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  1. i can understand some of them saying they want Miles over Roddy, given Roddy's age (i would take Roddy any day myself), however those of them that say, Dez is better than Julio are just out of their minds. and add in the character issues, and any GM in the league would be fired if he had the opportunity to pick between the two and decided to go with Dez
  2. I hope he gets in... i gotta pull a little extra for him, since he is the only football player from my country ever. but on an objective note, it gotta mean something to be the alltime leading scorer in the NFL. and yet again. a player doesn't choose a specific team to enter the hall of fame. he just goes in as himself. with a mention of the teams he played for.
  3. i mostly agree... although i do enjoy rich eisen and the Gameday crew... they say stupid stuff occasionally (Sapp in particular), but they have a sense of humour and it's fun to watch.
  4. i get your point. but you also have to give the team some credit. the chargers haven't scored so few points since 2002. they are usually a high scoring offense. i know we have only played 3 games, and things will probably look a bit different late in the year. but i am confident that Nolan knows how to adjust, and very importantly listens to the players and plays to their strenghts. i don't know enough about Koetter to make any assumption about how he will handle adversity.
  5. Amazing how basically every position considered a hole/weakness on this team has been filled and improved to almost perfection. And done so with the same group of guys Needed a new LT cause Sam Baker sucked and couldn't block anyone. Position filled by... Our very own Sam Baker playing very admirably. Hard hitting but lacking in coverage safety William Moore replaced by hard hitting and ball hawking William Moore. Average, and big-play-prone safety Thomas Decoud replaced by ball hawking and always in the right spot Thomas Decoud. Hard hitting but coverage lacking/big play prone Dunta Robinson
  6. and your no liar, because your responses right now are very lengthy, i hear ya.
  7. it's fair that you don't like him. i doubt there many experts who are liked by everyone (i have even seen negative writing about Mike Mayock). but just because you don't doesn't mean he is not an expert. and my experience is that he is usually pretty acurate in his assessments. we have none better than him in Denmark IMO.
  8. We are a few in here i am not. I Will just end up wasting too much time on forums.
  9. he was all over the news around the time he beat the all time scoring record of course. he always participates in celebrity golf tournaments and is hilarious but these days he is mostly only heard about when they call him for an "experts'" opinion and a thanksgiving chat. oh, and he also writes a few books. he grew up around here, where i live (which is a small place) so most people here know him.
  10. yeah i agree. i don't get why this playoff win has so much to say in the evaluation of a QB. what about the rest of the team? Guys like flacco and sanchez would never have gone anywhere in the playoffs if they didn't have great defenses. and you can include roethlisberger to some extent. he is better than sanchez and flacco by miles, but he still benefits from a great defense. and as you say he has progressed, maybe not as fast as people expected, but calling him good "once upon a time" is not really fair.
  11. i know... i don't get to see him a lot because we don't get a lot of falcons games on danish tv, so i have to watch on gamepass, but i always watch thanksgiving on danish tv because of him. they have a big feast with banana cream pie and everything with a danish chef and a few famous danish athletes who are NFL fans, and always call Morten Andersen for a chat about halfway through the thing (he still lives in the ATL) i suppose he felt they ended out last season on a high and took that as a sign of things coming together for the team. so he feels they have a lot of momentum going into this se
  12. haha whats wrong with us? that too, i think both the RG3 and Luck will lift their teams up quite a bit.
  13. actually that wouldn't surprise me one bit... he is a bit of a wild one getting drunk and hooking up with young girls. but he usually knows his football. (on thanksgiving he and his play-by-play guy are drinking a lot of wine in the studio, so by the end of the last game, they get quite cheery and hilarious)
  14. agreed... my thought when i read the comments was "ehm, the saints do?" i don't think people understand how big a part Sean Payton plays for that team.
  15. these are the powerrankings from denmark by the imo best expert we have. he is usually pretty good, though i think he is a bit too kind with the eagles and saints position, and rough with the falcons this year. (he calls it a Momentum meter, so it is more about momentum coming into the season than actual powerrankings) the "description" for each pick is mostly just because he is trying to make it a bit fun, and not his reason for the ranking. he goes more in depth on TV here goes: 1 Giants – Eli Manning has two rings, Peyton only one. 2 Eagles – Finished of last season fantastically, here come
  16. it's a bit more than a day if you think about it more like a year in the life of a falcons fan
  17. i agree, pretty solid stat predictions in retrospect. i do believe in 11-5, with a little luck 12-4 but as you say, unlikely (which means not impossible).
  18. well, they can't come, they have some business to attend to in Indianapolis around that time
  19. i agree completely. a hard fought games with ups and downs for both teams, a few things different and this game was a W to the falcons. and that's the way the games between saints and falcons are. you people in here has said all season after losses that you were panicking because 'not the fact we lost, it's the WAY we lost'. well apparently you lied. cause this is one of the losses were you should be proud of the teams effort. this is my favorite game of the season, unfortunately we took a gamble in the end that didn't work out. that's the way it goes. i am happy with the effort. and my closi
  20. i think he will have 16, one per game... i just hope he will jump start in the TD category... i was expecting around 30 this year.
  21. i actually think that our current logo and uni's are the coolest in the league. big part of the reason why i became a fan back in 05.. there are enough teams with simple and old school unis (giants, Radiers, Colts, Packers etc.).. i do love the throwbacks as well though, but i think they should remain our alternative unis. wouldn't mind us wearing them for maybe all divisonal home games or something like that. so 3 games each year. i wouldn't die if they switched back to the throwbacks permanently, i just like the current ones.
  22. and play on the ball by william muuuuure
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