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  1. Zion is going to Cavs when they get the #1 pick.
  2. Get rid of protected picks.
  3. I been collecting retro gaming lately, my latest purchase was Ghen Wars, Paperboy 1 and 2 and Zombies ate my neighbors.
  4. would be nice if Braves could start making moves.
  5. Getting fans excited and crushing them within 2 hrs. Lol
  6. garbage team for a garbage fanbase... perfect for one another.
  7. This message board isn't the center of our UGA fanbase.
  8. On twitter I see it often.
  9. Just a way people act. Our fans has that problem of overhyping certain players sometimes and when they don't perform how they want it... Our fans will turn on them faster than a fat man and cake.
  10. I'm not, but one good game doesn't mean we should just bench fromm.
  11. Why are people overhyping fields?
  12. Trae Young is such a bust... am i right guys?
  13. Not Stan Lee.
  14. Maybe next time you won't create another jinx topic.