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  1. Matt ryan and deion jones not on the top 100 and having hopkins and MT rank higher than julio.... list is a joke already.
  2. Season gonna get cancelled.
  3. Should have traded our first round pick... seems like we cant draft defense in the first round anyways.
  4. Looks like Puig won't be signing after all.
  5. They will all look like that if they decided to turn into women.
  6. I'm starting to believe we won't have football this year.
  7. So instead traveling 70 miles to GT... we will just travel 700+ miles to Missouri.
  8. I believe, we won't have full season, if a season at all.
  9. Doesn't matter how stacked 9ers would be.... as long as Shanahan is still their coach, they won't be winning no superbowls.
  10. I haven't been keeping up with recruiting. Last I heard, we were going hard after Foreman.
  11. Yes, the leaks were pretty much spot on.
  12. **** no. Braves not offensive at all. It's an honor.
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