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  1. Ryan already stepped up Thursday, but just because hes not Vick right?
  2. Vick couldn't get it to Roddy, which is a top 5 WR (specially this season) imo. It sickens me how much he can make the Eagles WR look so good when he made ours look so horrible.
  3. Cam's overrated. Anyways... you know something is wrong with the SEC when AUB is 11-0, it's a fluke season for the SEC mostly.
  4. Can't arrest the whole crowd if they do the same thing.... butttttttttttttt since half the fan base is still Vick supporters.
  5. Reason why we don't get respect is because were not a flashy team that runs up the score 21+ a game, not to mention that Ryan doesn't throw 300+ per game either.
  6. Eagle fans are horrible, that whole state is horrible.
  7. If I see falcon fans going to the game with a Vick falcons jersey on, I would throw beer at them.
  8. Saints been popular ever since Brees came to town, not to mention Katrina.
  9. Were not a popular team like the Eagles, Cowboys, Saints, Pats, Steelers, Colts.
  10. People disagree with our ranking and doesn't think we have "impressive wins".
  11. I'm surprised Vick still has support around here, I agree though.. Peyton is the Colts.
  12. Who said it was a joke? All Vick did was run, he couldn't throw a pass if his life depended on it.
  13. He was never a good QB with us... so f-him.
  14. I don't care if he served his time, its still sickening how people could cheer for a dog killer, he lost all my respect and would you give a murder a 2nd chance?
  15. I don't forget about un-humans that kill dogs for a sport.
  16. Its sickening how people forgot that Vick helped fund dog killing.
  17. This is a fluke season for AUB, this is a fluke season for the SEC actually.
  18. Posey or anybody that doesn't play a full season doesn't deserve the ROTY award.
  19. If the Cowgirls do beat the Giants, everybody will continue to rank Giants over Falcons.
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