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  1. If I can time travel, I would go back and buy hundreds of superman #1's.
  2. A long time ago, I have seen and even paid for comics over $20 before... comics are no longer a cheap hobby anymore.
  3. AT&T threatens to close DC comics if their 5g fails.
  4. oooooo you got meh...... but I would still draft Gurley over Beasley.
  5. Congrats, a few fans wanted them.... -slow clap- Always remember, we drafted vic Beasley over Todd Gurley.
  6. Our fans didn't want Gurley, Chubbs and even Mitchel either.
  7. So he can come here and disappear?
  8. It's the Falcons... of course it could happen.... hello we have 2 2nd rounders.
  9. 3 headed TE doesn't hurt... or just draft Moss and have Graham and Moss instead.
  10. Trade for him and draft Moss.
  11. Our fanbase didn't want Ryan from day one and the "we want vick" proved it.
  12. The point of this thread shows some of our fanbase, doesn't want a franchise QB.
  13. All that work and we still wouldn't play him.