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  1. Based on Quinn... remember he was a hot name too for HC jobs.
  2. I believe what we are seeing in the kc offense is actually from Reid and not Bieniemy.
  3. if no QB in this year's class, than maybe in 2026 for Arch Manning.
  4. Fire him after season or after we lock up #1 pick.
  5. If we lose this game, I see us finishing with 3 or more loses.
  6. I hope we have a shot at this arch manning kid for '23 class.
  7. does the fans not know that there's an coronavirus out there?
  8. People want quinn gone, but wants a clone.
  9. Just another Quinn imo... that offense is probably ran by Reid.
  10. Doubt it. Mr. Blank probably gonna keep him all season and gives him another season.
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