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  1. Long time no talk! Just thought I would drop in and wish you guys good luck, have a good game, and stay healthy. Maybe both of our teams will win and I can stick around here next week, I miss you guys!
  2. HAHA, love ya too buddy! I am sure it was nice to have your bye, we could use ours. Great to have a week, get your players rested, to make a move for the rest of the season. Only thing that sucks is you have to go 2 weeks without watching your team!
  3. Hey guys, not sure if anyone remembers me but I posted when I came to ATL for the Packers/Falcons game in 2010. I peak my ugly head around from time to time. I saw this topic and I thought I would post. By the way, congrats on your great start of the season. Very impressive. The Packers are a very talented team. But we are a team that extremely beat up. We lost Desmond Bishop our starting ILB, and we just lost his backup DJ Smith. Jennings has not played very much at all this season. We lost CedBen for the year (Even though he had only been on the team for 5 games). Not making excuses, just pointing out that we are beat up. Some of you are pointing out the 3-3 record, but remember it is a LONG season. The Vikings are a team on the rise, but don't let the 4-2 record fool you, they are not a playoff team yet. The Bears are good when they play well, but they implode. Often. Seattle is a very strong team and very hard to beat in their house. Don't get me started about that call, it was tough enough to take the first time. I was at the game. I firmly believe that we will see you in the playoffs, and of course the Giants will be there as well. That team just has a winning culture and they are extremely strong. Like someone brought up earlier in the post, it is who is hot in December and January, not in October. Although I am jacked about our win in Houston, it is minor in the grand scheme of things and is a launching pad to get hot, that is all.
  4. The season is over guys. I am sure emotions are high and people are saying things they don't mean and won't follow through with. I know some of you will be angry with me for posting, but I check this board regularly so I thought I would offer my thoughts: 1- I agree with a lot of you that Matt Ryan will not be considered elite until he wins SOMETHING in the post season. After last seasons loss to the Packers, TD and MM made it a point to bring in a playmaker (julio) so that they can stay with offenses. Well, he did during the regular season but laid an egg in the playoffs. Stop the dink and dunk and throw the ball down the field, you have the weapons. Roddy and Julio are a great tandem, and TGonz is one of the best TE's in the league. Use them and use them often. 2- I am sorry, but Turner is on the downslide. He surprised me at the beginning of the year, but as the year progressed he did not. He looks slow, and I would be frustrated if I were a Falcon fan. I don't know what he has left on his contract, but I would not renew when it is time, move in another direction. 3- Everyone knew your defense was suspect (I know WELL about cheering for a team with a weak defense- see Packers rankings). Pass rush needs to improve and Ray Edwards failed miserably this year. Your secondary was a little beat up by my understanding, but even Grimes being present would not have saved you Sunday. I know a few of you will bash me for coming on here and giving my input, but so be it. Just wanted to relay what I saw. Your team is not far off. TGonz will only play another year, but other than that you are all right offensively. Good WR's, a decent line, and a possible future star at QB. Dude needs to put up or shut up next year (Figure of speech). You need to draft defensively next year with the picks you have remaining. So I know it will be a long offseason, but have faith in next year. I know my Packers have their hands full with the Giants as well, but hopefully we will prevail at home. Fire away boys.
  5. I expect the starters to play for 1Q to 1/2 of the game. Well, key starters like ARod, Woodson, CM3, and Raji for sure. We have nothing to gain. Get the guys out there, get some reps, and rest to get healthy. Would like to see Clifton get some reps since he hasn't in weeks, but it will be nice to be healthy for the playoffs. Too bad Jennings won't be able to get out for a few snaps but oh well. Flynn isnt bad as a backup QB so maybe he does well. Hope they beat the Lions for you guys, then make sure you pound the NFC East winner!
  6. I think if you are a real die hard fan you should be there early to support your team, and stay there until the last second to support your team.
  7. I agree with you. The Giants did for sure and last year the Packers were 2nd to the Steelers in sacks with 47. But look at the Packers this year. We are 12-0 and have NO pass rush. Clay Matthews is trying to do it all himself. He is getting hurries, but other than that we are 18th in sacks with 26. It shows with our defensive numbers, but a team is still able to succeed without a GREAT pass rush. Of course it helps greatly. Just thought I would throw that out there.
  8. We had a couple Favre fans in Lambeau, but I was there and 90% of the stadium was booing him once the game started. That is the way it should be.
  9. I can join in with you guys on this topic! HATE the Queens!
  10. ODB- I don't think he was being sarcastic man, I was going to post the same thing. We are all football fans. You took it to one of our division rivals so obviously we are happy about that. But if he is anything like me he still checks on here once in a while for football talk since some of you were so inviting the last few times we played, that is all. Good luck on the rest of your season guys, and see you in the playoffs.
  11. I would think about being a Falcon fan if something ever happened to my team. Falcons, Bills, or Cheifs.
  12. Yeah, and that is the most important part of your team. Do the players buy what the coaching staff is selling? Or are they not selling hard enough? Seems to me the coaching staff started to get uneasy as soon as the Packer came on offensively. They were panicing and strayed from what was working in fear of not putting up enough points. Just my viewpoint.
  13. Well played. I know I will hear the "Yeah, shut up" comments, but I just wanted to congratulate you on the hard fought game. You came out blazing, and had me very worried. A few things I got from the game last night: 1- You started with the way you need to play the entire game. Pounding Turner, working the clock, tiring out the opposing defense. It seemed to me like Ryan and the entire offfense got in panic mode once the Packers started to come back. I just don't think you are an air it out team, do what you do well at. 2- Not to be a jerk, but I think Mike Smith was out coached. He needed to prepare his team for the 2nd half and did not. You have an extremely talented team, he needs to utilize his weapons and counter the changes the opposing coach makes at halftime. 3- Your pass defense still needs a little work. Man so does ours. I know the feeling. It was just something that didn't seem to be addressed in the offseason, or did I miss something? AROD is playing at a high level this year, but this needs to be addressed. 4- You applied a ton of pressure onto AROD. EXTREME pressure. Yes our O-Line was beat up, but this was the most pressure we saw all year. Kudos to your D-Coordinator for creating exotic blitz packes and bringing the heat. All in all, the Atlanta Falcons are a very good team who in my opinion will make the playoffs this year. I am not a coach by any means, but as a fan I would say you could have won this game or been even closer if they would have continued to do what they did in the first half. Another good match guys, be proud!
  14. HAHA! IT WAS THE OFFSEASON! I thought the same thing. It doesn't matter, dude picks up chicks left and right.
  15. And for you guys who think he is gay, yeah, the poor guy has to bang swimsuit models, not commit to them, and live in a CA mansion. Poor guy, must be gay. HAHA! **** I wish I was AROD.
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