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  1. I can tell a difference here.
  2. logo doesn't look much bigger.
  3. That's what's going to end up happening, just like our last uniforms.
  4. People still in denial I see.
  5. We just keep taking these L's. Super bowl joke to the ugliest and cheapest uniforms in the nfl. Lol.
  6. This x100
  7. Our new uniforms looks really cheap.
  8. Looks chrome, not gray.
  9. Right, I have no idea who's in the uniforms.
  10. These leaks doesn't do these uniforms justice. Gotta see the high quality video to really judge it.
  11. You know deep down inside that its real.
  12. I see chrome.
  13. Metta black helmet with chrome facemask... chrome in logo. Fade to black uniforms....