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  1. I'll admit sometimes just team names/uniforms/"coolness" factor plays a part for me.. Thats how I became a Falcons fan back in the 90s, playing the video games and just picking the coolest sounding team. Its that simple really. Also, if they used players from other leagues currently, I would most likely go with favorite players. Thats how I follow other sports usually, like I was a huge Patrick Roy fan in Hockey, so my fav teams were wherever he went. In the CFL (im Canadian), my favorite team is the Ticats, because they have Deandra Cobb (former Falcon).. just like in NFL Europe, I followed the Admirals because of Brent Grimes.
  2. least we know we wern't the only ones the Packers DOMINATED in the Post season.. As much as I hate losing, esp first round in the playoffs, the Packers were on fire. You gotta have respect for them, and if you are gonna lose to anyone, lose to the Champs. Rather lose to the Champs than lose to the first 7-9 playoff team in history..
  3. Everyone also keep in mind.. as much as I hate to admit it.. The Saints 3 years ago, they had a solid O with Brees, everyone knows that, but their D was horrid.. What did they do to improve that D?? Not get new players, nope, just get the best D Coordinator that was available in Gregg Williams.. Fast foward the next year.. They win the superbowl.. What seperated them from the 6-10 or whatever they had to a superbowl win?? Simple. The D Coordinator. THAT is what is seperating us from a superbowl win, except we have to replace both coordinators. We are way more talented than the saints with overall players, but our playcalling will always doom us, as it was shown in the Philly, Saints and Packers games. Mularkey doesnt understand how to keep tempo, and BVG cant adjust at all.
  4. I've been saying this since 2009.. if we dont fire MM and BVG.. we will never do anything, and Smith will be fired next year. Its unfortunate, because Smith is a great HC, and an even better Defensive playcaller; on the level of Lebou/Rex Ryan/the GB DC, but since Smith is not calling the plays, we need a new DC before we can do anything. MM is just downright bad. We have such a stacked offensive team in talent, probowlers at almost every position, yet we still cant put it together enough to blow out teams like GB or NO?? pathetic really. Yep, its Mora all over again.
  5. ANYONE is better than MM... Did Billick call plays in Minny? if so, def take him.
  6. probably because the aints have coaches that actually call decent plays.. the Falcons will always do great in the reg season when games dont matter, but until BVG and MM are gone, we will never win a playoff game due to their horrible playcalling.. When BVG and MM are gone, we'll be #1 on that list.
  7. yeh, I feel the same way, been following Grimes since NFL Europe, and I still follow Deandra Cobb and Diamond Ferry in the CFL.. but OP forgot to mention just about EVERY play on the NFC side came from a falcon.. DHall and Vick accounted for most of the non-current Falcon plays.
  8. PLEASEEE take Mularkey.. or at least take Greg Williams, the only thing making the Aints D competitive.. ****, perfect case scenario would be Mularkey being HC, taking BVG with him as DC! I can dream, right?
  9. Its not just one game, its 3-4 games this season.. And more, just we got away with a win on those (San Fran game??) The Philly game, we just got flat out-coached HARDCORE, it looked like a HS coach vs an NFL coach how bad we got abused. Vs the Aints, our offensive playcalling was just about the worst ive ever seen in the history of the NFL, run up the middle on 1st and 2nd then throw short on 3rd down and never get first downs.. the one game our D actually played well, the Offense was 100% off that night and we lost to the aints.. The Packers game is just a continuation of the horrible playcalling we've seen in the regular season, you'd think the playoffs would be the time we bring our BEST gameplan, but clearly we brought our worst (like the announcers said, BVG just looked lost out there, as the packers picked his scheme apart.. when the ANNOUNCERS can recognize how bad the playcalling is, thats BAD.)
  10. All very impressive, so why do we still suck on offense?? Only one obvious conclusion.. Our coaching/playcaller sucks. If we have such talented players to get top 10 stats, theres no reason we should be 31st in the league in plays over 20 yards, and no reason we are not in the superbowl.
  11. AJC hit the nail on the head in this one.. Why is MM and BVG still here again?? We could of had 2 maybe 3 superbowls by now if we had Sean Payton and Greg Williams as playcallers.
  12. I dont know why anyone was even looking at him as HC.. probably why everyone cancelled his interview after they seen how horrible he is in the playoffs.. Fired next year, should of been fired this year
  13. Well we know the Probowl is thebest players from both the NFC and AFC.. therefor it should, in theory, be a relatively close game skill wise. Now, the AFC has arguably the best playcallers in the league, with the Patriots coaching staff. (Offensively anyways, and defense isnt horrible).. The NFC side, has arguably the two worst playcallers in the league. So what if the AFC TRUMPS the NFC like 50-3 or so, would that maybe get thru to Mike Smiths thick skull that we have the worst playcallers in the league?? We can only pray.. or something soon to make TD finally realize this and change our coordinators before we have another wasted year with a talented roster.
  14. it might actually help! Maybe MM and BVG will get hit by a bus and have to retire during the lockout, and we'll actually hire some coordinators with a brain!
  15. like you said, its all about their DC, he is a defensive genius, and they win games solely because they have a great playcaller at D. If we had a DC with even 1/5th the brainpower as **** Lebou, we would have a ring this year.
  16. yep lets just pray they only are keeping BVG to coach the probowl, then as soon as its over, hes fired. PLEASE.. otherwise we will never win a playoff game with this coaching staff and Smith will be fired next year
  17. We're only as strong as our weakest link, and until he changes the coordinators, we will never get a win in the playoffs. But as long as you guys are ok with going 10-6 every year and 1 and out in the playoffs, MM and BVG are ok i guess.
  18. I mean REALLY.. has the Jets defense ever been known to be so **** solid/scary?? Its looking like the friggin Ravens are wearing Green now; thats what watching a Rex Ryan Jets team looks like since he got there.. Mike Smith, when he was an OC, was also that solid D style, Ravens then Jags.. but the Falcons D right now is the same ole falcons, "bend dont break" Zonatel crap from 2003. And it has nothing to do with the players, because our best defensive year lately was the one year Mike Zimmer was here, and our D was solid there despite bad players.. So how can we go from a top 5 D with Zimmer and horrible players, to not even top 20 with much better players (afew 1st round picks, Dunta) and BVG?? Doesnt make sense. BVG is clearly 100% in charge of this defense, and Mike Smith is no where to be found in this scheme. Zimmer went to the Bengals and risen their horrible D up to respectable also after he left us.. while we got much better players and cant even crack the top 20??? Why the **** didnt TD keep Mike Zimmer and Hue Jackson again?? we'd have TWO superbowls with both of them still on our team right now. Football is 90% coaching, and 10% players. Thats why Belichek wins so many games everyyear, even with losing all his talent year in and year out. Without good coaches, it doesnt matter if we are the friggin NFC probowl team, we'd still lose to a smarter coach like Belichek every day of the week with his Patriots coaching staff, and is exactly why we cant beat the Aints year in and year out despite us having better players, their playcallers are lightyears ahead of us. Its beyond pitiful watching us being SOO close to multiple superbowl births, if Smith was just clear-headed enough to fire his friend, the weakest link in the chain.
  19. Its painfully obvious why this is though; Mike smith is letting BVG run 100% of the defense. Smith is just being a head coach, he has nothing to do with the defense, because his defenses from Baltimore and Jax was 1000000000000x better, would NEVER put a ****** performance like this seasons D did. Mike Smith REALLY needs to fire BVG and take over the playcalling/scheme himself, or else Smith will be the one without a job next year, just like Mora Jr. Its sad really, that someone whos such a good head coach (IE manager for the whole team), is so stupid when it comes to knowing what it takes to make a good football team.. The only logical explaination is that he is "friends" with BVG and doesnt want to fire his friend, and would rather keep his "friend" here rather than winning football games. IE the Mora Jr style. Got Mora Jr fired here, and in Seatle for the exact same reason, and now Smith will be gone next year too because of it.
  20. Yes. Petrino was an ***, and has no chance at ever being a head coach in this league again, but as a playcaller / football smarts, the guy is good. He brought by far the best staff with him to ATL, the only time in the past 15 years we've had good coordinators in Hue Jackson and Mike Zimmer.. Him bringing in his brother, made Roddy into the probowler he is today. Mularkey and BVG has done **** all except cause us two playoff losses. Jackson and Zimmer with TD's drafting and we'd have a superbowl ring by now, maybe two.
  21. Lets face it, we will never get past the first round of the playoffs, or even past 8-8 again with these clowns as our coordinators.. Everyone do your part and email EVERY media outlet with questions/comments how the Falcons NEED to fire BVG/MM! We owe it to the city of Atlanta, and our hardworking players to get the media heat on these clowns to get us some REAL coordinators for once in our existence! Remember, the horrible Saints defense finally won a superbowl after hiring Greg Williams.. and they had NO good players on their team! Imagine what our D with such young talents could do with ANYONE with more than half a brain! OMG we NEED BVG fired! Mularkey too! GOGOGO I already emailed Pat Y but we need 100+ emails to him and hopefully he'll start talking about it in his blogs!
  22. I cant put up with another year of having the best scouting/headcoach in the league with TD.. and an above average player base.. with the two biggest dumbass playcallers in the league calling the plays and losing us important games. Another year of these idiots calling our plays will ruin the whole core of this team. One more year is 4 years too many.
  23. Saints had just about the worst defense in the history of the superbowl last year... So did Indy. but their coordinators can call good plays and thus got them there. The best teams player-wise in the league, you can make the argument that we are top 3, or Washington even (with how many big name players they have), cant do **** and always lose. Its coordinators. thats ALL it is.
  24. Theres only one ugly sentence that can prove all you idiots who want to keep BVG wrong.. The Aints.. a defense which is very average in EVERY position; won the superbowl after hiring a competent DC in Greg Williams.. Williams won them that superbowl. Enough said. Until we get our Greg Williams, even with better players than the Aints, we cant do **** with these play callers. Football is 80% coaching, and 20% player ability. Thats why Belichek has the best overall win percentage in the past ~10 years. Thats why Sean Payton can take a piece of **** team to a superbowl. Thats why we NEVER get to the superbowl despite having an all-star laiden team.
  25. Its so simple, anyone with a football brain can see it a mile away.. Our coordinators are HORRIBLE. BVG looked confused so bad last night, even the announcers mentioned it in the game. Its the exact same thing as the Philly game earlier this year, we have the players but just got totally outcoached. Mularkey did decent the first half but he fell apart when he had to play from behind. He also lost us that Saints game at the end of the season singlehandedly, while BVG actually called a decent game for once. This is almost as bad as Greg Knapp and Ed Donatel.. actually know what? I would say Mularkey and BVG are WORSE than Knapp and Donatel.. least Knapp/Donatel had the excuse of horrible players, right now we have a team VERY capable of winning the superbowl or at least getting to it, above average at every position, while back in 2004 we only had one player on offense and afew stud DEs on Defense.. Look at our most hated rivals.. as much as the Aints are overrated and wayy overhyped, the majority of their players are below average, but they have arguably the best offensive playcaller, and a top 5 D playcaller in the league, Payton and Greg Williams.. if we had Payton and Greg Williams calling the plays with our players, Holy **** it'd be 5+ superbowls in a row.. This team was built right by TD and Mike Smith, but BVG and MM are killing us. Im thinking of starting www.FireBrianVanGorder.com and with consistent emailing of every media outlet (Pat Y esp) maybe EVENTUALLY, Mike Smith will get his head out of his a#$% and fire his friend, because his friend cant call defense. Its friggin Mora all over again, and if Smith doesnt fire BVG or Mularkey, despite of how good of a head coach he is, TD needs to get rid of him and bring in some competent coordinators. This is the main concern. Matt Ryan is ready to take us to a superbowl, but he cant audiable 100% of the plays and hope the defense just slows the other team down..
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