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  1. Hawks stay at #6, it doesn't matter who they would draft... that player probably isn't going to be impactful.
  2. I hope this isn't a start for a collapse. That's so Atlanta.
  3. The reason why we suck, is because we have no defense, but let's blame our QB for our problems.... typical falcon fans.
  4. This team loves ruining our chances... say we go 8-8.... there goes the QB in the first round.
  5. I rather we keep Ryan and julio and still draft a QB with the 1st pick to sit behind and learn from Ryan for a few seasons at least.
  6. Our defense is our problem, let's trade our franchise and let the defense carry the team! .... people are stupid.
  7. Sorry, I'm not going through another 5 yr rebuild, maybe longer when we cant draft a franchise QB.
  8. From retirement hopefully and hopefully we can draft his replacement in '21.
  9. And what would we do at QB? Draft one in later rounds and hope he is a franchise?
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