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  1. **** right we're not gonna pay the SOB Patriots. They stole the SB from us.
  2. Hope he sticks around. The experts are usually right, though. Falcon's record on late round OL is terrible, so I'm not overly optimistic. Why we didn't wait to pick him up as an UDFA is the real question? But what was available then, in his place? This guy will probably be in grad school in the fall.
  3. If we could somehow get 2-3 of your best case scenarios I would be pumped. I don't think Jack is possible, but the 2nd and 3rd rounds a possibility. Tradedown for an extra 2 pick would be best, but latest word is the Falcons are not going to trade down (too bad).
  4. Everyone is coming up with some great options for late round picks at positions of real need. Unfortunately we don't have but one late round pick. Time to trade back and get some more picks. Maybe that way one of the picks will turn out to be really good. We really need at least 3 very good players out of this draft, and I'm started to worry that may not happen. Seems as if the Falcons are also in a rebuilding mode. None of us are getting any younger we'd like to see a Superbowl run soon. By soon, I mean within the next 3 years because after that we will have to start looking for a franchise q
  5. Trade back is unlikely. The entire time the Comrade has been in Atlanta, he has never traded back; once. He is all about trading up for someone, (e.g. Baker). But this year is the time to trade back. Even a extra third round pick could mean getting a safety that we really need. We can hope that this is the year they do things differently.
  6. Shame on you for using that awful S..... word. I am saying our drafting has been very sub par for many years. I for one want to see use drafting more traditional recognized players. Especially avoiding players in the 3rd round every other scouting department have in the 7th. Bye now got to go "fold it up" (laundry that is).
  7. Seems funny that you should mention Jimmy Graham. I believe he was drafted in the 3rd round by our arch rivals the Aint's. Oh too bad we can't name an All Pro we drafted in the 3rd. Oh but the Comrade is not too bad. Oh ya; Toilolo is a bust. I knew it the day we drafted him and said so.
  8. Negatorris is an egnorammous. Posted the doom and gloom at 1:05pm. To quote the recently departed Yogi. It aint over till it is over.
  9. Who peed in your cornflakes? Get and attitude adjustment.
  10. This is a much more promising draft than we have had in a few years. Far fewer reaches, especially in the mid rounds, for one thing. We shouldn't get ahead of ourselves in declaring this draft (including UDFA's) the best ever. We still have a big hole at FS, and even though we signed some good UDFA's, they are not in the positions of biggest need. I liked Mbu at the combine and think he has potential. He will have a very tough time making the team on the DL, with all the great players we have. More than likely he will end up playing for another team this year, if he's going to the practice squ
  11. We all can cross our fingers that Quinn has a plan at LG. I am slightly worried, but overall this year's draft was much better than previous year's attempts. That is especially evident in the later rounds. When was the last time everyone was talking (positively) about a 5th round pick of the Falcons? I do lament the loss of the the 6th round pick. There was the chance to get a plausible LG starter. Overall great draft as rated by me and all the other draft experts out there (ha ha). Guess we'll wait until next year to get the LG, TE and FS.
  12. It is almost unthinkable that someone of Brady stature would feel the need to be involved in something this idiotic. It does bring his character into serious question. What punishment is he to receive? Probably not enough, but we shall see. Oh ya, I know it did not effect the outcome of the game but that is not the point.
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