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  1. Clowney or Mack would be fantastic and I don't mind a trade up, that just would solidify Baker and probably Holmes at the tackle spots...which I am ok with, just not ideal If we are rolling with what we got at tackle then our only pressing needs are TE and pass rusher IMO, especially after Bush
  2. My preferred draft would go something like... 1st - Robinson/Matthews/Lewan 2nd - Amaro/Niklas/ASJ 3rd - Attouchu/M Smith/D Lawrence 4th - Sims/Seastunk/A Williams So basically T/TE/DE-OLB/RB then depth
  3. I almost completely agree with what you said, well thought out and stated. We do not need to draft a RT, Holmes and Shraeder showed promise last season when at RT not LT and throw in Carimi and Johnson and we will have a solid starter and depth. If we do not draft a tackle in the 1st, then we do not need to focus on it until day 3. Robinson, Matthews and Lewan are the only day one starters at LT and that would put Baker in a 5 way battle for RT As much as I would love to replace Baker with one of the top 3 prospects, with all the money and trust in him I don't see it happening right now Any t
  4. I agree that it is not likely we spend big money to upgrade LT, but it would not hurt my feelings if we did. If we spend money or a high pick on RG and everyone is healthy our Oline can be decent but not great...Baker/Blalock/Hawley/$/Holmes is not ideal but should improve off of this past year
  5. From what I am getting, you guys would prefer to keep DeCoud (which I'm good with) and instead spend the money on younger non injured DT
  6. This team got 13 wins when heatlhy and the lines are what need help...Monroe, Richardson, Clowney, Walker and Easley helps that. Hawley has that tenacious attitude we have missed since the days of McClure, Dahl and Clabo...He has showed more promise than Konz. I agree the position can be uprgraded, but the FO is prolly not gonna go after guys like Mack.
  7. Babs can still be productive just not worth his current contract. Peters is solid when healthy and hopefully returns to full form. The picks are not impossible, esspecially with QB needy teams, but there are alternate options for each pick, like Barr/Mack if Clowney is gone and Yankey/Filo if Richardson is gone
  8. Yeah wishful thinking and not impossible, but I included backup plans for each pick. Barr, Mack or even Ealy would be solid picks and we could probably trade down and get one of them
  9. Cut/Walk/Retire - Jason Snelling RB - Too much $ in crowded backfield Kevin Cone - WR - Is #6 WR before any additions Tony Gonzalez - TE - Retired Chase Coffman - TE - Decent hands, but that's it Mike Johnson - T - Solid when healthy, which is never Jermey Trueblood - T - Not needed Sean Locklear - T - Not needed either Peria Jerry - DT - Never lived up to 1st round Osi Umenyiora - DE - Too much $ for roational guy Stephen Nicholas - LB - Beat out by rooks, too expensive Asante Samuel - CB - Good as gone Thomas DeCoud - FS - Could get another shot, but replaceable Resign - Drew Davis - WR - So
  10. Who is better in coverage...that seems to be our current weakness
  11. I agree, as nice as it would be for the corner(s) we draft to step in and play well right away, we can't put everything on that happening There are not many great CB left out there especially with the little $ we, but we need the security of a veteran or 2 as depth
  12. Yeah I don't see any FA coming in and filling the role of starter, so we need to take some chances on some guys in this deep draft Our offense lights up the scoreboard which forces teams to pass on us...they will catch up if there is no one there to defend
  13. What's left to do in Free Agency - Extend - Matt Ryan - With all the recent QB extensions (Flacco/Romo/Rodgers), Ryan is next in line and will create some extra cap space for this year. Sign - Daryl Smith - OLB - Smith has been a staple of consistency in JAX for years and had to be a Mike Smith favorite when he was there. At 31 and coming off and injury he will not be too expensive and would be returing home(went to GA tech). He is a lot better in coverage than Nicholas or Dent and if returns to old form, will allow us to cut ties with Nicholas if needed. Rashean Mathis - CB - Another former M
  14. We would still get a comp pick b/c he was released not an expired contract
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