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  1. i think it is fine to schedule games over here as long as the teams are okay with it, but i think moving a team to europe would be a step to far.
  2. the team doesn't believe in bringing in players midseason and i agree to some extend, however, i can't see the problem with bringing in a punter for a tryout to compete with bosher.
  3. very interesting info on how he is utilizing his players, or maybe more appropriately, how he is NOT utilizing them.
  4. yeah what roddy said kinda makes sense... and in that case i guess we could call this a win win situation for us given our current situation...
  5. i am with you... and if we don't see routes over the middle i have lost the 1% of faith i have left in mularkey.
  6. says Bucky Brooks: Harry Douglas, Falcons, WR: The absence of Julio Jones (hamstring) puts the onus on Matt Ryan to spread the ball to the Falcons' other receivers. Douglas has the potential to be the biggest beneficiary as a slot receiver against Carolina. With the Panthers showing vulnerabilities over the middle, this matchup could result in a big game for Douglas. link: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d8231714e/article/niners-walker-falcons-douglas-among-week-6-xfactors?module=HP11_content_stream if there ever was a time for crossing routes, it is now!
  7. i have no problem with BvG as of now... his defense is playing well. with the amount of play time they have in the second half of our games they are bound to get tired and make mental mistakes leading to big plays... the offense is what's causing the problems now... they can't sustain drives in the second half.
  8. hopefully 0... if you are wearing a panthers jersey to a game between the falcons and the panthers, you are a panthers fan. i don't care where the player is from, he is part of a rival team now.
  9. i'll be rooting for NO too... i think the chances of us catching them for the division lead are pretty slim anyways, so TB is our main competitor for a 2nd place that would likely end out in a wildcard
  10. the new protection scheme was implemented after the bucs game. so the old one was the one that resulted in sacks.
  11. no and those would have changed this, but it is not fair to have every single game depending on not making a single penalty and not having a single drop... good teams overcome this... and his ability to adjust his gameplan is nonexistent... i don't think he is the only problem, but he is the biggest. even with a consistent lead we let the other team get back and have the game come down to the very last second... every time.
  12. i do think the toughest part of our schedule is done. i predict: Carolina - W in the dome (3-3) Detroit- L at Detroit (3-4) Colts - W in Indy (4-4) Saints - W- in the Dome (5-4) Tenn - W - in the Dome (6-4) Minn - W in the Dome (7-4) Houston - L in Texas (7-5) Carolina - W on the road (8-5) Jax - W in the Dome (9-5) Saints - L in N.O. (9-6) TB - W in the Dome (10-6) i just hope that will be enough for playoffs... however on the other hand, this might give mularkey another year, which would be bad. every year he spends with this offense wastes the potential of these players IMO.
  13. i tend to be optimistic about the team, and i have been hesitant to call out any one person... but slowly from 09 season to now, i have lost my faith in MM more and more... he regained some trust last year, but was in no way fond of him. after hearing this interview, i actually hate this man deeply and need him to get his *** away from Atlanta ASAP. You can't have an attitude like that towards your own fanbase. and some of the things he says are just plain dumb. P*ss off Mularkey, you are holding this team back.!
  14. i think we've always won while wearing the throwbacks
  15. this was just the worst part... he sounds like a complete idiot... of course you have to think about that MM you fool!
  16. would love to get Haley in for the offense... i don't think replacing BvG is as urgent, because the D has actually kept us in most games. if the offense would just score points... MM needs to get the F*ck out of here... after listening to that interview with him, he just sounds like he has no clue about football tactics at... all...!
  17. how can this guy be a coordinator on the NFL level... get him back to high school!
  18. i am with Jamie Dukes on this... Packers are an incredible bunch of whiners... every last one of them... it used to be one of my favorite teams after the Falcons, but quickly becoming the team i hate the most... mostly due to their attitude.
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