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  1. Mick Luckhurst? or something like that.. How about this guy?
  2. Al Richardson, Buddy Curry, Fulton "Koo Koo" Kykendal, Robert Pennywell, Joel Williams That was a team... I always liked the tandem of Andrews and Cain. Andrews ran for 1300 and Cain for 900.
  3. I was thinking Curry so I went and looked and yep Curry.
  4. While I am at it SIR why not show us some facts here. Who has the longest win streak against the other? Who has the largest victory margin? Who has the only playoff victory against the other team? Should I go on explaining to you who actually is the Big Brother in this family or you going to run cryin to mommy now?
  5. YOU own who?? Currently the tally is in the favor of the Atlanta Falcons. Recent tally may indeed favor the Saints but over all it don't. Care to attempt to tell me another LIE sir? Please do so. I have been a Falcons fan since before the Saints were born. Was that you under the bag??
  6. I'dlove to see Rodgers and Turner in the same backfield and used ala Thunder and Lightning style like Andrews and Cain were. I believe the Falcons had the best backfield in the NFL in that combo. I do not believe Turner is done I think he is used incorrectly more than anything and the line can not seem to sustain a block or create a seam or open a hole consistently. To me Turner is a momentum/bowling ball type of runner. Give him some blocking and let him bowl them over for positive yardage and he does fine and breaks tackles. Don't block or sustain them and he gets hit in the backfield and goes down due to lack of momentum. I recall people saying Jerrome Bettis was done when he came to Pittsburgh, and yet they used him quite effectively for a few years.
  7. Wait wait and which RB was it took that screen 60 yards to the house??
  8. Why is this here? Why are you even thinking about playoffs NOW? The seson has some to go yet. Look to the next game not the playoffs. You plan to be there. You try to be there. There are other teams doing the same thing. Anything can happen and Murphy generally shows up somewhere.
  9. I never saw a perfect team in ATL. You got a link? Google Grits Blitz and tell me how that "perfect" team was .500 or worse. Go look at the play by play. Available for every game. We did good the first game and we beat someone like 27 to 3 or somethin near that. The Denver game was not a good game for the Offence. I saw Arizona did similar today... 3 ints and 13 points. THAT will get ya a loss in this league.
  10. Did ya notice Falcons was 5 and 0 and they didn;t want to talk about us at all. Now the Saints beat us and they can not stop talkin bout how we suck and they killed us. We killed ourselves.
  11. I believe the best backfield tandem we ever had was Lynn Cain and William Andrews.. thunder and lightnin or thunder and flash.. either one works for me. I think if the Falcons used Turner and Rodgers like we did Cain and Andrews.. we win. But then it seemed at times the Falcons forget what works and try something that dont over and over and over.. William Andrews was lost because the Falcons who had had awesome sucess with the screens tried to use them to much. Andrews was hurt, I believe it was the very game after he had slap run over someone on some screens.. to the tune of some 300 yards in a single game runnin and pass catchin..
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