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  1. Any thoughts on Gleason from Plant? Unrated, but UGA offered.
  2. I'll be rooting for Miami. I like the hire, mainly because I like the hires Diaz has made. If the "whole is greater than the sum of the parts," you're going to have a very good program. Heck, if the whole is even equal to the sum of the parts, you should have a good team. On another note, what do y'all think about Tucker Gleason?
  3. Any chance you see us trying to steal Carson Beck from Bama?
  4. For recruiting purposes, he's assumed to be gone. We have Fromm, Mathis, and with a very open chance for quick playing time, our top targets are coming off the board quickly. I like Mathis' potential after two years under Fromm, but that's no guarantee of success. Maybe we don't see another top 5 QB until 2021. That's the gist of my post.
  5. One five star in Fromm, and a young four star in Dwon Mathis. Fields is gone before next year.
  6. Max Johnson is pretty solid to LSU and probably won't go to the school that fired his uncle. Why do we seem to be so cold in recruiting quarterbacks at this particular time?
  7. Can you remove this comment? I just realized I probably don't want to disclose this lol.
  8. Were you thinking of a specific kid?
  9. What part of South Georgia?
  10. At the high school I teach at, a freshman quarterback was offered by a Power 5 school. That was probably the WORST thing to happen to him. He started demanding heavy playing time varsity, he doesn't study the playbook nearly enough, he doesn't take criticism well at all, and now he's threatening to transfer. This idea that kids have a stake in running teams is nuts. If it was Tom Brady or Russell Wilson throwing their weight around, I would get it. But high school kids. There is a reason I use "shut up" in the classroom. It is not disrespect of the kids, but a reminder that we are on differing levels of authority.
  11. Speaking of which... I forgot... Where do you think Tyrique signed?
  12. Crap. That would have been a homerun hire.
  13. I want him as our DC lol
  14. Please God let South Carolina fire Will Muschamp...
  15. AJ McCarron was behind a much better offensive line with a better receiving corps, and a much better defense to back them up. Are you purposefully trying to sound like an idiot?