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  1. Just imagine of kazee hit Brady or Rodgers... He would be suspended or his fine would be much higher.
  2. Had to trade kimbrel for what?
  3. Telltale is no more, remaining episodes of the final walking dead game, cancelled.
  4. Takk is out for awhile.
  5. When you get high praise from metal legends, you know you're doing something good.
  6. Should have been these guys at the superbowl half time.
  7. A friend of the family got in a bad car wreck and couldn't hardly walk anymore, until one day he started doing DDP Yoga.
  8. Breaking news, he tests positive for peds and gets suspended for 4 games. With our luck this year.
  9. Nick Bosa anyone?
  10. Please tell me this is a joke.
  11. He's going to dodgers or Yankees.
  12. Whichever his value is and which team willing to trade for Freeman.