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  1. I'll see you there. I'll be looking for he "enemy" jerseys. Have a great time.
  2. A defense that couldn't get off the field on third down last year, that is missing their sack leader, who is starting a cornerback who hasn't played a down in preseason, another corner listed as questionable with a hip injury, the guy starting for the suspended guy listed as questionable with a knee injury, is going to shut out a team with a 1,000 yard rusher, one of the fastest receivers in the league, a Pro bowl tight end and a future hall of fame receiver? The Falcons might win, but a shut out? Put down the crack pipe.
  3. 20-13 Steelers. Here's why . . . The Falcons will come out throwing, hoping to negate the pass rush. Look for three step drops, quick passes. The Steelers counter by doubling Roddy White and daring Brian Finneran and Harry Douglas to make plays. The first play on offense will be a pass to to Gonzalez, so he can get that whole 1,000th catch thing out of the way. Turner the Burner will get his touches via the passing game as well, with some rushing attempts sprinkled in. Even though the Falcons are 13-1 when Turner carries the ball 22 or more times a game, I just don't think Mike Mularkey wants
  4. Bit of advice on the Gateway Clipper . . . the boat that goes back and forth from Station Square and Heinz Field. Getting to the stadium is easier than getting back because fans arrive over a period of several hours, but everybody wants to get back across the river as soon as the game is over. So expect to wait a bit. I guess you can hope for a big Atlanta lead in the 4th quarter and some fans leaving early in disgust. If you don't want to wait, you can walk along the river and then across the Clemente Bridge, then a few blocks to Wood St, and take the "T" to Station Square. A bit of a walk
  5. If you get a chance, go to the Heinz History Center while you're in town. There's also an air show if you're interested . . . Thunderbirds, Golden Knights, B-2 flyover. On Sunday, give yourself plenty of time to get into the stadium. Everyone gets patted down. The Great Hall is worth a look, just from a history perspective, lots of cool stuff in there. Gates open at 11.
  6. 21st in yards per game. Doesn't matter though; the Steelers will be able to pass against that porous secondary, Dunta Robinson and all.
  7. Says a lot without really saying anything. Here's another perspective. Not much different about the Falcons defense from last year. Robinson is an addition, but nobody knows what he's going to bring to the table Sunday. He admits he isn't in game shape yet. Mike Wallace might be the fastest receiver he faces all year. Falcons will be playing without their leader in sacks from a year ago. I think that is significant. That being said, Flozell Adams isn't going to bury anyone, unless they trip and fall. He's going to get plenty of help. The Steelers offensive line isn't great, but it is g
  8. Conventional wisdom says Turner gets nowhere near 150 yards. If he does, Falcons win in a laugher. Very few running backs run for 100 yards against the Steelers. They are stout against the run to be sure, but most teams don't try to run, as the formula for defeating the zone blitz scheme (quick, short passes) has been well-documented. The Steelers faced only 372 rushing attempts last season, fewer than all but 3 other teams (Packers, Cowboys, Vikings). Another interesting twist is the Falcons record when Turner rushes at least 22 times: 13-1. If the Falcons follow that formula, it will be
  9. Nobody has kicked a field goal longer than 50 yards in Heinz Field history, so I would suspect the Falcons would go for a first down rather than depend on a long field goal attempt, depending on the time remaining of course. This is especially true if they are moving toward the open end of the stadium. The wind does tricky things there, and you can't depend on the goalpost flags for an accurate indication of direction and velocity.
  10. What's the over/under on Harry Davis touches on Sunday? 6 is his career high.
  11. Harry Douglas has a knack for making big plays? Never heard of him, so I had to look him up . . . Douglas finished his rookie season with 19 returns for 226 yards and a touchdown, he also caught 23 passes for 329 yards and a touchdown. Other than his career day against the Panthers, don't see the "knack."
  12. Just checked the NFL odds and they point spread ranges from Falcons -1 to -2.5 with a couple of places offering -2. Seems like the trend isn't going the way one person suggested. In an earlier post in this thread I said the Falcon defense was just about the same as last year's except for a rookie LB and free agent CB. Seems like the loss of the team's sack leader might have a bit of an impact on this game. Haven't seen much talk about that. The Steeler defense put up some good numbers last year, but couldn't hold leads. **** LeBeau's scheme allows for Polamalu to essentially free lance, an
  13. The formula to beat the Steelers defense is simple, and proven. A quick, accurate, short passing game negates the Polamalu effect. Mix in some screens, use play action if you want to go deep early in a series. The pass rush come almost exclusively from the outside linebackers. Ryan gets the ball out of his hand before they get there, and the pass rush is ineffective. Keep doing that and defensive backs will come on a blitz, which mean someone, probably the TE, is open. Many times receivers are covered by the defensive ends in the flat or the first few yards of the pass pattern. Surely T
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