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  1. Theres only one thing on your list ourteam can do, and that my friend is All of it.
  2. I think score will be 17-14 falcons. And Kroy BEERman gets 2.5 sacks and 1 FF.
  3. Im am about ready for tomarrow, Im getting up around 12 fixing some food,and popping open a brewsky. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I just got a new computer and i had a lot on my mind to say< and thanks for the welcoming.
  5. As far as im concerned the fans are just as important as the team. theres no team without the fans and theres no fans without the team.
  6. Trust me im a real fan, i just now got enough money saved to buy a computer so i could get on here. I can tell you anything a bout the falcons all the way back to the gritz blitz, but before that im clueless lol.
  7. cherrs my friend. cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yes i do, I shown respect for a fellow Fan. Like we all should.
  9. This is not a hating thread. It is the opposite, i see many people bashing on you for how many times you post a day, or some of your post. Ima let you know i respect you for that, Because it shows your a true Fan. Just like me.
  10. Oh yea, Beerman and grimes will be beast. and many many more from our D
  11. I keep hearing people talking about he sucks, or it's his make or break season. And IMO they need to worry about their own Qb's. Like cowboy's fans have the nerve to say Ryan sucks. Tony homo. Really? Either way Matty is our QB, so we are the one's who watch him every play, Every sunday. They know him about as much as we know Kyle Orton. Just saying.
  12. Umm let me think. we win who cares about the turnovers its the W we wanna see.
  13. Yea im talking about us lol. the names Kingbird33.
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