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  1. We know Knapp very well and he was a lousy OC with us.
  2. the patriots way is by cheating... spy gate, deflate gate.
  3. Sure in the later rounds.
  4. I rather just sign a OG, we don't know how to draft o-line.
  5. Ayton would suck, same with Luka Doncic, neither will be star players.
  6. I gave up hope for new uniforms.
  7. Bring him home.
  8. These QB's doesn't care about the team.
  9. I will call it now, right here. Falcons will reach the superbowl and will win it this time.
  10. Did somebody pull a checkbook out at UGA?
  11. This offseason has been a dud.
  12. It could very well happen that the Falcons will be the last team to win a superbowl, if the league last that long.
  13. Falcons will probably be the last team to win the superbowl.
  14. Pats win, i can already hear it now.... Greatest team ever... back to back... lets make a movie!
  15. Kinda pointless article when the game are rigged.