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  1. And what you going to do if Ryan gets injured tonight and is out for the season? Karma.... don't **** with it. Lol.
  2. Wanna give us bad karma? Wanna make us become losers like saints fans? We won't be better than saints fans imo.
  3. We probably already have an replacement for Ryan. Benkert.
  4. Totally. I guess some people are rubbing off on me to have hope for the season too, after 1st game.
  5. Pathetic fanbase, already gave up on season and is already talking about coaching candidates.
  6. I much rather deal with these threads than watch our biggest rivals win another superbowl.
  7. Get used to it, we're the butt of the 28-3 jokes for the next 10 seasons at least.
  8. This game will either put a fire under our *** or it won't.
  9. 2016, falcons lost season opener, fans wanted heads to roll. Falcons ended up going to superbowl and ended up embarrassing the whole state of Georgia. The end.
  10. Vikings are now 0-4 against us since 2014.
  11. Making jinks topics.