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  1. Go pick another team to follow will you? you are never satisfied with what this team is doing, and it is pretty annoying!
  2. agree with OP... and i think in this particular game, it is more important to keep the ball in long drives than have explosive plays so we keep A-Rod on the bench as much as possible, but of course they have to end out in more than Field Goals.
  3. which was the point of this thread... they both one a playoff game, so people say they are better, however they are sucking big time today, so maybe it can be explained otherwise than being a great Qb... they both have had some of the best defenses in the league to help them out. Matt Ryan has NEVER had that. and he has never sucked as much as they do today. that was the point of this thread.
  4. i think i we get a comfortable lead early in the game, they will let him rest
  5. well, we are, mostly, and a lot of people are eating very healthy food, and jogging all the time, but the number of obese people is increasing. it's TV and video games, that's changing the youth, i'm afraid... caught up in it a bit myself too, alhough i stay in shape as well.
  6. you haven't become... you have been for a looong time give your thanks to Mickey D and Burger King (not saying from personal experience, but that's the impression you get when living in Europe. now my country, Denmark, is starting to go down the same road. it's kinda sad. the government here is actually using the people's tax money on fat reducing operations, on the seriously obese people.
  7. you know the fans suck, when they start bashing the Quarterback for a COMPLETED 49 yard pass play
  8. thank god... i found the thread, where the reasonable fans are hanging out i was getting scared for a minute, that all there was on this board were those "other guys" i can't believe all the negative people on here. +1 for a good post i do think we will improve as the season progresses, ending up with a nice winning streak to give momentum in the playoffs. say what you want about the bucs game... but our offense started to look terrifying in the 4th qtr... just gotta do that consistently.
  9. or give a confidence boosting beating TO the pack (it's okay to dream, right?)
  10. well i do. i think the team will improve as the season goes on exactly like the chargers has done for quite a few years now... really sucking early on, and the playing lights out when it matters. i know carolina has improved, but i still think we will pull through... probably in a very close game that comes down to the very last play.
  11. come on man, don't make it any worse than it is. i could see us losing to Carolina but i think we will pull through. the way the colts the way they have played? Lions Can beat us, but far from certain that they will, like you make it out to be. Titans? i doubt it, especially in the dome. and seattle haven't had the lead in a game before this sunday.
  12. cutnup... gotta give him credit for being passionate, right however, i do not blame VanGorder for our problems, his defense is what has kept us within striking distance these last two games... i "blame" horrible o-line play, and Mularkey
  13. I hope it will be better but this is what i expect: Seatle - W Green Bay - L Carolina - W Detroit - W (this one is the one i'm most worried about) Colts - W Saints - L (due to familiarity with each other this one could go either way) Titans - W Vikes - W Texans - L Carolina - W Jaguars - W Saints - W (same goes for this game, so i put them one for each team) Tampa - W bringing us to 11-5 with a 4 game win streak going into the playoff strong! bad luck could mean 10-6 or even 9-7 but on the other had with some luck we could go 12-4 or 13-3(wishful thinking) still with luck against the saints an
  14. i am disappointed with the team, however i am not panicking. the team has major concerns, but other teams have had that early on before and turned it around to become succesful... look at the chargers in... well, **** near EVERY season. start slowly, to get fired up when it matters. i'm not saying it's good, i'm just saying... now if we're 2-8 going into the Vikings game later this season, i'm right there with you, but 3 games into the season is just too early too make conclusions... when has the season been won in the first three games? it's the long haul that counts.
  15. if those games should have been blowouts, then tell me why they weren't?
  16. i think we need to take it easy... i agree, the team is performing worse than i expected, but you guys are acting like the season is over for us... remember how the chargers always start slow and losing a lot of games early and then going in a streak into the playoffs? I have a feeling our team will be like that this year.
  17. for the first time this year we saw a glimpse of what this offense can be... unfortunately it came too late in the game and only gave 1TD... now like some said in here last week, had Maclin caught that 4th down pass, maybe the eagles had won. well today it was the other way... had Roddy caught that 3rd down pass instead of looking forward before securing the ball, that would have likely been a TD instead of FG and maybe we would have won. So i think, that like Smitty and Matty said, we need to start faster, cause if we can start to play like we did in the 4th right from the beginning of the g
  18. i guess you didn't notice the reverse tried with Julio yesterday... 9 yard loss (but i am a big Julio fan anyway, and he was playing beautifully yesterday)
  19. doesn't matter when the trade deadline is... no other team would wanna trade for him
  20. wow, great fanbase we got here... really sticking with their team through thick and thin.
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