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  1. Maybe Luke McNitt is our new DiMarco.
  2. How about no?
  3. The whole kneeling during anthem has ruined the nfl. Fans started boycotting the league. Now nfl is forcing players to stand, how much you wanna bet Fans gonna boycott?
  4. With Abrams big support on dreamers, could be a reason why she don't win.
  5. Nah, this fanbase is the worst... worst then Saints fans, cowboy fans, eagle fans.
  6. Falcon fans make saints fans look good. I hate our fanbase.
  7. So he can be called up after June? Might as well save him for Sept.
  8. Julio is going to retire as a falcon. End of discussion.
  9. Why don't the Braves call up Austin Riley?
  10. Maybe porter will fall in the draft and lands at our feet at #19.
  11. he signed that contract like 3 seasons ago. Just sign him to a new 5 year deal and he can retire as a falcon.
  12. Some of you guys wanting to trade him because he wants to stay in Atlanta are idiots.
  13. Julio is going to get paid, don't even think about trading him people.
  14. So Julio has 3 td's, but wants more money?