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  1. I say we give D-willy a shot for a spot in our back field, especially if he can come cheap. I like the sound of turner,williams,snelling. I'd define that as "stacked" Thoughts?
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  3. If we win ill have to roll a celebratory blunt , sip on some Beam and watch all the terrible sports networks all night! Theyl have to mention the falcons at some point.
  4. Hahahahahaha John Abraham is HILARIOUS , hes like half three six mafia half football player ...both are awesome!
  5. Ill tell you one thing the choir at ebenezer church when Martin Luther King Jr. was leading the civil rights movement definetly got people hyped up, not for football but hyped to end an entire culture of racial descrimination. The choir is symbolic of Atlanta's culture not just for the many fans that enjoy going to church but the fans who enjoy getting hyped up to end the losing ways of the Falcons and embrace the bright future of this franchise. But you wouldn't understand , trolls simply don't have the mind capacity to interpret such things.
  6. Over reacting to a good game that didnt go our way for once. Mike Mularky is a good offensive coordinator but even bill belechick gets a couple wrong every now and then. ( 2007 superbowl) In this case i really think you have to give Greg Williams some credit, he had a very good defensive plan to stop turner and didnt let the falcons convert the third downs we usualy do. Our game plan from an offensive standpoint was to do what won us 8 straight games and thats what we tried to do. It just didnt work this time Our defensive gameplan however was pretty stellar in my opinion. We had good pressure just needed to get drew down at some points. Mark my words this team will learn from this and so will mularky. Guys wer 12-3 rite now and we lost to a really good team that was extremely hungry. Dont go out and try to cut the guys head off ater he put us in this position.
  7. Good Game yal , well played all around. Saints are definitely a force. Hope to see yal in the playoffs for another great one. Next time the ending might be a little different
  8. this is entirely blown out of proportion (yes i know im arab , no pun intended) but seriously this guy alosi is doing what almost every other minor nfl coach is doing around the league they all form walls they all give players a little nudge on the sidelines and a couple words... he just got caught doing it. cant belive i just defended some one on the jets staff tho... :unsure:
  9. completely agree , the rams can make some plays and we have an x on our backs after that baltimore game , we need to cover screens better, play good special teams and create some turn overs. we also cant be conservative against this defense, people forget that they're actually pretty stout this year.
  10. ill admit im a homer , ill always defend the falcons no matter what :/
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