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  1. Not the way it works anymore. ESD will probably be the next big haul.
  2. Noah Cain is visiting for the Umass game...
  3. Rusty has pointed out that that is not the case. I don't believe for one second that recruits are demanding Fields starts or even takes over entire series. This is a case of people who have agendas projecting their thoughts onto recruits, and passing it off as matter of fact information. Dep and Dookie Dawg are running around saying they have screen shots that show Fields will transfer and take people with him, but Bulldawg Baptist, who has a legit source on fields, Rusty Mansell, Kipp Adams, Reuse, Bulldawg Bob, Radi, etc., etc. are not hearing ANY of this. Think about that for a while. While there is a sliver of a chance it is true, it is wrong to keep rumors like that alive. It's not fair to the kids that the rantings of two potential idiots should hurt their perceived character. LET IT PLAY OUT and assume the best of these kids. You would want the same if people were spreading rumors about you.
  4. It's mainly two guys on 247, and the ringleader is DeputyDawg. He's disappeared off of the UGA board though. The guy who is continuing it is full of Dookie. Guna has also gone missing since his "bough (sic) is broken," "Fields will get half of the reps" prediction.
  5. He may pull a Jordan Davis and become a major player for us NEXT year.
  6. Guna?
  7. Yep. And these guys are losing their minds. I'm ready to try the Fields experiment, but people are going loony over this controversy.
  8. I wonder who asked that question...
  9. Is there anything about Fields being unhappy that's coming from FIELDS himself?
  10. On a disastrous Georgia-Florida game where Pruitt coached our defense, I skipped the game to take a girl hiking. So worth it. Sometimes I regret the dominance of football season over everything else. The leaves are changing and the mountain air is crisp. On the coast, the redfish are running... But here I am, drinking beer and watching football...
  11. Comparing Journey with Nickelback is just plain wrong...
  12. Is he a 3 Gap eventually? Also, do you think Savion Williams will be a Dawg?
  13. On a weirder note, I'm starting hear that we're really making good ground with Pickering. Is that true?
  14. If you do, could you pay my student loans?
  15. How disappointed should we be that we didn't take Harris' commitment?