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  1. It was only weeks ago that the Rams looked like shirt against the Eagles and Bears. Saints defense is objectively in the ballpark of those teams right now, with a better offense. 30-24 Saints
  3. No way he gets traded. Find someone who can do similar things as an UDFA.
  4. This. NFL fans are hooked on the league's crack. No one leaves unless they die.
  5. This. The NFL controls tickets for the Superbowl.
  6. I think we saw a rested team vs one coming off a hard fought battle on wildcard weekend. No way the Cowboys run defense is that bad normally. Teams with bye weeks & homefield have a massive advantage.
  7. Was that the 500 yards of offense = 3 points game? An NFL record
  8. Free money to spend on powder and questionable holes. What else is there to do after a SB win?
  9. Popeyes for you know who
  10. He was thinking of Robbie ghould I think. Bears dumped him years ago
  11. No thanks. Past his prime, bloated salary.
  12. Bears for sure. Philly doesn't have a fookin prayer vs N.O. 48-7 in the regular season. You don't overcome that with some Foles magic.
  13. Nice. What's his name?
  14. Not that Georgia winning in the super dome wouldve meant anything, but 0 for 1, probably 0 for 2 next week.
  15. Who do you think put out the statement? His own PR team.