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  1. You mean, it will smell like sweat, ***, and corndogs...
  2. There is no sense in worrying about it. The reality is that Milton, Zeus, Cook, and McIntosh should be enough for an elite backfield. We are willing to take a risk on losing tank over Evans, because they are that confident in the depth. Plus, if Evans spurns us, the staff is probably very confident that they can add a depth back.
  3. Huge
  4. Got it confirmed, though you already know. Milton has already committed to the staff.
  5. Rusty said something about him being an amazing tester, but not popping on film and not being known for physicality. He said that Steiner reminds him of Adonis Thomas.
  6. What did Tank run?
  7. By the way, was Kenny Mac's 4.8 40 time accurate? Do you see him improving that dramatically enough to be a top three round draft?
  8. If anyone else has him besides UGA, I'm glad it's Miami.
  9. Don't we all. I almost wish he didn't keep destroying himself in the media, just so we could beat him about three more times. Now that Miami has upgraded by hiring Diaz, it's not going to get easier for Florida. Do you think that Taggart is as bad as last season, or do you see him improving?
  10. They are the only fan base I've ever seen get beat by 40 points turn around and tell you that you suck. Really? I almost felt for them a little bit knowing that Mullen would run them into the ground, but it's hard to have pity on people that stupid and arrogant.
  11. If 247 is any indication, University of Florida has the easiest fan base to troll... They just ask for it and when it's served up, they fall for it, almost on command.
  12. The way they score these guys is hysterically subjective. The only thing I pay attention to from the Opening are the measurements and times.
  13. Elaborate please
  14. On 247, people were dogging Lloyd for not being fast enough, but those same they're saying jokers made the lamest excuses when Milton ran a 4.7. I like Milton, and I like how he glides, but I don't see the shear explosiveness and physical dominance that's some people seem to be imagining.
  15. I read a Miami board that said UGA leads for Jalen Carter. What are your thoughts there? Who do you think is leading and how good you think you really is? Also, what do you think about Tim Smith?