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  1. Rivera will be fired. Unfortunate for everyone else because he really sucks at coaching
  2. Bucs D line is legit
  3. Bucs gonna buc. They've always had the talent but they play stupid as ****.
  4. Panties saved by a bullshirt penalty
  5. ******** coping mechanism. That was a blowout and Zimmer is known for going ultra conservative with a big lead.
  6. but but preseason week 1 means nothing it's a moving target
  7. Money bags weighing Jones down
  8. Is Cook is doing this, what is Kamara going to do
  9. Yikes. Akiem Hicks (clip #1) and Cam Jordan (clip #2) do that to a lot of better linemen though
  10. I nominate this for post of the year
  11. And MR got killed for it. "Not scheming" is a lame excuse for not protecting something as vital as your starting QB. Coaches and players have seen blitzes before and knew 100% it was coming. For the apologists, something to think about- do you think Brees is going to get sacked like that against the Jets this weekend?
  12. LOL if they didn't prepare for Gregg Williams blitzing. That's literally his M.O. and should not be a surprise to any competent OC in the league. Not scheming basic blitz pickup/hot routes to protect the QB is asinine.
  13. $35M is a lot more team friendly than first reported
  14. It was only weeks ago that the Rams looked like shirt against the Eagles and Bears. Saints defense is objectively in the ballpark of those teams right now, with a better offense. 30-24 Saints