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  1. i thought our defense played pretty well most of the game, and our offense started to come together towards the end... that's positives... and the negatives are obvious... inconsistency, lack of execution on crucial downs, slow starting offense, O LINE! you can't deny, we started showing some explosion in this game... it just started too late, and a very unfortunate offsides call at the end.
  2. what we have to remember here, is that this is in slowmotion... it all goes very fast on the field, and i doubt he was conscious about what his legs are doing while trying to pull ryan down with his arms... I seriously doubt his intention was to permanently hurt him. at these speeds, you don't have time to think through what every musclefiber in your body is doing. It does look bad, but it's a violent sport and sometimes crazy injuries happen. look at Joe Theissman for example... that is just pure bad luck in landing, and i think this is also a mere coincidence that their legs got in each othe
  3. right, well then you can't execute people imo... it is of course sad for a person to sit 20 years in jail being innocent, but still, they're alive, and they will be released (probably with a good amount of insurance money)... killing people is just so very final. shc, on 22 September 2011 - 11:53 PM, said: That was sort of my point about thinking he is or isn't guilty. How is it he can't be guilty enough to die, but guilty enouh to stay in jail? I would argue that great care should always be taken trying criminals regardless of the punishment, No? because put him in jail, you can release hi
  4. My country is great huh? i can't believe this actually made the news in America
  5. i personally do not agree with death penalty... i don't believe anyone has the right to make that kind of fatal decision for anyone but themselves... BUT i can accept it if you make sure that it is 100% certain that the guy is guilty... even the slightest doubt and you should only be able to get a prison sentence... i have heard too many stories about people who had been executed and afterwards proven innoncent... that is just wrong, this is people's lives we're talking about, it's not really something you can give back when proven wrong.
  6. objectively speaking... Kelvin Haydens pick was a non pick, asante's pick was a pick (or at least inconclusive evidence otherwise). outrageous that the H2H on Ryan isn't talked about by anyone. deserves a fine just as much agree with most of the rest
  7. i don't care much about who gets more yards or td's... we got a great player, they got a great player... Julio is gonna help us out a lot, AJ is gonna help them out a lot. while it is true that Julio has been covered by better corners these first two games, i think it is way too early to draw any conclusions on these two compared to each other... the only conclusion i can come up with is that i think both will be great receivers in this league for years.
  8. exactly Saints55... i can also see stuff that's done wrong in replay and when watching the game, but i doubt very much i would have the ability to do it. all of us can see the same thing Dilfer sees here, but that doesn't mean we would be able to to it as well as Matt Ryan. and you can have football intelligence and understand the game, but lack the skillset to play well... it's not because you don't know what you're supposed to do. you are just not able to do it... those guys tend to become coaches.
  9. lol yeah appaprently... it just doesn't make sense... how different can punting and kickoffs be in the NFL compared to college... if you're good at it, you're good at it... how do you lose that. i am a Hurricanes fan in college football, and i don't rememer him being a problem whatsoever.
  10. actually he didn't have a fumble his rookie year, lol... last fumble was 06... 6 fumbles in 15 years with the amount of touches he's had is unbelievable!
  11. well, that's a lame excuse... can be said of any game... if not for the turnovers... lol, that is why turnovers are important... go troll another board
  12. lol, even though being a fellow Dane and huge fan, i doubt he would have the leg to do kickoffs anymore.
  13. it's too easy to spot if we will run or pass... pass is almost always in shotgun... run in tight formations.
  14. last year's hit was CLEAN... why are people so blind... i do agree that his hit in this game was an illegal hit and deserves a fine, but suspension? come on.
  15. yeah, still he knows what to call at the right times, contrary to MM. And i never doubted Ryan's play calling ability... I was confused of how little we used the no huddle last week. and i don't think it's the same people annointing MR this week who called for the cut last week
  16. the defense is as good as i expected... the offense is not... showed flashes, and this is a good secondary, so maybe we'll see them explode later on. O-line and bosher are my biggest concerns i'm not sure i'll agree about eagles dominating... it was back and forth IMO
  17. hate waiting a week for next game...

  18. hate waiting a week for next game...

  19. well, you can't be right every time Baker/ O-line in general is the big ? for us right now.
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