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  1. i think it was a good no call, both players tried to hold the other.
  2. will be interesting to see how the ravens will do without Ray and most likely Ed Reed next year.
  3. as tony gonzalez says: it is ridiculous to rate an individual players skills based on team success. you do that in tennis, not football. dan marino never won the super bowl. trent dilfer must be better
  4. if Manti Te'o falls because of this hoax thing, would you take him at 30?
  5. he is undecided, so in case he retires, he doesn't want his last game to be a pro bowl. he's probably gonna spend weeks/months deciding
  6. it would be an amazing send off for an amazing player... he more than anyone else deserves it. when listening to him and hearing about the kind of work and effort he has put and still puts into playing this game, you can't do anything but respect that. i really hope he comes back, and they go all the way. Bettis style. i'm sure Ryan will be very convincing, but ultimately it comes down to how Tony and his family feels about it. his reason for stopping is not that he feels he can't do it, it's because he wants to be more with his family than he is now. so i'm hoping his wife and kids will tell him to give it one more shot. we were so close
  7. i didn't mean it as us being a soft team, but more often than not, teams who don't often play in snowy, freezing conditions will struggle when thrown into it. not saying we can't beat them in december, but it will be a different game than if it is september/october.
  8. if tony comes back, and we get a DE, LB and RG i agree. maybe a RB too. i'm not so well informed about the upcoming draft class, so don't know which of those position will likely have a great player on the board late in the first.
  9. i realize this is very early, and no teams has done any free agent and draft moves, but still it's interesting to look at. and this season doesn't interest me much anymore. next year we have an, as things look now, pretty manageable table of opponents for the regular season. no dates have been set, so that will feature in as well. Home Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, St. Louis, Seattle, New England, N.Y. Jets, Washington Away Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Arizona, San Francisco, Buffalo, Miami, Green Bay i think we will be able win 7 of those homegames, maybe 8. the challenges are NO, SEA, NE, and possibly WAS, but we are great at home. Away games are different, i'd say Arizona, Buffalo and Miami are very manageable. green bay will depend a lot on time of year, TB, NO, CAR are 50/50. san fran will be a battle. i'd say 11-5 or better seems very possible at this point. draft and free agency will have an impact of course, but NY, ARI, BUF, MIA are more than one year away from being back in business.
  10. i actually agree with Big Rob here. we didn't get robbed. we had a 17-0 lead for crying out loud. it is our own fault that it had to come down to a 4th and 4. if we maintain our lead, we don't need to worry about ref calls.
  11. you can say we don't have the personnel, but the Defense handled their offense well in the first quarter. why can't they do that the entire game. it really feels like we take the foot of the gas in the second half. last week 20-0 this week 17-0 you don't let teams come back in that!
  12. i am sitting with the same stomach feeling as i had before games when i was playing. it's funny that a game you aren't playing in can affect you like this
  13. Holstebro, Denmark on my couch, watching Game Day Morning.
  14. i agree, but somehow when i watch gameday morning, i love to hate him. it wouldn't be the same without the weekly, "come on Warren, that's bullsh*t"
  15. great to see Denmark represented. i am very much looking forward to the day i am able to afford going to a game. especially if it can be a championship game. btw. this team has quite a few fans here in Denmark. maybe partially because of Morten Andersen. just on the TATF you see a lot of us. Me and my brother are getting pumped for tonights game, and i have a couple friends who are Falcons fans too. of the football fans i know in Denmark, the Falcons are the team with the most fans.
  16. i knew it was possible, and i kept reminding myself of the chicago game, and the panthers game this year. but to say i wasn't worried would be a straight up lie... it felt like my heart was trying to burst through my chest.
  17. i must say i like Colin Kapernick... and if you read about him you will find out he is not a punk at all. more like the opposite. spending summer with children with heart diseases, very faithful christian (tattoos) i don't care about the tattoos. what, you can have tattoos all you want as WR, RB, DB etc. but not QB? on a different note, i hope we give him a hard time next week, and beat them. but i won't disrespect him, and like russell wilson, i see a great future for him.
  18. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/media-lounge/index.html the one called epic calls
  19. it was posted here earlier... should be on falcons audio files
  20. it's amazing they still tackle without wrapping up, after focusing on exactly that in the bye.
  21. yeah, i'm afraid i can't do that. one of them is a massive homer... according to him the ravens had the refs against them in the denver game. so i'm gonna have to say something if he starts being ridiculous xD agreed. tough game next week. it should be a fun one.
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