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  1. I NEVER SAID OR ANYBODY WE ARE REGRESSING. I did say I don't see this massive Improvement you guys see despite the only way to prove any of your guy's claim (aka Games) have not even started yet. Please dont call me a fake fan because I have a Brain and use it to form My opinions on this team that despite not agreeing on some of their moves. I Still love them.
  2. Mularkey will never look like a genius. He will do some plays that are obvious and we will be happy.. and then ALL of a Sudden Wildcat with Eric Weems. :blink: -_- the WCO is PERFECT for Matt Ryan and Roddy White. Roddy is a tough,Physical Wr who given the Right route can get alot of Extra Yardage.. And Matt Ryan does not have a Big arm but he is Accurate and can get all the routes down right.
  3. TJ was never **** as a #2 WR I dont think he'll ever be Shlt as a #2. Michael Jenkins is shlt no matter in what Capacity we use him.
  4. Look through this thread. I may waiver off and return fire a bit.. but overall I stuck to MY Opinion on this team.. and didn't act like a child and just start name-calling everyone who didn't agree.
  5. I can't like a Prospect more than another? alright then.
  6. I said almost. Roddy IS our Passing Attack.. and I believe he is being held back by this Trash arse offensive scheme. Imagine him with a Real OC.
  7. It takes skills to start and play 5+ years and never get a 100 yards in a game or 1000 yards in a season.
  8. I got called a Troll because Im more of a Negative Fan.. yet I bring way more Quality Argument/Football discussion then them.
  9. Where's Mojo now? Your Argument are weak dog and you shouldn't talk shlt.. then leave.
  10. Never that good? I mean none of our WR's were ever that good Except Roddy. I mean.. We have a #1 WR already. Our other WR's are Trash. We were not gonna pay big bucks anyways. Why get mad that I suggested an Upgrade at one of our Weak Spots? I Almost Wish Roddy would Quit on us to show you guys. Brian Finneran/Michael Jenkins and HD are not Starting Quality WR's.
  11. It's an Opinion. You can't prove it.. and I can almost guarantee already you can't hold a Logical Argument.
  12. who's to say we dont get hit again with Injuries? (I HOPE NOT.) *Knocks on wood* Nothing stupid about my argument. you dont want to hear it.. but it's not any stupider than your Argument.
  13. Those players Haven't done shlt? Check We haven't played a Game yet so we haven't seen our Core unit look improved yet. and just because they have more experience doesn't mean they've gotten better. See Chevis Jackson for a Small-Scale Example.
  14. Exactly.. they wait around till it's absolutely necessary to make a move. That is both a Blessing and a curse. Blessing because this way if we do have talent that just needs polishing.. we wait and and eventually shine. See for Ex. Kroy Beirmann and a curse because we wait around TOO LONG and get stuck with bad players or stay with our Bad Players See for ex. Jamaal Anderson, Chris Houston, Ty Hill
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