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  1. why having a life if you have cool room in mom's apartment and really really new keyboard
  2. i think this article show again that football is a team sport more then basketball baseball or soccer. drew brees made the saints look god and the rest of the saints offence made drew brees look god (although it is kinda tough with this thing on his face). he is a good player and the the vocal leader of the field and the general on the field, he is accurate and has a cannon arm. and i think he will be in canton (and i hope i jinxed him)
  3. but he is 34/35 what pete priso expect that he will run as fast as 10 years ago. it is the OC job to play his strengths and cover his weakness. and the rep is all what the media buzz. and even at 35 i still prefer him with the team and i will be happy if he stays another year
  4. that was one good reason to be tired of
  5. me too, and since that day i never doubted the FO and TD, and i know they will be right again this year no matter what we all think
  6. i dont agree with the whole thread but i dont think we should kill the thread opener, he just spoke what on his mind. dunta is a great CB he shut down his side, sure he had only 1 int but if the ball is not thrown your way, th other team cant score from your side. i like dunta and i havent given up on owens too, i think he should have anouther chance this year
  7. it is hard to be a football fan here in israel, cause no one explain u the rules the snf and mnf is at 2.30 AM local time LOL. and in 2006 i finally got the idea of football, and been a falcon fan ever since. the reason i become i falcons fan is because bill goldberg palyed 2 seasons here before he went to wrestling, been a die hard fan ever since, including getting up at 2.30 am to watch the game and later on go to work LOL. most of my friends fans of football teams because somthing else drew their attention, for example one of my friends like manowar and all their viking songs so he is a v
  8. how can we be underdogs when we are the home team we come out from a bye week and we played the packers in week 12 and win? we are not underdogs. we have a great run game great leader at qb and solid defence.
  9. after rayn brayent and grimes i m wont try to get in mike smith's head, he proved me wrong every time, so what ever smiht and TD gonna do is fine by me. he drafted bierman and sid for a reason. BTW in high school there were a girl named veronica bierman in my class, maybe there is a conecction
  10. it was just in R.I.P roadrunner lol we are in the driver seat and dont need any favors from other teams. if we win all the games (they are winable) then we will have HFA happy holydays
  11. 1.saints 2.bucs 3.raiders 4.49ers 5.eagles
  12. same thing happend 2 years ago when we had better record then arizona, adn went to pheonix to play @ arizona cause they were devision champs and we had the wild card
  13. TD #34 i just love ovie he is happy like a boy scoring his first TD
  14. dude stop looking at balls at your free time.
  15. you have to love roddy. when MI asked him if he is upset of not getting attention, roddy said it doesnt matter to him because he is not dancing and shouting on matt on the sideline, roddy you are the man
  16. can someone please tell sterling that would have could have should have doesnt count
  17. how about 1.stone cold matt ryan 2. satan will never take matt ryan because he dont want the **** to freeze over
  18. i see it as a cool leason of life, every coin have two sides, and a close hard fought win can also be an if win. let them all speak out and cry out dry, we still have the best record in the NFL
  19. please trent dont stop hating us, i think the players give some extra effort to win and piss you off again, so thank you trent
  20. back2back2back is already a streak, may it never end
  21. GB didnt have any chance after atlanta shut down their ground game, and they had to score through the air, because of that atlanta had the ball and planty of time to win this game. great game great win, thank you atlanta falcons for a good week opener
  22. omg great clip great music great player. thanks for posting, and thanks to whoever made that video
  23. bump all the way from israel. there are very few football fans in israel, i think in my super wildest dreams i can talk about 7000 people, and the falcons dont take a great part of those people (it is their loss), so i think i m the happiest man in israel today, and most of the people dont even understand why. thank you atlanta falcons players
  24. atleast they knew their names, ovie was snelling few times lol
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