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  1. I think Braves are done. Braves haven't done anything to really improve this team. AA is betting on last years team to reach the playoffs again.
  2. Just buy the new kingdom hearts collection, which has all the kingdom hearts games on it.
  3. He signed an injury prone 3rd baseman... so there's that. Oh and brought back McCann.
  4. Doubt it happens this season.
  5. Which he may end up regressing this season.
  6. Let's be honest, he went cheap because of liberty told him too.
  7. Our offseason sucked balls. Signed a injuried prone 3rd basemen, still no pitchers that can take us far in the playoffs, still no closer.
  8. That should kill all the OF rumors.
  9. 6 days from now, Kingdom hearts 3 will be in my hands, I have waited 13 years for this.