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  1. nothing like keeping the same ********, like keeping the same **** people. If Mr. Blank doesn't learn from keeping Quinn, that ************** needs to sell the team.
  2. We need more help on defense, which means we will end up drafting an offensive lineman.
  3. Najee has falcons written all over him.
  4. lets be honest here, who can be "elite" with our ****ty oc?
  5. Haven't heard anything that he does or not.
  6. So if God can't help our defense, nobody can.
  7. Don't think God himself will make our defense good, ever.
  8. Should be interviewing Ed Dodds, but looks like we got an agenda.
  9. Why does it feel like Falcons are being forced to hire a minority GM? I want us to hire the BEST candidate that will help this team and not just hire somebody for some agenda.
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