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  1. Only georgia... gotta love the capital of chokesville.
  2. Lol... this is all i can say.
  3. Don't know why MLB wants to drag it out when we all know we will be losing everybody. I bet Dodgers already talking to Maitan's agent. Edit:
  4. Maitan will either end up with Yankees, dodgers or red Sox.
  5. Not many players playing good this season.
  6. We going to lose everybody because of this stupid international rule.
  7. That's why we have the draft.
  8. Nobody playing good this season.
  9. Now that a GM has been placed, the Braves can now start thinking offseason.
  10. Or Sony.
  11. Well Falcons should be punished if true.
  12. Who fault is it? Falcons or Freeman's?
  13. Put him on IR for the rest of the season and draft a RB in next years draft, just in case.
  14. Plenty of it, exists, thank you very much.