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  1. he killed 53 bears in 6 seconds, maybe panthers are a bit tougher cause it took him 60 seconds, such a great game such a great finish.
  2. great video, i remember the miracles and more miracles game like it was yesterday can someone please find the "u cant EFFin stop it" game highlights video
  3. yes i was a lock, me and the other lock always competed for the number 5 jersey
  4. when i was in the army, my squads number was 5, and that was my number when i played rugby so matt bosher wearing one of my favorites. 55 was my first choice when i started playing football, but it was taken so i took 50, 50 is now vacant since lofton went to the dark side, but abe still wears 55
  5. why nfln keeps asking for his opinions, everyone already knows the answer if the question is about the falcons
  6. spoon was good all year long, but svitek made our OL way better as a replacement and eventually as starter and this upgrade was very crucial for finding our way in the offence, so i'll say svitek
  7. AP is probably out and the same is here they have jenks and we have rey. that can give insight about their OL and defense. we should respect the team and respect the game, but we should win this sunday
  8. another comment will be if we had vick he'ed win 3 Superbowls by now
  9. Another thing you will never ask in Louisiana where can i find a decent dentist?
  10. Big A please stop go root for your team and stop trashing my team. get off the net and get out of your mom's basement see the world outside, date someone see a movie. it is way more fun then saying something stupid in this MB and getting burned by everyone here
  11. bj raji is a fat punk, i know we will see the packers again in the playoffs and kick their cry baby *** in the that giant ice cube the call stadium. please get over it you won we lost go back green bay and we will sure see you again only that time i hope nobody will say anything so we wont have to hear them cry again.
  12. vick: OMG i m seeing stars and i m in a closed dome
  13. i think rodney harrison should shut up i he has nothing smart to say.
  14. when does roger goodell ends his tenure as the commissioner?
  15. Philly you are not eagles you are chickens. hate that rule, cause dunta was using his shoulder and not his head. those old blind and stupid ref's didnt see all the eagles hits on roddy ant MR. i love this sport, and i love this team so much i woke up 3.30 am watched the game and went to work right after. please nfl stop making it a vanilla league, it is a collision sport so let them collide, if i would wish to see a bunch of cry babies i will watch soccer
  16. ok maybe he was leading with the helmet but his shoulder hit maclin, what should i do flap my hands like a bird so the refs know i m tackling.
  17. i think that with the hit that was delivered to him he would get hurt any way. just think about it instead of bashing into your o-lineman he would be slammed to the turf. i suddenly remember last year when everyone said that the aints lost the game with their missed FG and we didnt won it. a win is a win. and tonight we won live with that haters
  18. did we had some good things we've done last week something we can build upon. something that will help us win this week or all last week's game was horrible
  19. i m from Israel, falcon fan since 2006, good luck to us all
  20. why having a life if you have cool room in mom's apartment and really really new keyboard
  21. i think this article show again that football is a team sport more then basketball baseball or soccer. drew brees made the saints look god and the rest of the saints offence made drew brees look god (although it is kinda tough with this thing on his face). he is a good player and the the vocal leader of the field and the general on the field, he is accurate and has a cannon arm. and i think he will be in canton (and i hope i jinxed him)
  22. but he is 34/35 what pete priso expect that he will run as fast as 10 years ago. it is the OC job to play his strengths and cover his weakness. and the rep is all what the media buzz. and even at 35 i still prefer him with the team and i will be happy if he stays another year
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