the Falcons will be playing every down against 11 + 7 zebras, not just 11 Saints. That Katrina thing the Saints do is golden to the league. They love that team, and the Sa
  6. OK so maybe not that one with the clock running out...my bad but you have to admit, a lot of calls DO go their way. All the time. Like that punt where the 49er guy didn't even touch it...no one thought he did....refs huddle up...suddenly its magically Saints ball. Or that 2 point conversion. NO GOOD they say...yay, Saints WIN! Then wait a second -- it's so obvious that it was good, they HAVE to give it them. They didn't want to. It's like the league has a thing against other teams that play the Saints, and just wants the Saints to win because of the Katrina thing, no matter how bad it looks.
  7. Exactly this! Some people get it, some people don't. The refs on the field call EVERYTHING they can for the Saints...all the time. You can look forward on Sunday, to lots of long Falcon runs being called back by ticky tacky holding calls... Roddie and Tony getting called for push-offs and offensive PI. Lots of gimme first down for the Saints if they can't get it....defensive penalties NOT called on them but called on the other team...Payton just asks the refs for penalties and he gets them, all the time. There will be lots of good spots for the Saints and lots of "going under the hood" to rev
  8. You forgot -- refs putting 2 seconds back on the clock, so the Saints could kick the field goal!
  9. ^^^This. Nobody beats the Saints, because the Saints have the refs and the league home office in their pockets. Every team that loses to them says this. Week after week after week. It can't be coincidence.
  10. Did everyone watching the Saints game last night notice, the punt where the refs ruled that the 49ers guy touched it, but he didn't? How about the two point conversion, that was ruled NOT over the line, on the field? Yes these calls were eventually overturned, but you can see how the refs always favor the Saints, plain as day. The league loves that Katrina magic team, they can't get enough of it. The Falcons had better be ready for a lot of calls to go the Saints' way in the Superdome on Sunday. The refs will be giving the Saints good spots, questionable no-calls and maybe even a few extra dow
  11. Exactly. It will be even stronger this year, what with the 5 year anniversary. I really don't think the Falcons will stand a chance next week, what with the zebras and Saints both lined up on the field against them. I foresee a lot of ticky-tacky holding calls taking back long Falcon rushing gains.
  12. Oh, no, not a joke at all. The Falcons have paid a lot of money for that "Rise Up" advertising campaign, they can expect to see some results. They needed it, the whole campaign, because last year's back-to-back winning seasons was not exactly expanding the fan base or selling jerseys or even getting the team into the post season. It's like they were surprised they did the back-to-back thing -- "hey, look, we did it!" -- and NOBODY cared. So now they've gone out and attempted to buy themselves a division title or wildcard playoff birth, with the "Rise Up" campaign -- if you can't see that is ex
  13. It didn't affect the overall W, but the Falcons obviously got quite a few key "gift" calls from the refs, on our big home opener, in the GA Dome yesterday. They needed it desperately -- not just a win but a convincing one, to convince the fanbase... ticket sales are down, revenues are down....they needed a big win to the the marketing campaign back on track and increase buy-in. Otherwise, the fans' doubt, and the media/advertising interest in the matchup going into the Saints game would have been horrendously low.... The Falcons organization has spent a lot of money on this "Rise Up" advertis
  14. I agree with you completely. IF there was any doubt about the momentum of the game, when it was still at 10-7, before the calls against the Cards started coming in, the game was quickly turned into a rout from that point forward. When the calls started, the rout began -- and the Cardinals just eventually gave up and folded, because they suck. And that was some great running and broken tackles by Snelling and Turner, you are absolutely right about that. And a lot of holding by the Falcon offensive line, which was not called, which made him able to break those runs -- whereas in a closer, tighte
  15. Face it, you desperately needed that win yesterday, after how pitiful you looked in preseason, and so anemic in Pittsburgh against a 3rd string QB the week before. It was getting scary in Falconland. People were doubting the whole "Rise Up" ad campaign, people on this forum were no longer thinking about their back-to-back winning seasons last year, and it was only week one of the season. That's too much money to throw away. That ad campaign was supposed to last the whole year. The Cardinals (notice, I used 3rd person THEY, not "we" )did not "need" anything yesterday, because they stunk going
  16. Why do you think the Saints are NOT going to get help from the refs, if they need it? Everyone knows, nationwide Katrina sympathy > "Rise Up" marketing campaign. This is the NFL. The Saints as a feel-good story > the Falcons. The refs will totally give it to the saints if needed. It's in the bag. just you watch.
  17. OK, we kind of helped you guys out with this one...knew you needed a lift after that Pittsburgh debacle. 15 yard penalty in second half for facemask or hit to the head when no one touched the QB's face mask; even the Coaches brother in law (yes he was commentating) could not think of anything to say on that one. Holding call on Breaston when the player threw himself backwards onto the floor; BS. Rogers Cromartie got hit with two pass interference calls on obviously uncatchable balls, and Toler got called for a helmet-to-helmet on what was actually a clean shoulder hit. A lot of holding on the
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