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  1. Not to be a jackass, but i just wanted to let you know that his name ends with "sen" and not "son". Sen is the Danish equivalent to son in lastnames, although it is "søn" in normal use. I just saw it spelled son a couple times on here, and being Danish myself, i couldn't help noticing
  2. I Think it was a good decision to take the 3 points... Points didn't come easy in this game and so far our D had held their offense pretty well. He believed that the defense could hold Them and give us another chance. If we didn't get points here the Steelers would have the upper hand. Second of all... They held our run game pretty well, so 2 yards would be hard to get on 4th down.
  3. exactly he keeps calling similar power runs up the middle, when it has been seen to not work... i think they should have tried some outside runs/tosses/screens to norwood, who has the speed and athleticism to make the big plays.
  4. exactly what i was thinking... it is very effective almost all the time, let Matt do his thing, read the defense and call a play accordingly and of course keep the defense from substituting, and tire them out.
  5. well, is he? i mean, when matt calls the plays from no huddle, we get the ball up the field, so there must be something about this.
  6. I think a lot of people are putting to much into this loss. Heinz field isn't an easy place to play when you are on the visiting side of the Ball. And our defense is much improved and really kept us alive in this one. Something we wouldn't have been able to say a year ago. And we have to remember that this is one of the best defenses in the league... The secondary did allow a few to many medium/deep balls, and that last td run shouldn't be allowed to happen. But, I will remain hopeful for This season. This was the first Real game, and they Can now look at the tape, and figure out what went wr
  7. I don't think you Can blame it on one person... I know we like to Point jenkins out as the weak spot in out offense, but i think he was missed. I hope getting him back will chance things a bit
  8. i was about to say that :P... for young qb's you can't solely look at their stats too see how much potential they have. it's how they behave on the field, as well as preparation, and just generally the way the play the game.
  9. and when the experts talk about his presnap reads and looking off d-backs, that's just nonsense... he was doing that already in his rookie season, which is a sign of being, if not elite, then at least a sign of having played in the league for a few years. and it's very common for players to have the socalled sophomore slumb, and then bounce back in year 3. i guess we will see during this season, which direction he is taking.
  10. Well Peyton also threw 28 ints in his rookie season... but he didn't keep on doing that, so who's to say matt won't improve his amount of TDs
  11. i agree he isn't 1st round caliber, but he is decent... i don't think anybody is high on him, but he did play pretty well in 08, and i think it could be worse.
  12. haha, well i'm kinda looking forward to that then :P and i wonder what the comments from the commentators would be
  13. these stats don't really add up mathematically though... matt ryan throwing 3 td's but roddy catching 4? and turner rushes for 2 and you sum that up to 28 points? :blink:
  14. That's also what i'm Worried about. And we will have the same problem if we draft a receiver in the first round next year, unless we Cut jenkins. I wouldn't mind having jenkins around, but not for the salary he's getting
  15. as mentioned in an earlier post, they like Harry in the slot, so he will probably still be matt's #2 receiver option in this game, but lining up in the slot. that's the way i think it's going to be.
  16. well, after they made some modifications to the rule, i don't think it's gonna be that big a deal, though. at least i hope so
  17. nah, that doesn't sound too good. But i'm hopeful and if the running game from 08 can be established again this year, if Matt Ryan will have improved as much as a lot of people believe and with the defensive improvements, i think this is actually going to be a really great season for us.
  18. Hi there, fellow falcons fans. I have noticed a lot of people believe that we don't have enough weapons in the passing attack. But i seen to remember a lot of talk before the 09 season about the falcons passing offense being really explosive and having a lot of weapons, and i started thinking that one reason that it wasn't as explosive as one may have liked could be the fact that HD didn't play. I for one think that having him back is gonna help more than you think, with his speed and all. I know he's coming of an acl, but still he's gonna have more impact than a Marty Booker. And with Michae
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