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  1. That is so insulting to his family as well.
  2. We deserve this after pissing and moaning about having a game manager for the past few years. Yes, I would rather have Fields, but people assumed that a quarterback merely running a faster 40 would change everything.
  3. Hearing good things about Nyland Green and Georgia. Apart from people like Rusty, Anna hickey and I think Keith Neibuhr have both said they like Georgia's chances here.
  4. If Miami has a rough season, do you see him having flip potential? (Not wishing anything negative on yall)
  5. Is it more that he's underdeveloped or that he didn't grow the way people thought he would?
  6. Treyveon Henderson and Edwards are my two favorites, and it is not close.
  7. Thanks for correcting the bull crap. We're always happy to hear your input.
  8. It is more than that though. It is confirmation that we are very likely going to see a shift in philosophy that many of us think is necessary so when the national championship.
  9. I honestly don't like Tank as much between the tackles. Better top speed and homerun threat, but I trust Edward's and Lloyd much more between the tackles.
  10. Don't be a tease. Is there talk about a new offensive coordinator?
  11. Was this ever a real question? We've known this since LSU beat us in 2018.
  12. The defense will replicate this performance next year though. Florida loses a lot, and apart from Auburn and Alabama, I don't see any teams to challenge us. The problem is that we will continue to only have one or two losses in the regular season, in that may allow Kirby to continue the delusion that this offense is working.
  13. I know that behind closed doors, the entire staff has been willing to make excuses that our problems simply stem from poor wide receiver play and Jake Fromm getting into his own head. I don't know whether or not last night has changed that, but I really hope it open the Kirby's eyes to the reality that this offense will not win a championship. You can't play perfect defense, and hold on in hopes of winning in this day's game. Holding is not called, and the system's simply work too well to win a championship scoring under 30 against top opponents.
  14. This is entirely Kirby's fault for the way that we have recruited wide receivers, and this garbage offensive system that he has adopted.
  15. Derek Stingley is a better wide receiver then Simmons. And it is not even close.
  16. As bad as our wide receiver suck, why not make Cook a wide receiver?
  17. As absolutely terrible as our wide receiving corps is, how are people not lining up to come here? Talk about guaranteed playing time. Outside of Pickens and Blalock, how could we be this absolutely terrible?
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