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  1. lmao! Thats the kind of competitive spirit you want in a QB though
  2. Overrated defense. They gave up 46 to the saints last week.
  3. I'm interested to see how he does without Burrow
  4. 2017: 11-5 2018: 13-3 2019: 13-3 (probably) You don't do that without A LOT of things going right at all levels of the org. Jeff Ireland's drafting was the catalyst. He may have had some input on free agents as well.
  6. Sanu has a better chance to win a ring this year than when he was on a team up 25 in the third quarter of the SB
  7. His contract is expiring, wrong side of 30 and he's always nicked up. If the Bengals want a first for 3 month rental they're really smoking that dope.
  8. Going to laugh if the Rams miss the playoffs. IMO it's more likely than not with how the NFC is this year.
  9. Falcons won't beat the Jags.
  10. They're not unlike the Browns. Stacking high end draft picks for so long that eventually they will have success. This year could be it now that they have a competent coach to put it all together.
  11. I'd put Ridley comfortably above Peat.
  12. He's using it ironically
  13. Rivera will be fired. Unfortunate for everyone else because he really sucks at coaching