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  1. Blank won't do ****... time to fire Mr. Blank from ownership.
  2. everybody is getting injured in the nfl today apparently.
  3. We just have ****ty luck drafting defensive players.
  4. How does the stains have money? From their ***?
  5. Well before the year went to ****, I was hoping he played well enough in preseason that we could save cap by releasing Matt Schaub. But no preseason this year, kinda screwed that potential plan up.
  6. Next year, on practice squad, it's basically a wasted year of talent.
  7. He played great until his injury and with no preseason (dumbest decision), he had no chance to redeem himself this year.
  8. Just like our old uniforms when we wore black jersey's and ended up switching to red, full time?
  9. Once we can use red helmets, the gradients will become our full time uniforms.
  10. Some people can't take a joke. Lol.
  11. Sorry to disappoint, but just because I noticed how short, AJ shorts are, doesn't make me one of the gay's.
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