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  1. I only go to a Falcons game at least once a year. Maybe 2.. depends.
  2. I hope we end up with 5 aces.
  3. You got me there.
  4. it's probably best bet to develop an Ace.
  5. Sounds fine i guess, I just don't want to give up good prospects, unless we have a sure thing ace in return.
  6. I would like to know the era of these players too.
  7. So they did a study on over 100 former football players and all of the sudden 99% of football players have CTE?
  8. Well it's not all that great either.
  9. I'm not liking the Era there.
  10. What's so great about Gray?
  11. Did braves get hosed on trade with twins? It feels like it.
  12. Doubtful, but I could see Arya getting attacked and Nymeria and her pack comes out from nowhere to defend Arya.
  13. Looking more likely. Or the Braves will just go shopping at an thrift store again.
  14. Nymeria is a pack master, but something tells me this isn't the last time we see Nymeria.
  15. Not like Braves have an ace to begin with. And by the looks of the trade deadline, i doubt we end up trading for an ace. We'll see though.