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  1. This^ i have never experienced anything like it... right now i am embarassed to be an Atlanta Falcons fan... not because of the team, but because apparently the majority of this fanbase is a bunch of pathetic whiners who got themselves convinced that they are smarter than the guys actually working their ***** of for this team... yes i'm sure you could both draft and trade better than TD and gameplan better than the coaching staff.
  2. oline, and unfortunate turnovers... had decoud caught one of those possible interceptions, no one would be calling for bvg's head
  3. nice post gotta say, i trust a guy like Gonzalez a bit more than those couch coaches we have on this board.
  4. matt ryan was 31 of 47 for 319 = 66% competions rodgers last two games against bears defense 34/45, 316 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT overall team points 17 19/28, 229 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT overall team points 10 i do agree the protection was bad, but matt handled it better than you can expect. and the Bears are experts defending explosive plays.
  5. well i would recommend to start applying for coordinator jobs when they get open around the league... clearly you guys know more about it than the guys on the team and i have yet to hear any analyst or commentator comment on this being the coordinator/scheme faults. we had Decoud in position for an interception twice... he dropped it, that can't be blamed on anyone but him, and that would have probably changed the game a lot.
  6. against the two best teams in the NFC last year. defense will improve with hayden replacing owens.
  7. yeah a man who threw 3 interceptions yesterday. Matt Ryan, alongside Dan Marino is the winningest QB in first 3 seasons to ever play... he brought us 3 winning seasons in a row. i think a lot of fans in here are very ungrateful. and fans changes their minds based of single game performances all the time... last year game 1 lose to the steelers = falcons sucks! game 2 kill the cardinals big time = falcons rule! this is the best team ever, superbowl bound. game 3 beat the saints on their field = even more superbowl bound, how can anyone doubt this team! game 4 beat the 49ers barely = super bowl
  8. i have never seen a fanbase this quick to panic.... the steelers lost even worse than we did, and to a division rival no less.. the rival they have to be most worried about. and they are much more calm and collected than we are in here. of course they have the panicking people as well, but not nearly in the same degree we do... people need to relax a bit here IMO.
  9. as i have said already a couple times... the bears... are... used... to... playing... the... friggin... PACKERS... 3 times last year and kept them between 14-17 points. and they are as explosive as they come.
  10. 1. agree 2. agree 3. Spoon played better than people think... him and lofton were at the ball carrier and stopped them for loss several times... only thing was the missed tackle and that is very correctable in practice. 4.i don't know if you noticed, but the commentators actually said that we played them the right way. because it is hard to be explosive down the field against the bears defense. and if not for the turnovers, our offense played just as well as theirs. and Bears are used to defending explosive offenses... they faced Green bay three times last season holding them between 14-17 poi
  11. concerned yes, panicking like a lot of the posters, no. like Smitty said, postgame: Disappointed, not discouraged.
  12. pretty spot on breakdown, and to further improve your point about Matt playing pretty well, that interception was more of a great play by Urlacher than a bad throw by ryan... no one expects a linebacker to make that type of throw... against most other defenses that would have been completed.
  13. fact is, had decoud caught one of those interceptions and we had won the game, no one would have called for bvg's head... he would have been a hero more likely.
  14. yes the Oline is kind of a concern, but the bears d-line is pretty tough to play, and we basically had two "rookies" on the o-line... getting mcclure back will be huge. i think we'll be allright.
  15. interesting thought... gotta wait and see... hopefully he takes the field sooner rather than later, because i do think we need him in there.
  16. thats basically what i thought as well. in particular i took note in the fact that both offenses were pretty even on yards. so if the team works on and fixes wrap up tackles (which should be easy) and if guys learn to get the turnover when it's right there (Decoud) we will be in a very different situation. we didn't have problems moving the ball... as the commentators said multiple times, it is difficult being explosive against the Bears defense. they do face green bay at least twice a year.. three times last year, and held them around 14-17 points every time. against the Bears we have to play
  17. i am optimistic and i do not think this loss means the end of the world, however i can't figure out what the deal is with bosher. usually when coming into the league as a kicker/punter (at least most of the time) is not that their kicking strength is off but their accuracy. why did we draft a guy at this position that doesn't have any strength in his leg... even last season under the old rules, multiple kickers hit it pretty deep in the endzone occasionally... bosher barely reaches the endzone.
  18. Weatherspoon did not have that bad a game... yes, he should have wrapped up on Forte on the TD run, but that seems to be the only thing people remember about him... he had 9 tackles and i seem to remember a couple of those being for loss. also, he was pretty close to an interception. i do think that Decoud will lose his starter position as soon as Sanders is comfortable with the playbook. you can't drop two interceptions like that.
  19. thank you! i got scared how many posts in here with people just critisizing every aspect of our football team. and all the people who answered and agreed with them, and +1's all over the place. i guess this place got filled with more bandwagoners than expected, and bandwagoners with very bad patience too... one game, and we are suddenly a team that needs to switch the entire team AND coaching staff. and just as you said, last season started out in a very similar fashion, and look were it took us. and it was the Bears this year. they were in the NFC championship game last year, you don't just g
  20. you are clearly not paying attention if you didn't see weatherspoon today... he had that one missed tackle on Forte, the rest of the time he was solid and at the ballcarrier immediately. we have to remember, that this team was in the nfc championship last year, it's not like it is the 49ers or something.
  21. ATLANTA FALCONS forever! KCIKOFF only 6 and a half hours away... here's to a succesful season!
  22. looking forward to seeing Julio in action for a full game HD's return to greatness If Peria Jerry can begin to show why he was picked where he was How d-rob plays How much we will see Hayden this game If quizz will be somethingthing like Sproles was in the Saints game. and i could go on and on :P so excited for this season... only 7 hours and i am like a kid waiting for christmas morning.
  23. Definitely didn't make things worse that the only Danish NFL player ever played for the Falcons. and he was born and his family still lives just 9 miles from where i live. i think denmark has got quite a few falcons fans, partly because of Morten... a couple of my friends are too. it is actually the only team that has more than one fan in my circles.
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