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  1. Doesn't matter how stacked 9ers would be.... as long as Shanahan is still their coach, they won't be winning no superbowls.
  2. I haven't been keeping up with recruiting. Last I heard, we were going hard after Foreman.
  3. **** no. Braves not offensive at all. It's an honor.
  4. When I hear "elite white people," why do I think of rich white people with lots of power?
  5. I got julio, Ryan and Gurley... all 3 jerseys. I want to get the new helmet next.
  6. I can see this is going nowhere. I can careless if Trump is lying about going in bunker or not. My statement still stands. Regardless who the president is, if the secret service tells the president to get to the bunker, they do it. Its common sense.
  7. Don't know if he did or not... just making a statement. If Trump did go to the bunker, its because of the secret service... now did he really go? **** if I know.
  8. How should I know? It's not like I'm at the white house, living it up.
  9. Huh? Lol.... I think you got it mixed up.
  10. Because it is common sense. It's the secret service job... regardless who the president is.
  11. For starters, they can't think for themselves. They need somebody to tell them what to think apparently.
  12. And you should know? I honestly don't think you can think for yourself.
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