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  1. Ill be at the section 143 with my jersey on. But seriously, we the Falcons fans need to stay low for snow balls if it snow. I hope my car get no vandalize.
  2. Got my tickets to the game but the weather looks horrible..rain and snow mix.
  3. I'm driving down to GA Dome this weekend to watch the game. 14hrs driving isn't too bad to watch my favorite team playing.
  4. Here is interview about our preseason from Thomas Dimitroff on The Herd on ESPN yesterday. This will make you feel better. TD interview on TheHerd
  5. Link ATLANTA (AP)—Falcons Pro Bowl receiver Roddy White(notes) is eager to see how opponents defend him now that Atlanta has added rookie wideout Julio Jones(notes). Trying to cover tight end Tony Gonzalez(notes), flanker Harry Douglas(notes) and rookie running back Jacquizz Rodgers(notes) might wear down the Chicago Bears if White matches his single-game career averages and Jones, the NFL’s No. 6 overall draft pick, lives up to his potential in Sunday’s season opener. “We are confident,” White said Thursday, “but we know these guys aren’t called the Monsters of the Midway for nothing.” Even t
  6. Pryor said he wanted to play for the Raiders....Something is wrong!
  7. I was shocked to see falcons fans at the bars I went to in NYC last season. NYC need a Falcons bar.
  8. If every players are on same page, HECK YES! Julio need to hurry up and master the playbook.
  9. I hope he didn't tried to catch it with his body, because that was his problem.
  10. He would be great for us for the leadership and secondary, but I doubt this will happen.
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