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  1. we won't win the division, but we're still very much alive in the wildcard mix... remember Packers were a wildcard team last year
  2. fuuck... now it's really gonna be a challenge... i remain hopeful though
  3. i think they have announced the games... the home games vs. panthers and saints.
  4. their pass D is second worst, their run D is one of the best... i say pass the ball.
  5. he did... he basically said they wasted their time because the packers didn't do it and they are amazing... i've parafrased him a bit, but that was pretty much what he said. all with that arrogant smile on his face... i liked him until this season but his arrogance is getting on my nerves. someone, i don't care who, needs to get that guy on the ground, make him feel the pain again. i'm not saying he should be seriously hurt, but i would love to see him get the kind of beating matt got in the first 3 weeks.
  6. i'm surprised he is this good already... i thought he would struggle for at least 1 season.
  7. oh okay, well if he's happy that way, fine by me. (but to his original post, i don't really mind if she doesn't "put out" and wants to wait till marriage, cause i really like this one)
  8. hope so... i think we can be pretty sure that he will be doing everything in his power to fix it, cause he's not happy about it himself.
  9. can we hold you up on that promise? usually when i get a guarantee, there will be some kind of prize for not being able to hold up on a guarantee? do you give that? all kidding aside, i like your confidence and i do think we will win as well, but guarantee might be a big word, because... you kinda can't.
  10. gotta agree with that. doubt he is serious though. (doubt = hope he isn't)
  11. well, if nothing else, i get some good laughs out of this
  12. ahah, i was expecting this, but thanks to the couple of people who gave something useful I'll look into it
  13. just to clarify, i have nothing against the US. i actually like it a lot, but i am just asking to not pretend it is like heaven and everything is just dandy and all people are fine, and it is the greatest place in the world. I am not in america and already living in my country. and i agree, this is a football forum and we should stop this discussion, i apologize for bringing it up.
  14. Hey guys i kinda need some romantic advice. i have always been pretty bad at this stuff. (not bad at being in the relationship, the problem is getting there) I have fallen in love with one of my younger sisters good friends and classmates, and unsure how to progress from here. I just wanna explain my current ”relationship” with her so you get the situation. First time i met her was a couple of years ago when she was doing homework with my sister. I talked a bit with them about schoolwork and some of the teachers, before i went back to minding my own business. I liked her back then and thought
  15. yes they are, and division wins are most important. the eagles game is mostly significant from a media standpoint. but i would most like to be 3-1 with only loss to the bears.
  16. take a look at those pictures, and maybe you'll see something that you ought to spend the money on before turning your attention to china. in your own country, people are starving, and dying of conditions that would be non life threatening in europe where treatment is free. but this is a football forum, so i am gonna shut up about this now.
  17. well, i get why you don't agree about rodgers, because you too, sir, are an ***. an arrogant one. and an ignorant one. of course i envy you country. i envy having to pay to go to college, i envy that my next door neigbor is some crazy old hermit with more guns than friends. i envy having to pay to get treated in a hospital. and take a look at these slideshows and you tell me again that it is the greatest country in the world: http://www.american-...es/index-us.htm mainly chapter two and four because the whole thing is quite long, but if you got the time i recommend it all. it is quite touching
  18. yeah last week i voted for torrey as well... guy had an amazing game, but this week i'm all JULIO!!
  19. the Team America movie comes to mind when i read this thread... America has (for some reason) taken it upon themselves to right every wrong in the world. and they are the ones to decide what those wrongs are. but in the process they often times end up doing just as much damage.
  20. well, in my country politicians look like this, so i win name is Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen
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