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  1. Which is what I was afraid of (all of us were.) I was actually out of town last night and couldn't catch the game and was hearing updates on injuries in the midst of playing very well and that's just not a good feeling to see valuable guys go down. I have the game DVR'd so I'm going to go in and catch up.
  2. Speaking of rape, I heard Aaron Rodgers was added to that list as well. I believe it was during the playoff game against the Falcons last season. The whole Falcons defense claimed to be victims :P Lighten up dudeeeeeeee.
  3. Sorry to hear that. Usually, the Steelers are money as a betting team but things kind of fell apart in XLV, haha. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
  4. To credit, the Steelers last season in Week 1 were still running a pre-season style, vanilla offense with Dennis Dixon, their 3rd string QB, in the lineup. Never mind that, that was last season. Tonight will be a good test for both teams, both offensively AND defensively.
  5. Yep, never had a problem with it yet. I've watched the whole pre-season thus far with this and it lists all games being played. Also has multiple links just in case one is lagging.
  6. You guys left everything on the field in that Championship game against Minny. Even though you guys laid an egg in the Super Bowl, I don't think anybody was stopping Elway that year. Beating the 15-1 Vikings that season as HUGE underdogs, on the road was a feat in itself.
  7. The Steelers have an explosive offense in the waiting here in Pittsburgh. Very fast on the outsides and got some hard-nosed runners to wear a defense down all game long. However, if you're looking for your defense to play well and force turnovers and gain some sacks, this could be the game for you guys. Our offensive line is currently in musical chairs (when isn't it?) and we here in Pittsburgh are worried about it. I wouldn't be surprised to see your D get atleast 3 sacks tonight and force us into a no huddle approach.
  8. It feels pretty amazing, especially since being so incredibly close to the Super Bowl through the 90's and the EARLY 2000's only to land painfully short almost every time. We lost the '94 Championship to San Diego, '95 Super Bowl to Dallas, '97 Championship to Denver, '01 Championship to New England & the '04 Championship to New England, ALL at home. Even though some fans see Pittsburgh as a team that made it to 3 Super Bowls out of the last 6 years and won 2 of them, we went through some bad times and felt we could never win the big one & never scratch that monkey off our back all th
  9. Hey, you too. I came over here last season to talk Week 1 and we all had some great conversation and I enjoyed my stay here, classy fans and also knowledgeable. Good luck as well, hope all is injury free and both teams can get each other ready for title runs!
  10. Sure. Here's the one I always use. It's the best one thrown my way: http://www.firstrowsports.eu/sport/american-football.html Hope that helps.
  11. Meh, this time of the season the field holds up pretty nicely. The Rooney's believe football should be played on natural grass, oldschool, especially in December. The field takes a beating though in those later months because of PITT games as well as High School playoffs and championships, let alone the Steelers & bad weather elements. Shouldn't be a problem tonight. I don't see any injuries relating to the field (knock on wood for both teams.)
  12. What's up guys? Not sure if you remember me from last season but we had some great conversation leading up to Week 1 and I enjoyed my stay here. To answer a posters question, yes, Mike Tomlin plans to keep the starters in for the Steelers for the whole first half and possibly more time into the second if some things don't go as planned. I love 3rd pre-season games and I'm ecstatic we get a shot to go about things like a regular season game against a great team like Atlanta and I'm sure you feel the same. Both teams will gain a lot tonight heading into the regular season. Last season, I picked
  13. What's up guys? Just stopping by to congratulate you on a remarkable season. Now that you are the #1 seed in the NFC and my Steelers are the #2 seed in the AFC, it's fun going back to speculate our week 1 matchup. Since then (which was GREAT discussion) after that game, judging then and now, what things did you see coming, and what things DIDN'T you see coming? Maybe our two teams are destined to open our week 1 efforts as well as closing those same efforts in Dallas, Texas! Good luck! -Stainless
  14. Man, this place was lagged bigtime during game time haha. This was pretty much the second time I could log on but I figured I'd wait anyhow to let the dust settle from 1:00. Just wanted to say good game. As I said to another Falcon fan on our board: The score speaks for itself. Atlanta came in here and played well enough to win. Rice had an amazing game and Ryan stepped up in many throws even though he seemed confused on the first multiple drives. However, as underdogs and judging how I thought Atlanta could light it up with their weapons, I feel they underachieved and got severely out played
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