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  1. yeah because Roger Goodell is the Ref, right... you can blame him for a lot of things but not what the Refs call on the field... that's like blaming the President for not arresting the guy selling crack next door because that's illegal.
  2. at home, as i unfortunately live in europe around $1000 away from Atlanta and then comes the ticket for the game hope to be able to go one day (EDIT: but i'll be cheering so loud, you guys'll probably be able to hear it anyway)
  3. he's not american and it's understandable, so where's the problem
  4. fantastic point... i'm hoping with you... sometimes these games can work as a wake up call.
  5. agree completely... i have nothing against Vick now and i have no problem with him being succesful, but as a Falcons fan i cannot cheer for anyone as they are playing against our team... no matter who. i wish him the best of luck in all his games against any other team than us, but when he plays us, i wish for bad decisions, and interceptions all over the place. If you're a true fan of the Falcons, you should cheer for them at all times... i don't care who you cheer for on the side, as long as you don't cheer for them when they play us. cause then we'd be the side team, and you wouldn't be a t
  6. well alright, usually is the word then... he was pretty solid in no huddle last year, and earlier as well, so i'm guessing this game was the exception rather than the rule... i trust three full seasons worth of play more than i do 1 game.
  7. i never really liked the Jerry pick, and i had a bad feeling telling me he was gonna bust, but the pass up Clay Matthews card is not really fair either. i believe 24 teams other than the falcons passed on him with their first pick as well... even green bay, who had another 1st round pick. i personally wanted either Michael Oher (taken right before us, darn it) or Vontae Davis, and i had a thing for Maualuga as well, although i did feel it might be a reach. (and had hoped a little for Brandon Pettigrew, but was pretty sure he would be off the board)
  8. i guess i mistook you for one of them Gritz. you do seem more reasonable than those "chuckleheads" as you so nicely put it. i do however think that you are overreacting a teeny bit, but that is just a matter of opinion i suppose.
  9. well, one pro is that the defense don't get a chance to switch personel group. a con could be that he doesn't have the wits to call the right plays, however we always play well when he does it so i'm guessing he has. i do hope and think we will run this more in the future, however not all the time.
  10. exactly, and i'm sick of it. i'm not saying you shouldn't be able to criticize your team or anything, but it is just being taken to a level so high that it is completely ridiculous. and if we win people will be overly positive and there are no flaws... take last year, as i have posted in another thread earlier game 1 lose to the steelers = falcons sucks! game 2 kill the cardinals big time = falcons rule! this is the best team ever, superbowl bound. game 3 beat the saints on their field = even more superbowl bound, how can anyone doubt this team! game 4 beat the 49ers barely = super bowl bound
  11. what the heck is wrong with you Gritz. clearly he meant was that if the fans hadn't felt the team was invincible and the bears were an easy target with no talent and a guaranteed win, maybe guys wouldn't be panicking and going crazy on the team. the Bears are a great team as well your posts are about as ignorant and dumb as a saints troll's right now.
  12. like the optimism and a pretty reasonable comparison. i don't know if it's also a saying in America, but here we say "Rome wasn't built in a day".
  13. it's true and i find it kind of amusing, yet irritating to some extend. they've found a way to put the blame on pretty much every player on the squad... gotta give them credit for being creative enough to find a way to put the blame on each and every player.
  14. dude, no one is happy that we lost and satisfied with the way the team played... all we're trying to say is, relax with the panicking... it's one game, all teams lose occasionally, all teams have bad days... you are acting like this team can't do anything at all. we were equal in total offense yardage, so if we avoid turnovers the game would be a lot different, and who knows who might have come out on top. we didn't play that bad. as i said multiple times in different threads. this team plays green bay twice a year... three times last year. kept them under 17 each time.. and 10 one of the time
  15. this is my main concern too... leg strength doesn't improve from game to game. but other than that i think we'll be fine
  16. i think it's closer to the tone i would expect after an 0-16 season rather than a lost super bowl e x a c t l y !
  17. a coach giving his player a lesson after a bad play like he is supposed to.
  18. i doubt that the owner can be too nice... IMO that will just make the players perform better, because they like the guy. we do accept nothing but the best. all teams in the NFL does. difference is not everyone are too good at recognizing the best. i believe we are, and this was just one bad game... steelers lost big time too... their defense gave up 34 points... don't tell me that they suck suddenly? a little thing called an off day... just be grateful it came now, rather than january
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