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  1. wish i could have been in Atlanta to experience this today... sounds awesome.
  2. it would be a great way for both of them to finish of their careers. But for me personally that would be a bad situation. i have connections to a lot of hardcore Ravens fans in the Baltimore area (through exchange student program) and i am casually a ravens fan on the side because of that. but i'm afraid it could lead to big arguments between us if that ends up being the matchup, lol xD
  3. if anybody finds a video of this, don't hesitate to post it
  4. the moderators are just a little too passive on this board, so yeah, we have some idiots, most team forums do. but man was that a great game by both teams... this seahawks team has some promising years ahead of them. after all you had a lot of rookies being key players. they'll grow from this. btw. huge RW3 fan now.
  5. to be fair, he also said he was happy for Atlanta fans to finally get this playoff win. and he is right too, but i think the most important thing is what Billick said at the end of the game. the falcons will be loosened up and more relaxed after relieving the pressure of 0-3.
  6. difficult question. to be honest, i don't think there was a clear cut player deserving the mvp on the falcons this game. someone needs to get it so i would give it to matt Bryant... of course he doesn't get the shot if not for some good plays by mattie and TG+HD... however if not for Matt Ryan's bad play earlier, it wouldn't have been neccesary.
  7. awesome... i was watching on gamepass in europe, so they cut the transmission immediately after the end of game interview. would have loved to see that lockerroom scene!
  8. i was biting into a pillow, while holding the hand of my brother... we jumped up screaming and hugging each other. then went back to biting the pillow after the short squib. and screaming after the julio INT
  9. i had lost almost all hope, but was clinging to the memory of the chicago game. next time, i'll be clinging to this one.
  10. most thrilling finish to a game i can ever remember... i agree, let's not do that again. the falcons organisation will end up being accused of manslaughter if they finish more games like that.
  11. lol, however we do basically ALWAYS play well and win after a loss.
  12. http://www.nfl.com/p...atlanta-falcons The setup No team this season -- literally, not a single team -- will face as much pressure and scrutiny over one performance as the Falcons will endure Sunday. Few teams have ever put together a 13-win season -- tied for the best record in the NFL -- while impressing so few people. Why, you ask? Because none of it matters unless the Falcons can also win in the playoffs, something they've failed to do in each of their three postseason forays under coach Mike Smith and quarterback Matt Ryan. This time, in order to remove the proverbial monkey from their b
  13. Falcons 24 - 20 Giants. close game... a typical falcons game, getting of to a good start, then slowing down, only to win on a game winning drive.
  14. we can turn the title around and say "i can understand dissapointment, but some people are acting like the 11 wins didn't happen".
  15. they show up under highlights on nfl network, but i haven't seen them on our own website this year
  16. Rich Eisen asked Matt Ryan if he liked the nickname Mattie Ice. he didn't really answer it. so Rich decided to give him a new one The Mattural. Matt has to tweet Rich if he likes it better. i love Rich
  17. it is mentioned in the article that he received an interview request from Denmark. (every week they interview one of the players from the matchup. and they picked DeCoud because of the meow thing probably.)
  18. a lot of athletes talk like this in interviews. i think actually (although with a reduced amount of umms) he talks quite similar to Tony G.
  19. i would have punted too. pinning the opponent within the 10 with 1 minute and 0 timeouts. the likelihood of anyone pulling of what our team did is not very high.
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